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RCMP Urban Searches Certification


1. Dog Handlers working with a P.S. Dog search for evidence in the urban environment.

2. These sessions will prepare the student teams to search in the urban environment efficiently during daylight hours and in darkness. These sessions will follow the lectures on Outdoor Searching and should reinforce the previous sessions. The urban searching exercises are a progression and are considerably more difficult than just outdoor searches because of distractions. The instructor will note that the P.S. Dog may be worked on or off line at the end of Level III.

3. The lecture, developmental discussion with demonstration/performance methods of instruction will be used and will cover:

(a) Equipment

collar (type - choke - leather)- collar taken off
if working off line
collar in locked position when working on line
long line
illuminating device

(b) Quartering

dividing the area
patterning and ranging
using wind
placing of objects

(c) Communication

commands ("SEARCH", "BACK") voice
movement of handler
using of hand
praising on indication -control
line work

3. (d) Reading the dog

animal scent
human scent
gun powder (revolver or rifle)

(e) Inducements

the "Chase" method using the dog's instinctive
retrieving ability
degrees of difficulty in concealment
time element between finds

(f) Conditioning

progressive training
endurance development
positive not negative reinforcement

(g) Distractions

animals and animal scent on ground

(h) Familiarization

dog is comfortable in the urban environment
dog not making mistakes

(i) Common problems/corrections

controlling Police Service Dog
too far
not far enough
dog lacking interest
handler lacking interest
handler lacking anticipation
handler lacking reaction to the dog
handler not giving proper corrections
handler's poor line work
handler lacking enthusiasm
handler using too much compulsion
over-reacting on chastisement
weather conditions

4. At the end of Level III, each candidate will be able to:

(A) Working with the P.S. dog off/on leash, search an urban environment (approximately one block of alley) and locate in 30 minutes, with 10 minute intervals of minimum continuous search time, evidence articles.

The search will include:

(1) Four concealed articles

(2) Known animal scent distractions

5. Cross References:

Outdoor Searches
Continued Training

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