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The following are unsolicited comments from happy Leerburg customers.
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July 28, 2014

Hello Cindy,

Just want to say a huge thanks for all the guidance on the website and in the DVDs.  I just got a 4 month old foster GSD puppy that obviously had no discipline or structure with her previous owner (who turned her in to the shelter).  Am applying the Leerburg principles and she's doing so much better in a just a few days.

Couldn't do it without Leerburg!  Please thank Ed also.

May 28, 2014

I want to thank you for your labors in providing quality information to the public on properly training dogs. We recently viewed your video on training dogs to herd sheep. It really helped me to understand our German Shepherd and his drives and instinct. I have also received a good understanding of being pack leader and the importance of. I see the value of engagement and management. It is nice learning the correct way to do a task and then seeing the results!
Thanks again

March 28, 2014

Hi Ed, just wanted to thank you for all of the articles and training videos. I would of been lost without your site the last 8, 9, 10 years! I spent many hours reading all your info, watching all the videos and just absorbing your wisdom then applied it to my own German Shepherds. Several times over the years you actually came to my rescue with answers for issues I was having. Over the years I always give the Leerburg web address out in my puppy packets when my pups leave here. I'm currently stalking thru your kennel set up articles and pictures and whelping set up as we are starting to build another kennel set up. Looking at all the do's and don'ts. :) Thanks again for always being just a website click away when we need guidance.


March 21, 2014

Good morning,

I just want to thank you for sending me the orders in perfect condition. I have never seen the unbelievable quality of products... your description cannot compare to the product!!! The harness and collar fit perfectly because you offer so many adjustments, the leather is outstanding it is all perfect... I looked on the internet for several hours trying to figure out an honest product, your web site offered so much... You have a real address where one can speak with people who are more than willing to assist you...  Each item has photos with accurate prices, you have a wealth of information and common sense training tips. I know you have been training and teaching for many years, but I just want to say it is very hard today to find an honest company who proudly sells American made products. I could go on and on, but my dog Gidget will be safe in your harness and collar and that’s the bottom line.

Thanks again,

March 18, 2014

Hello Cindy and Ed,

Recently, I had asked a question regarding my rescue German Shepherd named Rome. I was having a extremely difficult time training her, typically she would just shut down on me causing me to get frustrated, this was highly upsetting for both of us. I was given advice about high value food rewards and encouraged to dive into marker training. I found the link for Ed's free eBook on Marker Training, and I glad I did. I'm finding a lot of mistakes I've made with training my dogs, but now I can at work on fixing the damage. My Shepherd, though she is still a slow learning is doing MUCH better. She is much more cooperative, she wants to learn and try things. I always used to love Ceaser Millan, but I was naive and interpreted everything my dogs did (or didn't do) as an act of dominance. I was constantly trying to correct them, but now I can see that I was just damaging our relationship. I plan on enrolling in the basic obedience online course.

Thank you!

March 1, 2014

Finding your website was a godsend. Watching and purchasing your videos resulted in a miracle. Your methodology, which is most direct and easy to understand, was the solution. I had a once-trained, dominant dog that was a mess. My well-meaning housemates rarely followed the rules and left leaving me with an unruly dog. He lost site of me as pack-leader. I yanked him out of daycare. It took 2 weeks of keeping him isolated in his kennel except for elimination then started retraining. I got a prong collar that worked for walks and a mini-Educator (recommended by Cindy). I never used a shock collar with my previous 5 dogs but it seemed the answer. By luck, I found a trainer 45 minutes away that is certified in e-collar training. I love living with Bowie now. I know he is happier because he is under control and does not have to be pack leader. But is this a bad that after listening to all your videos, I have adopted the expressions and inflections of Ed when talking to my pets?

February 28, 2014

I wanted to tell you that I enjoy your insight into dog training. I also find some amusement in your responses to some questions in your "dumb and dumber" section. 

I wanted to share a quick thing that just happened with us using marker training. I decided to use a sharp "yup" as the marker for our dog. My four year old son wanted to have a part in training so I showed him what to do...tell him to sit, say yup, the give him his treat. I found it funny that, on his own, my son decided to change the marker to "yes"! I guess I should have listened to Ellis in the first place!

February 28, 2014

Hello! I just wanted to say as a Rottweiler owner/trainer/breeder I really appreciate your site and articles posted. I hope you don't mind I routinely post links to your website on our FB pages, as you have excellent information and DVDs. Thank you for having all the correct, fair, and education materials available for all to see/purchase!

