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Leerburg Crooks Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith

AKA Kristen Slice
AKA Brenda: AKA Kelly: AKA Ms. Wolf
AKA Caroline, AKA Mrs Radcliff,
AKA Brandy Ratliff,
AKA Jessica

Columbia, SC

Without a doubt, this is one of the weirdest stories I have ever heard of in the dog business. I don’t know if this is a mentally deranged person, a schizophrenic person, a thief, or a screwed up con artist on drugs. Maybe it’s all of the above.

Every now and then I hear of people who are unhappy with the person they buy a dog from, occasionally I run into people who are down right criminals. Samantha Smith (not her real name) in Columbia SC is one such person.

I think you will be shocked by this story. These people run a German Shepherd Rescue Org. They take the dogs they rescue and sell them as imported dogs from well known kennels (i.e. Peko Haus Kennels in Belgium, Leerburg Kennels) They are the master of putting up FREE WEB SITES. I have found 5 or 6. I got involved when they listed two of these dogs as being Leerburg dogs. The facts are listed below.

If you ever find a web site that this person is involved with I would like too hear from you. (here is a copy of a web site Smith put on the Internet less than a month after I published this article) My guess is so would the AKC.

This women is a liar and cheat of the highest order. In this article you will see where she admits to using unregistered dogs in her breeding. She admits to registering dogs with false names. She is caught using AKC registration numbers on dead dogs that she had never owned. She lives through her lies. This story is so bizarre that it’s hard to organize.

Several months ago I was contacted by a number of people that wrote me about a web site for Blue Sky Kennels in SC That web site, which is now off the Internet, listed two Leerburg dogs from my kennel. The photos on this web site looked more like junk yard dogs. I contacted the person running the site and asked where they got Leerburg dogs. I got an answer stating they had bought them as pups from me. I just assumed this was true and let the issue pass. I did not check any further - my mistake.

Then this past week I was again contacted from a new person who asked about a web site for Bearclaw Kennel in Lexington Sc This site had two Leerburg dogs listed. It’s owner (Samantha Smith) had allegedly accepted $500.00 from this person for a dog and then never sent the dog.

When I went to the web site (which was taken down the day I started this investigation) I saw that the two dogs listed as Leerburg dogs were the same photos as those that had been on the Blue Sky web site.

Photo on Bearclaw web site of Daisy v. Leerburg.
There is no Daisy v. Leerburg
The same dog can be seen with a different name Daisy Vom Ratiff haus.

I started to e-mail Samantha Smith. I am included several of her e-mails below.

  1. Char Bryan []

Here is Her Full Information:

Samantha Smith
Brandy Ratliff
5636 Cairnbrook
Columbia, SC 29210
(803) 798-0413
803 414 7509
(803) 598-2386
803-318-1303 (cell)

Updated Address as of April 2014

137 New Hope Church Road
Pelion, SC 29123

She Also Goes By:

Kristen Slice
3708 Harrogate Rd.
Columbia, SC 29210-4845

She Also Goes By:

1- Caroline's Ceramic’s
2- Save-A-Life - This is her GSD Rescue, which is where she gets the dogs she sells.
3-Shepherds of Blue Skies
4- Bearclaw Kennels

Her German Shepherd Dog Rescue:

3506 Cairnbrook Dr, Columbia, South Carolina 29210
Telephone: (803) 798-0413
Email: or

"We rescue Un-wanted Dogs and Puppies from abusive, and homes that are Not fit for animals. We make sure they are Spayed/Neutered, UTD on Shots, On HW Prevention, HW tested, they are Temperament tested to make sure we match the right dog with the right person. We take pride in our babies, and want them to find the Perfect owner for them."

I doubt that this listing will stay up for very long but the URL that pointed to this Rescue on google was. In there ad for this rescue they ask for dog food, leashes and collars, and food bowls.

The Rescue URL =

Asking for Donations =

Smiths Rescue listing was deleted from the web after I made the organization aware of what she was doing. This was confirmed by an email to me:

Thank you for contacting us about this. The listing has been removed from our directory. Please be aware that we are not associated with that organization in any way. We would appreciate your updating your page to remove the paragraph that points people to the listing in our directory as soon as possible.

