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Leerburg ยป Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Leerburg's New
Patented Prong Collar Leash

In this video, I will explain how I came to design what I think is the most functional dog training leash anyone has come up with in the last 50 years, which is about how long I have been training dogs.

I have been told that all I do is live, breath and think dog training and in a way I guess that’s true. A few months ago I woke up in the middle of the night and when I couldn’t sleep, I started to think about a better way to design a leash to work with a prong collar and a backup collar.

The result was Leerburg’s patented Prong Collar Leash™.



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Leerburg's New
Video On Demand

Michael Ellis Lecture on the
Foundation of Protection Work
The Theory of Protection Training with Michael Ellis
1 Hours, 28 Minutes
Michael Ellis Remote
Collar Theory - Chapter 1
Michael Ellis Collar Theory - Chapter 1
1 Hour, 20 Minutes
Michael Ellis Remote
Collar Theory - Chapter 2
Michael Ellis Remote Collar Theory - Chapter 2
1 Hour, 32 Minutes
Michael Ellis Remote
Collar Theory - Chapter 3
Michael Ellis Remote Collar Theory - Chapter 3

1 Hour, 18 Minutes

We are pleased to announce the opening of Leerburg’s new video on demand program. Our program opens with over 461 videos, of which more than 300 are free. The rest are offered as pay-per-views videos. Four of these pay-per-views are brand new Michael Ellis training videos.

This program has taken our Leerburg IT team almost 6 months to develop. No other dog training web site on the internet has anything like what we have here at Leerburg.

When people purchase a pay-per-view training video from us they will be able to watch the streaming video for 21 to 30 days.

Our streaming videos are not downloaded to your computer, like YouTube videos. Our videos stream instantly from our web servers.  What this means is the moment the video begins to play, the viewer can click anywhere along the timeline and the video will almost instantly jump to that new spot and start to play again.

Many of our videos are over an hour long, some as long as 4 hours. This means customers do not have to wait for a long download to review the final chapter.

This may not seem important for people who watch streaming movies but it is very important for training videos. It allows dog trainers to instantly bounce forward and backward in our video stream to review a chapter or a topic or something that was just said by the instructor.

Our custom Leerburg video player has up to 32 speeds of fast forward and 32 speeds in reverse.

The fact is Leerburg training videos are not movies. Every time a dog trainer watches a Leerburg video, they will pick up a new idea or a new concept that was missed on earlier viewings. Our streaming video player makes this a simple process.

The attached video explains the features of our program and how it works.

Check out Leerburg Video On Demand HERE!

New DVD Releases

Advanced Concepts
in Motivation

with Michael Ellis

3 Hours, 17 Minutes

Adcanced Concepts in Motivation with Michael Ellis DVD

The Foundation of
Puppy Bite Work

with Michael Ellis

4 Hours

The Foundation of Puppy Bite Work DVD

Teaching Protection Skills
without a Decoy

with Michael Ellis

2 Hours, 55 Minutes

Teaching Protection Skills without a Decoy with Michael Ellis DVD

The Foundation
of Object Guard Training

with Michael Ellis

2 Hours, 10 Minutes

The Foundation of Object Guard Training with Michael Ellis

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