February 12, 2014

Hi Cindy & Ed

A few months ago I emailed you regarding your videos, which in spite of recent updating, I was still unable to play because of pauses and “stuttering.”  Well for the last couple of months, I am happy to say that your videos  are now consistently playing without any “stuttering.”  They are now a joy to watch.  They are informative videos and I have learned  a great deal from them; but then your emails are a consistent source of helpful information.


February 6, 2014

I wanted to express to you how satisfied I am with the quality leashes and collar that I purchased from you. THANK YOU.


January 16, 2014

Dear Ed, 

I had frantically contacted you 2 years ago regarding my English Bulldog. You & I emailed a couple times. I was asking questions and beside myself as this was the most intelligent, beautiful animal I have known, but he was being what I thought was aggessive. I realized from your articles it was a question of dominance and we clearly needed to implement pack behavior. He had become quite aggressive with my husband and tried to take him down one day. One of your comments, haha, was that I needed a new husband. :) 

In my last email to you, my husband had decided to put him down, our vet recommended it. I was devastated, crying trying to find him a home, thinking how I had failed this dog. 

I have been meaning to let you know that I didn't allow him to be put down. I had him neutered, told my husband to give me 30 days of pack behavior training. He's now 3 years & has turned into the most amazing dog I have had. I thank you for your work and for sharing your knowledge. 

January 16, 2014

I just want to commend ya'll. I'm new to dog training and I have a year old Malinois. I'm retired and have wanted to do schutzhund for a very long time. I have to admit I was lost as what to do first...that is until I found your website. So far, I've purchased two of Michael Ellis training videos but I promise you I will be purchasing more in the very near future (as in tonight). Thank you for everything ya'll do. You have made a very difficult subject easy to grasp and understand with your training library. Thank you!

November 27, 2013

You have great customer service! I've gotten excellent and accurate information on products when I wasn't sure what to purchase and (I think her name is Melissa) has gone out of her way to make things right when I had a slight problem with an order. It's harder and harder to find companies that are interested in providing good customer service and yours is one of the few that is committed to that concept. I'll continue to purchase all the products I can from Leerburg.

October 25, 2013

Dear Cindy & Ed, 

Thank you for providing such insightful answers & your years of experience to the public. 

I recently had a hard decision to make regarding a newly rescued American Bulldog. All the incredible knowledge you and Ed provide here made me better prepared, guided me to the right decision and gave me the confidence to stick with it. 

Some say your style is mean, I disagree. A confident owner can handle criticism, or outright truth telling and adjust to correct. What you give is not only sound training advice, but sound life advice. Confidence, calmness, objective observation, self critique, determination, common sense are so lacking in society- but are needed now more than ever. We have enough whiny milksops out there, we need more rugged individuals! 

So again I thank you both for all your hard work. I am a more confident owner for having found out about this site. 

October 22, 2013

I don't have any problems, just wanted to thank you for the DVD on grooming a GSD. My dog will probably want to thank you too, I have had her for 11 years and this is the first time I have felt I was actually getting all the dead hair out, the secret was the combs. I had everything else, but the combs have made all the difference. I had never thought of using a comb on a long haired shepherd before. She is almost 12 and in good health but I had never set us up for good grooming habits, so we have a system where late at night I sit by her bed for grooming, petting, and talking. This isn't how most people do it, but it works for us. I had to laugh at your DVD on pack structure, I have always managed my girl both in and out of the house her whole life, she was born house trained I believe, but better safe than sorry. Now I tell people it is actually what you recommend. Funny story today- just for reference she is never allowed outside alone as the yard is unfenced and we have close neighbors. Today she was out exploring in the woods in the backyard as I cleaned leaves and spider webs off the house, never out of eyesight as if she cannot see me she comes to find me. Suddenly the phone rang and a neighbor wanted to know if we were aware she had gotten out, he could see her but not me. After a quick thanks I had a great laugh as the typical response from all the neighbors tends to be to hide because she is such a big GSD (all 62 pounds of her). Anyway, management is the key to a good dog and happy neighbors.

October 21, 2013

It is not possible to exaggerate the years of knowledge, experience, and consideration contained in the eBooks provided by Ed, Cindy, and the group at Leerburg. It is also not possible to exaggerate the kindness and generosity y'all show by extending them to everyone for free. Thank you!!!

September 11, 2013

Just wanted to say thank you. The value of your products have always met my expectations. In addition to the Steel Man we have an 8 month old Malinois rescue; anticipating the arrival of our DVDs.


August 7, 2013

Dear Ed & Cindy,

I have been following you both for a long time and find your information very valuable. I share your website will all my clients and people I meet that need good solid advice about dog equipment and dog training. Thank you for all you do....