Best wishes,
Hugs for Homeless Animals

A Few of Her Web Sites - all Free Web Sites

Samantha Trying to Lie Her Way Out of This Story

Initially she said that she had indeed bought two Leerburg dogs from a man named Rob Fields in SC. She gave me his email address ( Char Bryan As this deal unfolded, it turned out that Char Bryan was indeed Samantha Smith and there was no such person as Rob Fields.

A word of warning to anyone considering buying a dog on the internet. Do not do business with people who have free e-mail accounts (i.e. hotmail accounts, lycos accounts, etc. etc.) While Samantha Smith has an AOL account.

My records indicated I had never sold anyone named Fields a dog.

When I contacted that Rob Fields (AKA Samantha AKA Ms Wolf ) my initial answer indicated that “Yes he had sold Ms Wolf two Leerburg dogs. He said he or his son had bought one of the dogs (Maxie Vom Leerburg) from me. He could not remember.

When I went back and emailed Samantha and asked for an AKC number of the Leerburg dogs she sent this number: DL516257/02

If you do a search on the AKC web site you will find that this dog is in fact:

Anja von Kreston
DOB Jan. 12, 1994

When I initially told Samantha about this she e-mailed me the following:

OMG, Rob Wrote to me and told me that I got a Dog that was not from you Kennel. I have called and left a message on Kresten's Machine to get the AKC Number of Maxie.

All I have from Rob is his E-mail address and his first and last name, when I went to get the Dogs I was not able to go to his house, nor was I able to see his kennel. I met him in a parking lot, because he said he was going to be in my area, so we could meet in a parking Lot. Rob also wrote me 2 minutes ago and Daisy is not from you either he said. He write and told me that he lied all he way around and that Daisy is from his same bitch and another dog but he used your Dogs name and Registration number.

Ed what do I do? I have never been faced with this before.
I do need help and advice from here. Daisy is not AKC she is from another kennel Club, the man said it was a rare kennel club. I can give you that Number if you wish?

Best wishes...Sam

Kreston kennels is in Canada. I found them through Google and e-mailed them asking about this dog. I though that there was a possibility they would have a name of a person that they had sold it to (possibly giving me another name of Samantha Smith)

Here is the reply from Kreston Kennels:

Mr. Frawley,

We did have a bitch named Anja von Kreston with AKC registration # DL516257/02, whelped Jan. 12, 1994. She was a replacement for a dog we had purchased from Sukee Kennels in Maine. When we registered with AKC and subsequently CKC, it was under the von Kreston name. Anja came to Canada in March 1994, was registered with AKC date April 08, 1994 and CKC on May 09, 1994. On June 30, 1994, Anja was euthanized because of severe hip dysplasia. If necessary I can provide you with copies of both AKC and CKC registration certificates and the letter from my vet, stating she was euthanized.


Samantha would never give me the registration number of the second dog. Her answer was that she sold the dog on the day that I contacted her and the papers were down the street.

Rob Fields (AKA Samantha Smith)

When I started to pressure Samantha she continued to defer to Rob Fields (actually just a different e-mail address that she had under a different name - it’s a FREE e-mail address from Lycos).

Here are some of the emails under Rob Smith's name. You will see where she admits to lying about the papers and breeding a male dog that was not registered.

On her web site she listed Maxie vom Leerburg and Daisy vom leerburg (both fictional dogs). She listed Daisy’s sire as my dog Shane. I only bred Shane one time and that was in 2001. There was no Daisy in the litter and the Daisy that she had a photo of on her web site was an adult dog.

When I started to email Fields I continued to pressure him for details. I explained that I did not have any record of any sale to a Fields. That I did not have any Fields in Sc in my 53,000 person video database. I explained that the litters from my kennel never had these names. Here are some of the emails.


Mr Frawley,

Yes I did get the Dog's from you.But like I told in the last E-mail I sold them to the Woman and now I want nothing more to do with it. My part is done, I am no longer the owner of the Dog's. So I would appreciate it if you and her would STOP Writing too me.



