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RCMP Small Object Searches


1. Dog Handlers working with a Police Service Dog search for small objects (evidence) in the rural and urban environment.

2. These sessions will prepare the student team to search for small objects such as buttons, coins, cartridges, etc. that may be required as evidence. The searches will be conducted in the urban environment with the Police Service Dog being worked on/off line.

3. The lecture, developmental discussion with demonstration/ performance methods of instruction will be used and will cover:

(a) Equipment

collar (type - choke -leather)
long line
reward article

(b) Quartering

dividing area
pattern and ranging
use of wind
placement of objects

(c) Communication

commands ("SEARCH","BACK") voice
inflection gestures
handler movement
line work

(d) Reading the dog

praising on indication
resting the dog when their interest wanes

3. (e) Progression

hides known to the handler at first
time element between finds
conditioning the dog
developing endurance

(f) Inducements

by the "Chase"
dog's natural instinct and retrieving desire
by voice

(g) Distractions

animal scent on ground people

(h) Conditioning

short periods

(i) "Down" confirmation and reward

dog indicating article
dog pursuing to scent source
dog given "down" command, enforcing if necessary
quickly rewarding the dog and praising
always using the same reward article
allowing the dog to see with his "nose" only

(j) Common Problems/Corrections

dog ranging too far
dog not searching close to the ground
handler continually talking to the dog
progressing too fast
dog swallowing objects
handler not reacting to the dog
dog distracted
weather conditions

4. At the end of Level III, each candidate team will be able to:

(A) Working with the P.S. dog off/on leash, search a flat grass covered area (approximately 64 meters square) in an urban environment and locate in 20 minutes, with 5 minute intervals of minimum continuous search time, small objects (buttons, corns, cartridges).

Search will include:SEARCH WILL INCLUDE:

(1) Grass length not more than 8 cm.

(2) Four articles:

5. Cross References:

Outdoor Searches
Urban Searches
Continued Training

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