Kindest regards,

August 6, 2013

Just wanted to thank you again for the advice to start yelling when a strange dog (off leash) approached mine while we were walking last night. Knowing that my GSD does not like other dogs approaching him, I warned the owner not to allow his dog to approach mine. He slowly started walking towards his dog, which was only about 25 feet from me (and still approaching) and very quietly called him back. His dog ignored him and got within 10 feet of us. I put my dog in a down and started yelling as loud as I could. The dog turned around and ran off. Thanks again for the great advice. It saved a dangerous fight.

June 28, 2013

Hello Cindy,

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note!  I'm not sure if you remember, but at the end of last year I asked for some advice to help my dog stay on her touch pad while doing positions and you suggested I retrain it.  Well over the last few months we've spent a lot of time training it, and I wanted to thank you because here is a recent video of how she's doing now:

June 19, 2013

I want to thank you wife of 43 years and I have always love and had German Shepherds, this is our first time of seriously trying to train our 2, two year old puppies. (Because we both are retired, the only excuse I can think You guys make it so exciting, to try new commands, like marking and treats. 
I guess what I'm trying say is, you make it fun for our puppies and two old kids to be together. 
Thank You.....

June 11, 2013

Dear Cindy,

Thank you for helping people understand their dogs rather than trying to force their dogs to understand them.  I’m sure you are saving many dogs from a fate they don’t deserve.

May 31, 2013

Dear Ed Frawley,

I once contacted Cindy in an email about a year ago about my GSD mix that I acquired from her owner after she turned 6 years old. She is now 7 and with the help of your DVDs and website I have been able to help her with her dog aggression a lot. She still has a few problems and will never be "cured" but she can now be managed. She has a well fitting muzzle that I trained her to accept with your help. I can't thank you enough for all that you do. I have 4 dogs with Suki and all can be safe. Again thank you so much, it's been a long year but well worth it.

May 11, 2013

Hi Cindy,

This is another THANK YOU!!!

I recently got a new pup and he is as high a caliber dog as I ever hoped to own.  He is also as challenging as you can expect a well-bred, high drive puppy to be. He is wonderful and smart and sweet and also a maniacal baby wolverine crocodile on crack!

But for the thank you...

No matter which type of day we are having, there isn't a single day that I don't appreciate something I have learned from watching you, or Ed or Michael Ellis. Or something I read in the Q&A - like always having a toy when I take the puppy out so he has something to bite other than me! Or focusing on training ONE THING at a time - (e.g. don't worry about jumping if you are teaching sit - like the video with Daema sp?) Or Michael Ellis talking about teaching cues from physical movement and body language we aren't even aware of. I especially loved the video you posted "So you think you want a high drive puppy?"

This puppy will continue to be a challenge and he will continue to demand my best.  I am so grateful that I have Leerburg's information and help supporting me. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for my dogs and me!


February 27, 2013

Hello Ed and Cindy,

I would like to start out by commending you both for your informative answers to others questions. I have read through many of your Q&As and am pleased to see that you are not afraid to “go there” with ignorant people.

My fiancé and I have two Border Collies. They came from a working breeder and are very high energy and high drive dogs (as they should be). My fiancé is a dog trainer and both of our dogs are just about 100% off leash. She trains with E-collar and is very knowledgeable and proud of her training, and I am very proud of her. I lost a dog previously because I did not have control. She ran out of the house one day and was hit by a car. As far as I am concerned, if she had received the training that my dogs have, she would still be here today.

I must say, that the amount of uninformed, ignorant people (including friends and family) who are the very first to open their mouths about how our training is wrong and cruel is frustrating to say the least. I have worn my dogs e-collar myself. We use low stimulation when a command is given, not very high stimulation as a correction only. My dogs are the most happy, friendly dogs, and because of the training, they can run free in the yard or on the beach to let out the energy they have, while at the same time being completely under control. We do not have to go to a fenced in dog park where there are constant dog fights due to irresponsible owners. Is that cruel? I don’t think so.

I do not agree with a lot of the training out there with the very most ridiculous on my list being purely positive, no correction training. I am not a dog trainer myself, but I do have common sense. Ignoring bad behavior with an animal that, in its natural environment, would be corrected by the alpha, simply does not make sense. And the results speak for themselves.

I guess the whole point of this email is to say that I respect the stand you take as trainers. You give people the facts without worrying about who gets offended by the truth. People do not want to hear that they are wrong, but sometimes they need to.

Keep up the good work!