Mr Frawley.

Yes I sold 2 Dogs to a lady here in South Carolina.

1 black and Tan Bitch named Maxie.
And the other a Black and Silver named Daisy.

I sold her Maxie because she was too tough for me to handle, I wanted to keep her for myself and breed but she got too mouthy for me. So I posted a Ad for her.

The Woman E-mailed me about her, we talked back and Forth for awhile. Then we set up a meeting place so she could see Maxie.

She bought Maxie from me. Maxie is out of Otis. I bought the Dog from your kennel or my son bought her for me.

The other Dog my Son bought for himself and then he moved so he could not keep her. So I contacted Ms. Wolf and she agreed to come and see the other one. We had the same meeting place.

She also bought Daisy from me. But Yes I know of the woman that you are speaking about, she has already wrote to me and asked me questions about those two dogs.

Like I told her I No Longer own the Dogs and I no longer want anything to do with them or even talk about them. They are now a thing of the past for me. But yes I sold her the two dogs in question.



She has done nothing wrong but buy the dog's from me.My Son did get one of the dog's from you.

But if it will make everyone leave me alone on this issue I bred my female to a outside male here, the male did not have AKC papers on him.But Yes with one of the Dog's I lied to the woman about she is not from your kennel. I did not want to get the Woman into Trouble over this whole or deal.

I sold her the Dog for $1200. But their you have it. Now please leave me ALONE!



Yes I Sold this dog to the woman. So in other words she is not the one that you need to get on, it is me. I told her what she wanted too hear. Because she wanted a Leerburg dog so bad but she said she did not have the money right then for one. So I sold her Maxie and on the papers I put her registered name.



Mr. Frawley

She has done nothing wrong but buy the dog's from me. My Son did get one of the dog's from you.

But if it will make everyone leave me alone on this issue I bred my female to a outside male here, the male did not have AKC papers on him. But Yes with one of the Dog's I lied to the woman about she is not from your kennel. I did not want to get the Woman into Trouble over this whole ordeal. I sold her the Dog for $1200.

But their you have it. Now please leave me ALONE!


E-Mails From Samantha Smith:

Mr Frawley.

Maxie's is DL/516257/02

If that helps you at all, I have wrote to Rob the person that I got the Dogs from He has wrote me back and here is his response.
I do not want trouble I now like you want the Truth.
But now I have a question for you?
Is it possible to steal a Dogs Reg. Number?
I now do not know what to think.
Best Wishes..Sam
Here is Robs Response

Subj: What is going on?
Date: 3/28/02 7:33:25 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

I sold you the Dog's because I could no longer keep them, so why are you jumping down my throat about it?
I No Longer what anything to do with them or you.
Have a Great Life.
Rob Fields

ED’ Comments:

Emails from Samantha - I had used some rather RIPE language in accusing her of what I knew to be theft. Here is her response. I will include an email that she then wrote the customer that she cheated out of $500.00. You will see that she is a long way from being Christian. Telling PEOPLE THEY ARE A GOOD CHRISTIAN PERSON. Yah right !!! Anytime I hear that I have ten red flags go up and I am looking over my shoulder for the knife in the ribs.

Various E-MAIL from Samantha:

Please when writing too me do not use this language, I am a Christian person and I do not believe in this word. So if you would like to have the mans E-mail address I will give it too you.
His name is Rob.
Last name is Fields.
But I have a lot of people that can personally write to you and tell you that they have see my dogs papers and yes these names are on them.
Best Wishes...Sam

Comments from Ed:

Here is an email that Samantha sent to the lady she cheated out of $500.00. She tells this woman that I imported one of her females. I DO NOT IMPORT DOGS FOR PEOPLE and this is a lie. I seriously doubt this person has ever owned an imported dog, much less train in Schutzhund.

For a GOOD CHRISTIAN WOMAN - she gets a little rank here.

