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Leerburg Registering for the Leerburg Forum

Registering for the Leerburg Forum

1. Click here to register:

2. Read the Board Rules box. It helps to explain why we run things the way we do. You must check the box next to “I agree” in order to register.

Board Rules

3. Fill in your login name and password. This is how you will gain access to the board.

4. The first email address box is the address that we will send notifications from administration at. This is NOT the email address that people will see when you are on the board.

5. For name, you need to enter in your true first and last name. We do check this out to make sure that it is correct. We will not accept nicknames!

Required Information

6. The next email address box is your public email address. It is what everyone that is also registered on the board will be able to see. This can be the same as your other email address.

7. Your address, city, state, zip, country and telephone number are also required to help verify who you are. This information is not posted on the discussion forum and is kept confidential.

8. This is all of the information that is required to sign up for our web board on this page. You may fill out the next portion but it is not required and you may fill it out later on, see next image for example. When everything is filled out, please click on the submit button.

Optional INformation

9. After you have submitted your information, an email will be sent to you. It will tell you the user name and password you chose to use and that when your account is approved another email will be sent to you.

10. If you have not provided the correct information, you will receive an email that says you have not done so. Your prior registration will be declined and you will be asked to re-register as a new member providing all necessary and accurate information.

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