February 23, 2013

I have recently purchased more of your DVDs and some were suggested by Cindy as I had problems with my dog tugging. I found the Puppy Bite Work well worth getting. Wished I had that prior to training my puppy tug work, and especially I was very impressed with Establishing Pack Structure with Puppy and How to Raise a Working Puppy, absolutely loved these last two ones. Once again I wished I had seen them before I initially trained my puppy re socialization etc. the DVDs answer a lot of questions. Cindy and Ed you did a good job with these two videos. New food DVD great. Thanks a million.

February 8, 2013

I love your products and particularly your training shorts and emails. Seamus, our 5+ year old labradoodle, and I have trained with a number of different methods and trainers. He is a certified therapy dog and also a brilliant frisbee athlete. We do not compete; his wonderful way is used in family law courtrooms, with children, ptsd veterans, and law enforcement. When Seamus hears Michael Ellis' short outtakes on your site, he comes running from wherever he is in the house! Someday we would enjoy training with him. Until then, thank you so much for the emails and thanks to Michael for his training tips!

January 3, 2013

Hi Cindy,

My husband and I have three young boys and we are getting a new puppy in a few weeks. I grew up on a dairy farm and we always had a dog or two around, but I really couldn't remember much about training them. I stumbled across your website, and I just want to say how happy I was to find you guys! I absolutely LOVE your training methods, and we have since purchased several DVDs. I am placing an order for an ex-pen and a few other training items as well, prior to the puppy's arrival. It is REFRESHING to hear your methods presented, and they WORK! I am honestly somewhat embarrassed to admit this, but after watching the Establishing Pack Leadership Videos, my husband and I commented that so much of what you teach is applicable to parenthood and not just pet ownership ;-) I honestly thought long and hard after Ed talked about being a fair, calm pack leader and wondered if I couldn't try harder to be that way with my children!

I think that you and Ed are spot on when it comes to dogs and dog training. I am looking forward to applying your methods on our new pup, and I hope that with focus and dedication, we will have a calm and enjoyable family pet for years to come! I think that the idea of tethering the puppy and using an ex pen will be critical considering I have three young boys. I want the dog to learn to live with the boys, and not have the boys hate the dog because he is hyper and obnoxious whenever they are playing.

Anyway, no particular question. I simply wanted to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU. You have been such a valuable source of information, and I have recommended you to many of my friends with pets and pet problems.


November 27, 2012

Thank you Ed and Cindy for such high quality and helpful advice. My wife and I have benefited greatly from it and our challenging little Mastiff/Ridgeback X, Bonnie, is responding well to your techniques. Without your help I feel we would be without hope and Bonnie would not have the start in life that she deserves. I am looking forward to learning much more from you in the future as Bonnie grows. Oddly, as I have learned much about the the canine psyche from you, I have also been enlightened to the similarities in the human. Anyway, good luck to you both, you deserve all the success you receive. You have a fine product. Best wishes and festivities to you.

November 26, 2012

Hi Cindy -

I am visiting the site today to order bully sticks and antler chews for our dogs, and saw that you're using the pic of Spenser we sent in for the contest (joyful golden retriever running in the snow, top right photo on the site today). Thought you'd like to know, Spenser is now 12.5 and after a long healthy life, has been diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis. He's still doing okay, is restricted from activity other than gentle walks (on leash) and playing with our 5 year old GSD Kaja - and I sometimes break that up, much to their disappointment! Not asking for advice, just letting you know how glad it makes me to share the pic of this really sweet dog. He's not smart like a GSD, but none of my GSDs has ever been smart enough to look at a thicket, look back at me, then pick a way through based on what would be easiest for me, on the other end of the leash! Gotta love 'em.

Glad to see Rush back in action and hope to see more of him, Stella, and Endy (am missing Endy ;-) in newsletter videos to come -


April 11, 2012

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your articles, they have been a tremendous help. As of right now I am fostering some dogs for our local animal rescue and have three male dogs in the home including a 4 month old puppy. With two of them being mine and well behaved and using your articles on working with puppies in no time we have a well organized schedule with no major issues. I am also working with the other dogs so they are ready for adoption and your site has been very helpful.

Thank you again,

March 19, 2012

Hello Cindy-

Please could you forward my regards to Ed, as I have seen so many websites supposedly giving good advice on all manner of things related to dogs and their training but I can honestly say Leerburg is the best and advice given is based on true knowledge and experience, not old wives tales. That can only be achieved by having been there and done it! Great advice, great website!

Kindest regards,
Ros in England.