An Email from Samantha to the Lady she cheated out of $500.00

she is not in heat yet, I got Rebel from east Germany, Ed Frawley Imported her for me. She is a SchH I working on her SchH II.
I will E-mail you all the details on the shipping on Illa.
Best Wishes...Sam

2nd email to this customer:

I have already talked to Ed about the Dogs I have. Like I told him I did not get these Dogs from his Kennel, I bought them from a man here in SC.
The Man's name is ROB FIELDS, like I told him When I got the Dogs EDs Dogs names where on the papers and so was My Dogs reg. names already.
So please now do not write to me again, and I will not sell a Dog too you, I will place Illa back up for sale.
Best Wishes...Sam
PS: I do not have time for Petty BS


I am telling you the God's truth here, I respect you and your breeding program too much. I can E-mail the man I got the Dogs from and find out for myself what is going on, But to slander me for telling you the truth is not correct for you too do. If you would like to make me out to be a bad ASS go for it, I know what I have in front of me and what is on the papers. But I have a lot of Clients that I can give you there E-mails and they have seen the Dogs papers, and they can back me up on what I am saying.
Best Wishes...Sam

Ed’s Final Comments:

Don’t kid yourself, this women is not going to go away. She will continue to cheat people until she goes to jail. If you ever hear of her in dogs, please let me know. I will continue to update this web page on this women. She is nothing less than a liar and a cheat.

Comments from other people on this women:

Dear Ed,

I run a cat rescue organization in Columbia, SC. One of my adopters, who lives in New Jersey, sent me an e-mail about the info posted on your site about the scams allegedly being perpetrated by Brandy Ratliff a/k/a many other aliases. By some peculiar coincidence Brandy Ratliff and her mother Sharon are known to us - one of my foster parents has been acquainted with them for years (but wishes she didn't know them!). These are people who "know how to work the system." Brandy's father was Joe Wilkerson. He died when Brandy was about 8 years old. Brandy is about 22 years old now (although she looks and acts much younger). She does not appear to have a job, neither does her mother, Sharon, but they don't seem to be lacking for anything. Brandy has long had a habit of turning up at my foster parent's house with puppies, dogs, cats or kittens that she has "found." Many of them have not been in good condition. I once had to meet Sharon to pick up three kittens from her that Brandy had found and that Sharon supposedly had been bottle-feeding. One was dying as she handed it to me - I had to take it straight to the vet's to be euthanized. Another died four days later. One survived (and we found it a far better place to be). Brandy has always seemed to live in a fantasy world. She and Sharon are both very internet-literate.

If they have indeed actually accepted funds without providing the agreed upon dog, or whatever has been provided is not what they advertised, presumably the purchaser would have legal recourse for fraud. Perhaps reporting the situation to the local sheriff (Lexington County, South Carolina) would stop further fraudulent activity, if any, from taking place. Perhaps you should also report this information to all of the ISP's involved. Good luck.


I live in NC and at one time was involved with rescuing GSDs. Somehow or another I came across this lady named Kelly who was also, allegedly involved with rescuing German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rotties or any off the bull breeds and once she had a great Dane and a Cane Corso. Originally, she claimed to be married and have 5 of her own GSDS. I talked to her many months until things got a little fishy.

First, I was alarmed at just how many "rescues" she was taking in. Everyday my mailbox was filled with pictures of new rescues. What really alarmed me was that the pictures all had different backgrounds but she claimed all of these dogs were at her house. Since I have knowledge of the breed I immediately recognized the quality of some of the dogs in the PICS she was sending. I know sometimes dogs of good breeding end up in shelters but not at that magnitude!

Then her stories stopped making sense. She always had dogs dying tragically. Once she even said one of her dogs was stolen and used in a religious ritual where they skinned him alive! But her non sense went further then the dogs, even her personal life became ridiculous! Once she said she was pregnant and married, then suddenly she had a miscarriage and was getting divorced and she was suing her husband for making her have an abortion! She is in this with her mom and sister and possibly her brother who may also double as her husband! She at the time drove an older model blazer. I wish I still had her beeper and home number to compare them to the other ones that have been recovered. Here are the E-mail accounts she gave me in the past;,,, (btw- noahsbark is another rescue she uses to get dogs),, and I think is another one. She was also know to use the following names; Kristen, Kelly, Brandi and Brandy.

