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Leerburg ยป Breeding Female Sales Contract

Breeding Female Sales Contract

Breeding Female Sales Contract

Agreement entered into this ____ day of Month, 2004, by and between Leerburg Enterprises, Inc., a Wisconsin corporation, of 406 Technology Dr W, Menomonie, WI (hereinafter called Leerburg) and CUSTOMER NAME of customer address, hereinafter called Owner.

Whereas, Leerburg currently owns a pure bred German Shepard female dog having a registered name of DOGS NAME (AKC registration number ###########), hereinafter called Molly, and Leerburg desires to transfer ownership Molly to Owner under the following terms and conditions, and subject to the rights retained by Leerburg as stated hereinafter; and

Whereas, Owner desires to own the Leerburg German Shepard female dog called Molly subject to the terms and conditions stated hereinafter;

NOW THEREFOR, it is agreed as follows:

1. OWNERSHIP OF DOG: Leerburg does hereby transfer to Owner all right, title, and ownership of Molly subject to the terms and conditions and subject to the rights retained by Leerburg as stated hereinafter.

2. BREEDING RIGHTS: Leerburg does retain the exclusive lifetime breeding rights to Molly, and Leerburg shall have the right to breed Molly at any time, and as many times as Leerburg may choose. Owner agrees to sign all papers as required by the American Kennel Club (AKC) to register the litters of pups produced by Molly listing Leerburg as the breeder and owner of such pups.

3. OWNERSHIP OF PUPS: Leerburg shall be entitled to all right, title, and ownership of the pups produced by Molly.

4. CARE OF MOLLY: Owner shall be solely responsible for the proper housing, medical care, training, and maintenance of Molly at all times including but limited to the times during which she is pregnant. Owner agrees to follow the AKC good citizen guidelines for their dog. Owner also agrees that Molly will be kept in a secure kennel or dog crate. While it is not required Leerburg has the right to ask to see the training records of the dog.

5. BREEDING OR NEUTERING BY OWNER: Owner shall be prohibited from breeding Molly or having Molly neutered without the express written consent of Leerburg. In addition, Owner shall, at his own expense, have Molly spayed upon the written request of Leerburg, and Leerburg shall thereafter be given written documentation of such spaying. All rights that Leerburg may have under this contract pertaining to Molly shall terminate upon the receipt of such documentation.

6. LIABILITY: Owner shall be solely responsible for any damage or injury that may be caused by Molly. Owner releases Leerburg from any liability, and holds Leerburg harmless relating to any damage or injury caused by Molly.

7. TRANSFER OF MOLLY: Owner is prohibited from selling or transferring Molly without the written consent of Leerburg.

8. BREACH OF AGREEMENT: Owner shall be deemed in breach of this agreement for any of the following actions:

A. Owner denies Leerburg access to Molly for purposes of breeding, or in any way hinders or attempts to prevent such breeding.

B. Owner neuters Molly without the written permission of Leerburg.

C. Owner fails to properly care for Molly, or fails to follow any recommendations made by Leerburg regarding the proper care of Molly.

D. Owner fails to perform any of the other duties as set forth in this agreement.

9. DAMAGES: Leerburg shall have the right, upon the breach of this agreement by Owner, to sue for actual damages, or request equity remedies including but not being limited to regaining ownership of Molly. In addition to such rights as Leerburg may have by law or equity, if Owner has breached this agreement, Owner shall pay, as and for liquidated damages, an amount of money equivalent to the value of three litters of pups (said value being $1,800.00 per litter at the time of execution of this agreement). The value of the litters and liquidated damages shall be determined at the time of the Owner’s breach. Owner agrees to pay all legal fees should Leerburg Inc. need to seek legal damages

10. AMENDMENT OF AGREEMENT: This agreement can be amended only by a subsequent written agreement between the parties.

11. ENFORCEABILITY: This agreement is binding upon the heirs, successors, assignees, and representatives of both of the above named parties. In the event Owner transfers Molly (upon Leerburg’s written approval,), the transferee shall sign an agreement identical to this agreement.


Leerburg, Inc.

By: Ed Frawley

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