December 23, 2011

Ed and Cindy,

I just wanted to take a minute to express my gratification. I bought a GSD many years ago. I bought a book (before the web) on training dogs and went at it. I don't know if it was me or the dog but he was one of the best dogs I have ever owned. He listened very well. There were a couple things he did that I didn't like though. He was kinda dog aggressive at times in his younger age. I had to put him down about 5 years ago. He was 13 and just old and miserable. It was very hard for me to do because he was truly my best friend. We did everything together. I am a police officer and I have started working night shift. I have been tossing around the idea of getting another GSD for a while and being that I started working night shift and wanted my wife to feel safe I started looking long and hard to find the one I wanted. Well, I found him.

I am so excited about the new puppy and wanted to do everything right. I called a trainer to my house to fix a couple small problems we have with my wife's Pomeranian because I don't want the shepherd to pick up on them. She made the mistake of telling me about your website. I'M GLAD SHE DID!! I have been all over the site many times. I have ordered DVDs and training equipment and I am very sure I will be ordering more in the near future. I can't wait to use the knowledge I have acquired already! This is one of the best resources I have ever seen. I'm hooked on feeding raw and "Marker Training."

I'm sure you get many emails and I do apologize for yet another one but in my field of work an "at-a-boy" is hard to come by so whenever possible I like to tell people they are doing a great job.

Please keep up the good work and I assure you I will be around for years to come!!

December 20, 2011

To the Leerburg staff and Mr. Frawley,

I just wanted to take a moment to say "thanks" for the great products, service, and commitment from Leerburg. I recently ordered a 6 foot leash from you, and I have to say, that everything you say in the video about your leashes is true! It's a fantastic piece of equipment. I have used a few leashes on my dog, but two things I will never be without are my 6' leash and the 20' synthetic tracking line I purchased from you. They are both so well made I know I will always be able to rely on them, and will never have to replace them. The videos you guys make about the products are excellent and really help when it comes time to make a decision. Everything I have purchased from Leerburg has always exceeded my expectations. I am extremely excited about the nosework DVDs coming out soon. This looks like just the thing for me and my 18 month old Aussie to get into! Anyway, I just wanted to say "thanks" for how you guys run your business. It's appreciated. I hope you all have a great holiday and Christmas, and a happy new year!!


December 19, 2011

Hi Stephanie,

Just wanted to say thank you. I received my order faster than i thought i would. Leerburg is the best. 


December 13, 2011


Just wanted to pass along a thanks to your team for the free shipping -- that's just the cherry on top of the always-great experience with you guys.

Thanks, and happy holidays to you all!

September 12, 2011

I love your site, your products, DVDs, free videos and everything else you do. I've made many purchases from you since I found your site, and cannot find one thing to complain about!! I am so glad I found this site!! Thanks!!


November 16, 2011

I am so pleased with the quality of the leash and other items in my previous order. Cindy was super helpful in recommending training DVDs. I just finished the one on Establishing Pack Structure. I'm very pleased with the quality of the DVD and learned some new things I didn't know. I am sure that my dog and I will benefit from the other DVDs, too. Thanks, and keep up the good work!


August 16, 2011

Dear Cindy:

Wanted to give you a success story to post. I followed all the advise you gave on raising my German shepherd lab mix puppy. Everything worked exactly like Ed said it would. People thought I was crazy to keep my dog on a leash in the house and attached to the chair I was sitting in. She had only 2 accidents in the house (which were our fault). Dog ownership is SOOOOOO easy with a well behaved, trained dog. We rarely have to discipline her. She is eager to please and with your guidance we showed her how to please us. SHE IS AWESOME. This was our first family dog and if I had known how easy it was to train a dog we would have started sooner with a family pet.

Thank you so much! She lives to catch a frisbee and fetch her soccer and football. She is such a blessing in our lives and I encourage anyone to take your advise. It Works.

"Sadie" is now 2 years old and the best dog I have ever met.

Thanks again!!!! I have attached a photo as well.


July 25, 2011

I just want to say thank you for your web site. It has been so helpful for us as a family living with a fear biter pit boxer mix dog. We acquired this 2 year, 9 month old male from my daughter who could not deal with him anymore. He was always responsive to me and my husband whenever we would visit so we thought sure we will take the dog. Well one thing led to another and he started biting people when leaving the house, lunging at the neighbors when walking him growling just acting crazy. We were at our wits end and already had him for a month when these signs started showing up. I was at the point of putting him down, when the day he was to be put down I started researching this behavior on the internet and came across your site. You gave me hope and what you said made sense to me. So we got an open cage kennel for him and started from the beginning. What a difference all your methods have made. He is a lot calmer everyone is seeing it. We also have cats and another small dog, a miniature schnauzer, who he gets along well with. I know we still have a lot of work ahead of us but we and him now have a great beginning because of you. He is at the vet now getting neutered only because I am not going to use him for protection nor do I need to mate him. It was his second time at the vet and they have even seen a difference in him in just the two weeks since his first check up. I am hoping to give him a life I know he deserves and just wanted to thank you for all of your wisdom. I am constantly reading and rereading your articles so that I understand them all.