When I realized how scummy she was I stopped speaking with her and let her know exactly what I thought about her and her ways. Shortly after that I found pictures of my German Shepherds, my fathers German Shepherds and my horses on a web site which also belonged to her! Some of my prized horses were offered for sale and many of my dogs had new names, titles and were expecting litters! One picture was of a police dog my father had trained, he was their number one stud that they had paid $18,000 for! Which might I add is quite a lot considering the dog was deceased!

I also wanted to ask if you knew of anyone who had been to her address that she listed because I recall her telling me on several occasions that she lived next to a puppy mill. I wonder if in fact there is a mill there and if there is, does she run it?

I shudder every time I think of this lady. She is ruining rescues reputations along with the reputation of the German Shepherd breed! Anyway if I think of anything else I will be sure to let you know. In the meantime hang in there. Every dog has it's day and this bitches day is coming!

Best Wishes, Mary

Hi Ed,

This is Misty Stotts, I am breeding partners and good friends with Birgit Poe. I too can personally attest to the emails and continuing advertisements of this "Mrs Wolf" bullshit. She has placed SEVERAL ads on and the GSD classifieds, ALL of which were using YOUR kennel name and YOUR dogs as a "quick sale" for her shit quality trash kennel. I had thought about writing you before, but decided against it...wishing now I had. If you need anything more to back up what is being said or what has been done with this garbage, please contact me, I will do what I can to help out!

Misty Stotts

Mr Frawley

I too have seen her ads and website on the Leerburg dogs, this is nothing but an Internet Puppy Mill. I have seen another kennel or two quickly changing names when the need arises, makes me sick at my stomach. This one in particular.

Misspelled names, incorrect pedigrees, white dogs. black and silver etc.. I have an issue or two with you Mr. Frawley, BUT I back you 110% on this. Let's get the blatant liars and cheats out of business before they hurt the breeders that are producing quality dogs.

With Regards,
Liz Bounds

I found 9 ads using the email address and I deleted them all. All of the email addresses were added to the blacklist, but I am sure they will create new ones to use.

If people alert me to any other ads he/she puts up, I will delete them also. If you want to ad to your article that this person is banned from SiriusDog Classifieds.

Thanks Ed,


Hi Ed:

I was flipping around on after reading your article. I found some email addresses that were not contained in your website, but come very close to the same names. (Seems her "names" describe her nature and disposition better than she thinks.)

Now, I have not tried these. I will try it myself (she's never heard from me and I have a new addy) so I could make the "inquiries". I'll leave that to your discretion.

Here's what I found:

#1 Kennel: Bearclaw Kennel

Contact: Sam R.
Cairnbrook Dr.
Lexington, SC 29210

#2 Kennel: No kennel name

Contact: B. Ratliff
Columbia, SC 29210
(no phone)
(Her comment. She breeds dogs for pets and will ship.)

#3 Kennel: Von Bear Claw

Contact: Sam Fields
Cairnbrook Dr.
Lexington, SC 29210

(In this one the "u" is capitalized as opposed to her last one, which was not. I don't know if it's just a typo or what.)

I don't know if this will help, but for those like yourself and so many others with excellent dogs who do post pics, how about putting a "text" on the photo before posting to the website such as

"[Dog's name] is property of Leerburg Kennels Only

Contact [insert information] only. All other contacts

or names are fraudulent."

When photos are "stolen" that info goes with them. I would not put it across the bottom of the page, but in a place where, if she or anyone else tries to erase it, it would be noticeable.

This bitch has got to be stopped before she ruins some very good reputations with her shitty tactics. (I'm taking this a little personal. My name before marriage was Fields.)

Does anybody know what the registering bodies are doing towards putting a stop to her? AKC? CKC? Whatever the other one's are?

Good Luck, Ed. Don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like me to try to make contact.


An Email from Samantha (under a new name) after this article was posted. This person lives a life of lies.

I can across My phone Number on your Site.

My Name is Brandy. I Deleted the website yes, I made it for a Friend (Well I thought she was a Friend) I know of Samantha Yes, I kept getting phone calls at my house for her, even my Mother told her that no one by that named Lived here.