Thanks again,
A dog friendly family

July 11, 2011

I wish I had found your website 3 weeks ago. We had a litter of 10 puppies which drained mom fast within a week of all her nutrients and she also got a massive infection which means I am hand raising these puppies. If I had found your website 3 weeks ago I would have saved myself a ton of money on puppy formula and also been able to give my puppies better ingredients. I think your website is wonderful and has a ton a useful info. Not being a breeder and having to care for these puppies I am learning right along with them and hopefully doing a good job. They are all gaining weight and thriving. Anytime I need dog advice, I know where I am coming to from now on. Thanks.


July 8, 2011

Since I was referred to your web site I have read numerous articles and purchased 4 DVDs and am feeding your dehydrated raw (currently doing my research on switching to a full raw diet now) and have gotten your dominant dog collars. It is like I finally found a place to answer all my questions and I wanted to say thank you. BUT the best part of your site is the "Dumb and Dumber" section! I cannot stop laughing. I am copying and sending them to my husband in Afghanistan to give him something to lighten his day. YOU TWO ARE AWSOME!

Keep doing what you do because people like me that love our dogs and only want to do what's best need you.


July 6, 2011

Dear Mr. Frawley

First I would like to thank you for your website and your expertise in just having a dog. For the first time, I can say, I am my dog's pack leader. As you say, the training courses we get, lack the information on just that. They who arrange these training courses in my country, Norway that is, they make their money by keeping this information for themselves. Good business for them, bad business for the dogs. These dogs have to live a whole lifetime insecure, and that makes me sad.

Now, I have a dog who doesn't care about anything other than me, and I am always relaxed in every situation. Send my greetings to Cindy, your staff and of course Mr. Ellis and thank them to.

I hope I can make my goals with my dog, a boxer with working bloodlines (yes, they do exist, hehe). I have taken my handler-skills to a higher level by following you, buying your DVDs and keeping an open mind for learning. We are training for IPO, we have other people around us, who share the same mentalities about dog handling, and I believe we will make results.

Thank you again, and sorry for my spelling mistakes ;)

July 5, 2011


You probably get a thousand of these emails a day but I’ve been very slowly building up my collection of your DVDs and watching your free videos online and every one shows me something I’ve missed in the past. I bought 2 working breed dogs about 18 months ago and from the day I got them they fought like crazy. I did my best until they both got around 8 months and then they tried to kill each other. I got a water hose after them and managed to break them up without getting hurt (I was very lucky). After that I spent close to $1000.00 getting them trained so that I would have better control over the pair and they still attack each other but will stop if I say no. Needless to say my dogs can sit and stay, but have no manners. I spent 40 dollars with you on Basic Obedience and began to understand the dogs were not the problem, I was. I have just ordered your video on Pack Structure so I hope to gain more knowledge. I am hoping to become a breeder one day and I’m glad I decided to hold off and fix myself before breeding dogs that I can't help the new owners with. When I say you have saved me I really meant it. I can think of a thousand possibilities that could have happened by now especially if I would have bred them and not been able to sell all the puppies. Just wanted you to know that I will be ordering more of your videos and will definitely get your videos on breeding before hand, so I know what I will be up against. Thank you so much for everything you do with your company.


June 26, 2011

Hi Ed,

I have a number of your videos and have found them to be extremely helpful for training my new puppy, Rory. Rory is also a big fan.

Rory is a 4 month old collie and loves the obedience video. He isn't interested in the sections where Ed is giving instructions by himself (sorry, Ed.) But once he hears "yes" he looks at the screen and watches the shots of training the dogs intently. He is even doing commands that he knows when Ed gives instructions, such as sit and down. When he hears "yes" he looks around for his reward. He will watch the entire video without becoming bored.

Thanks for a great training video and a great puppy babysitting tool.


June 6, 2011

I recently purchased a dominate dog collar and a service dog in training vest. My dog is a large (100 pounds) 18 month old male GSD and some what dominate. The dominate dog collar did just what it was advertised to do. I am simply amazed at how fast he came around when I used the collar. No more pulling. Being disabled, it was hard for me to keep him from not pulling before but now he looks like he has been at my side for years. The service dog in training vest I bought is a great fit and he looks really handsome with it on. That vest has also stopped a lot of the questions and doubt about the dog when I would take him into a business. Now people just kinda look and pretty much ignore the dog except to compliment him. Thank you. I am impressed.

Feel free to use this as a testimonial,

May 10, 2011

Dear Mr. Frawley,

I just wanted to send off a quick Thank You. After picking up my second GSD/Siberian Husky mix, I found your website, ordered several DVDs and have thoroughly looked through your wealth of information online, including the AWESOME newsletters on Facebook.

I can now do things with my puppy at 5 1/2 months (who has near perfect recall when left to run on a 30' drag line, even around other dogs and children!!) that I could never do with my previous dog at 10 years. We are playing tug every day, and I have never seen a happier dog. I have often heard you can NEVER EVER let a husky off a leash. Granted he's not a pure breed, but his recall and desire to get to me is simply amazing, and I can say, done correctly, your method PROVES that training is NOT BREED SPECIFIC.

I started with the Establishing Pack Leadership, Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months and Basic Dog Obedience, and look forward to getting the Power of Tug, Training with Food, and Training with Markers DVDs.

Thank you for all the work you do.


April 29, 2011

Dear Cindy,

We did it!

After watching the latest newsletter video, I decided to try once again to work on engagement and building drive with my 2 year-old pet GSD. Everything came together for both of us. We really engaged just like you and Rush. For the first time he kept running back to me over and over and over with his toy. It was thrilling.

I am new to training. My dog is easy-going, though that means he doesn't have a lot of drive, he is just right for me. Sometimes I feel like he is trying to show me what to do. Everyday I am reminded, "He knows what I know and he knows what I don't know." I have purchased the training with markers, food and tug videos. I have learned so much.

I have tremendous respect and appreciation for your talent. You make it look easy; I fumble around. But I have continued to refer to your example and finally we have made a breakthrough. I wanted to share my excitement with you and thank you for your inspiration.

With warmest regards,

April 25, 2011

I really like your philosophy when it comes to raising dogs, and I'm hoping these videos will get me and my pup on the right track as I'm really hoping to do Search and Rescue with her down the road. Anyway, I'm glad that I was referred to your site by one of the leading dog/person SAR teams in my county... I'm learning a lot from your free information as well. Thank you very much for making this available to public!

April 20, 2011

Hi Mr. Frawley,

You like receive dozens of emails per week similar to the one I'm writing you. But I can't thank you enough for the information provided on your site.

My family adopted a 3-year old corgi/jack mix and overall he is a superb dog. Unfortunately Max has been in at least 5 homes over the last year, and we have no record of his life previously. Let's just say this lifestyle left him with undesirable dominance issues. My husband and I haven't owned dogs since we were kids and we wanted to wait until our children were old enough to handle a dog. They are now 5 and 8 and very responsible and good-natured, so we thought this was the perfect time.

We adopted Max a month ago and he was as sweet as ever when he first came home. However, what the foster mom told us about him before we adopted him, and the load she dropped in my lap the day we brought him home were two different stories.

In other words, he wasn't who we thought he was. It's like renting a cabin off the internet, I suppose.

Regardless, we wanted him. At his foster home he lived with two other dogs. He got into the trash, ate birthday cakes from the counter, woke his foster parents up by jumping on their heads, slept on the furniture, stole food from other dogs. The list went on and on.

He was also walked on a halter with a retractable leash.

None of this was his fault, of course. This was how he was taught to behave.

So, I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me. I was his leader. We decided that ahead of time. Slowly I began breaking him of habits. Lucky for us he never jumped on our heads or ate the trash. He never stole food even if it was within reach of him.

The biggest issue we faced was dominant aggressive behavior toward strangers, other dogs, and my son.

At first he would snap at my son when he touched is food or came near his toys. He would growl at him and nip him even when they seemed to be getting along just fine.

And walking... forget it. He pulled me around like a wild stallion, and he's only 18 pounds. He would go ballistic when someone walked by and when other dogs were around. Yikes!

I worked with him via the guidance of 'dog whispers' in books and online. It would work for a few days and the placebo effect wore off. Then he seemed even worse than before.

I finally started researching aggressive dogs because I was seriously afraid he would hurt my son or another dog. That's when I found your site.

In two days he's a completely different dog. He was already crate trained, so the crate works well for us. Today and yesterday I've done as you "demanded" :). He's been crated except for walks and training. I only interact with him outside. I also groom him twice a day for 2-3 minutes.