We have had someone in our system (Computer) and we are working on getting them out. My mother can also back me up one this. I have 2 shepherds. No more no less! If you would wish to call us I can tell you that no one by that name lives here and so can the other people that live with me. So I am asking you politely please Remove my Phone Number off you site. As I had nothing too do with this mess. I thought as I said I was helping someone out that I thought was a Friend. But I guess on the computer you cannot trust anyone. if you wish to Discuss this Further I will be more than happy to answer you. But I was asked by Samantha too please if she was not home to let her customers call my home. So I told her that was fine, since she lives in town. And someone called this house yesterday looking for her, my grandmother had too tell this person again that no one by that named Lived here. So if you would Kindly remove my Number off your site it would be most appreciated!.


Another email from Samantha - (under a new name) trying to lie her way out of this mess

Mr Frawley,
Hi this is Carolina, Brandy's mother,aka Mysinbad12. Mr Frawley, It has come to my attention that Brandy's name is on, no sorry, our Phone # and our address is on your site and it is saying that we are thieves! Mr. Frawley, I am here to promise you now, I am not now nor have I ever been a thief. Not to mention my daughter. We have no reason too. Mr. Frawley, I own a ceramic business. It is known as Carolina Crosswinds Ceramics, this is a home based business until my search for a building is completed. Therefore, I do not give out my home # I use my business #, in which u are welcome to call. The # is 803 414 7509.
If I should find out that this Samantha or what ever her name is in fact stealing from you, I have helped prosecute in the past and still have no problem doing it, however, my daughter was being a good Samaritan and she is covered under that law. Moreover, She is not Samantha! With this knowledge now at hand I would hope as one business person to another you would either call me to find out if what I am in fact saying is the truth, or you would accept my apology for our names being involved in anything that seemed to take money out of your pocket.
Brandy owns two shepherds. Mr. Frawley, I am a lady, I expect to be addressed as such. I have had problems lately with hackers. I am well known thru the net and well respected. We have not received any monies that may have belonged to you now nor in the past.
Brandy, like yourself, has the true love of the breed. I can tell you now, I know of my child's faults, lying is not one of them.
What am I getting at? I want our name removed from the web site asap, the phone # removed, and the address removed. Mr. Frawley, if you have children, then you should know how dangerous that can be. I do not appreciate it nor do I like someone that does not do their homework to find out how much of this is true.
I am asking politely for it to be removed. I do mean At once too. Her brother finds out he is gonna hit the ceiling. Therefore, I have good children. They are of age, but as a mother, the fangs still come down and the claws out when it comes to them, as I would hope you would understand.
I will await a reply from you. And a professional one at that.
Thank you for your time in this matter and I really do not want to have to presue it any further.
Happy Easter to your family and to you.

Carolina, aka Mrs. Ratliff

The Plot Thickens:

Birgit is the person that Samantha allegedly stole $500.00 from.


I wish I would have recorded the phone call I just received. Some stupid low life idiot just called stating he was Brandy's brother. I picked up the phone with a nice "Hello" and he threatened me saying " If you don't stop F#^%*&@ with us I will come up there and kick your ass"

Best Regards,


I just called and ask for Brandy acting like I was a friend and when this Brandy started talking I knew it was her. That is the woman that has called me about the dog. Her mother grabbed the phone and I just stayed quiet to get more info. Her mother said that she doesn't know Sam but through the conversation she said my daughter Brandy used to hang around Sam but her real name is not Sam it is Kristen Walker and I forbid her to hang around her. I asked her then what the address is and she said she doesn't know so I ask to speak to Brandy and Brandy said that Kristen (Sam just moved 2 days ago to a different part in town. Brandy also stated that Sam is working on a new Web site

Should be up soon. God how stupid can they be?

How would they know all this if they don't know the person?

Look again Ed.. you need to pull YOUR head out of your ass, buddy.. You don't have no clue what you're talking about....... I am her brother and I help run the damn kennel ok? so get your shit straight AND LEAVE US ALL BE

A NEW NAME: from Jessica at

I find myself sitting here typing this E-mail and trying to understand this total lack of communication between you and my family. But apparently there has been to much disrespect and crudeness for me to comprehend..
First and foremost, my name in which I like to addressed is Jessica.
This whole situation disturbs me a great deal..
I have read the E-mails that you have sent to Carolina.. I'm trying very hard to see how that you can say you are a reputable breeder but yet you use such discusting and shallow language that it baffles me. Noone of creditbility speaks in such a manner.
You see I have lived with this family for 6 years and there is No Samatha here nor has there ever been.. I do not know who has misinformed you of all this information that is so untrue and slanderess..
May I offer a suggestion that you go to bed tonight and ask God the man's name you take in vain so freely to help you with the answers to this and you will see the outcome with be much different than you are fabricating it to me.
This needs to end today the rude and disrespectful E-mails and phone calls need to stop.. You will see you will be less stessed and will everyone else. Because you see the people you are accusing these things of are creditable people and the facts are so wrong it is actually very sad. You seem to feel someone lives here that don't and probally don't even exist..
So hey let's take a valium and pray to God that He gives you the answers to this situation....But humor me and leave my family alone. Because I also can be unlady like and disrespectful . That being someone I do not like to me....Have a Good Night.......Jessica



A F(r)iend forwarded me a link to your "Samantha Smith is a Real Crook,"thread.

What a mess!

IIRC, she used to post on the board, but was kicked off for misrepresentation, when her various web sites were uncovered. I used to wonder what her point was. It's pretty obvious now, eh? I suspect she's back on under a new assumed name. It's bloody hard to beat the nutcases on the Internet, as it is so easy for them to operate. But you already knew that, didn't you?

I wish you luck in trying to stamp out her operation.

Lots of luck, sir!

Dennis Novak Currmudgeon

Mr. Frawley,

I was amused and not so surprised when reading your article on Brandy Ratliff. We also live in South Carolina, near Greenville and we oftentimes foster GSD for rescue. I had gotten an email not too long ago (about 4 months ago) from Brandy wanting to foster dogs for us. I told her about the screening process, etc... and having to visit her home before I could allow her to foster any animal, but that I had one male that could be a possibility. But, Surprise, Surprise, as soon as I mentioned he was neutered and all are before leaving us, we never heard back.

And of course I was there when she was causing quite a ruckus on the web board.

Very scary. I do know she has another website out there that isn't listed in your article but I can't for the life of me remember where I saw it but I will look for it and let you know.

Good Luck in getting out the info on her!!

Catherine Morton

Hello Mr. Frawley my name is Shanna Moses, I breed AKC German Shepherds am a young girl who just got into it not that long ago. I have 7 dogs all 100% German and one import. A while back I met up with she claimed she has a Leerburg female "DAISY" for sale and a female "SASHA" for sale both SCH1 bitches that were breed to a SCH3 blk and Silver Belgian male. Oh course I fell for her trap and talked and talked to her, she was to bring the dogs to my house the one weekend and all the sudden noone awnsered the phone, then her mother awnsered and said they had no dogs and never did and that the person I talked to so often on the phone was not even "BRANDY". Well after this I could take no more, I started cursing at her as I was very upset well all the sudden her mother "CAROLINACROSS" started writing me and threatening me. Then I called there home phone once again and all the sudden someone awnsers and says they just moved there and did not know any Brandy.

Well besides having to block her screen names after a while I was getting thretening emails about my dogs. Finanlly it stopped well recently someone informed me that someone had been stealing photos from my website. So I checked out the website well Low and BEHOLD... there on her HOME PAGE A photo of a litter from my male and female Unit Gymor, and Aslan v Haus Degener. I was sooo ticked I wrote the person well.... as soon as I saw they were from "SOUTH CAROLINA" and when she wrote back with her litter MISPELLED CRAZY letters I new it was her. I wish so bad I would have saved all the letters for you to see how nuts she really is. I hope someone can prosocute her someday soon she really needs to be behind bars. "" is her new name. And she is signing Kristin. Well good luck in getting this girl, and if you need any other info please dont hesitate to ask I will do what I can. Here website was

Shanna Moses
Timber Ridge's German Shepeherds

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