And the prong collar! What a blessing. Everything I read about training a dog to walk on a lead was horse crap. Halties and harness don't even make sense. The harness was like giving him a boost of nitrogen when he wanted to go at something. And how was I supposed to lead my dog my his head?

No one addressed aggression before. It was like these methods were supposed to magically transform my dog. He was supposed to forget the guy in the scary outfit mowing the fields, the kids screaming at him, the other dogs barking at fences. Yeah, right!

The prong collar serves as a reminder that he is safe with me. That I will protect him and he doesn't have to worry about all this other stuff going on around him.

Today I successfully walked past 5 joggers, 2 fields of doves, and a school yard filled with screaming children without a lunge or a growl. Normally his head would have flown off from all the excitement. 

I bring treats in my pocket and acknowledge his good behavior. He seems more relaxed and happier than ever. 

I work at home and my days usually existed with uncontrollable barking at every little sound. This did not work well with conference calls. He would also jump on everyone when they came in (other than me). Now he is as calm as ever.

We are moving this weekend, but once we settle I can't wait to dive into your DVD collections. For now I will continue to read the wealth of information on your site. I seriously think EVERY dog owner should read your site. I feel like John Milton when I click through your pages. I literally stay up all night absorbing everything you have to teach.

With tremendous gratitude,

April 18, 2011


I received the packets of Embark and Thrive today. Kane gobbled down the first packet of Embark. I'm going to add it to his regular diet and hopefully I will knew by the end of this week, if it will cause him any issues. I am glad he liked it so much. It will really help a lot during camping and other travel. He won't even touch kibble because has never eaten it in his life, so this may be a great alternative. 

I would like to say over the years, I have always been pleased with the customer service from Leerburg. I have always had my questions answered answered promptly even when it has required you all to seek the info from other sources. I have never had an incorrect order either. Plus, the info on your website is great and a lot of it is free. It is the best service I have ever received from companies that sell pet products, or any other companies I have ordered products, such as clothes, etc. from. So thanks and keep up the good work! :)


April 17, 2011

Dear Mr. Frawley,

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have found your website. I've been searching the web for answers about aggression, apparently dominance aggression, occurring with a three and a half Shibu Inu (Ken). I am dedicated to reading your entire site with it's questions and answers and am already implementing several of your obedience suggestions that are appropriate.

I've run across many annoying and obnoxious sites that repeat vague statements and promises on "how to train your dog!" They are a thinly veiled attempt at selling as many of their items as possible, without providing any concrete information on their methods.

It's obvious to me that your knowledge and experience are extensive. Your willingness to provide SO MUCH information in eBooks, articles and forums free of charge is amazing. I think it indicates a mission and passion to educate people and plain, old fashioned integrity.

By the way, I will also be purchasing many of your training aids. Thank-you so very much.


April 12, 2011

Tell Ed he is the man!! My puppy is great to live with because of his knowledge and know how! We have so much fun together! I will continue to buy his DVDs and products through the many years of my dogs life!


April 7, 2011

Thank you very much, Cindy, for your response. And I would like to add as well, that I really enjoy watching you work with Rush, what a great dog, and a great performance. 

Regarding the linking of behaviors, this is what I was assuming, and what I have been doing, but I really wanted the confirmation just to be sure, as I didn't want to be doing it incorrectly. As you well know, I'm sure, it's always easier to start off right, than it is to have to fix what was done wrong. 

I am a dog trainer, but I am in that transition stage right now, as my training and background has been military based, I wanted something that fit me and the dogs that I work with, more comfortably. I have been looking for a better approach for a while, and there are so many methods out there, but once I saw Michael Ellis, I knew instinctively that this is exactly what I have been looking for.

I most certainly plan on attending Michael's school at some point, but for right now, it is just not an option financially, as it is located half way across the continent from me. I really appreciate the work that Leerburg puts into producing these DVDs and Videos (I love the Video on Demand feature, as it means not having to wait for shipping!), this is such a wonderful way for those of us who simply don't have the means or the access to Michael's school in California, to still have access to this valuable information.

My only suggestion, if there is a "suggestion box," would be to have more Mondioring training informational videos.

Thank you again.

April 6, 2011

Thank you Cindy.

I am so impressed by the quickness of your replies and the professionalism. I am also impressed by the web site and all the information given to the consumers, via eBooks, podcast, forum at no charge. I have just started a non-profit 531c rescue and will be dealing with some behavior issues. I have been training dogs for 15 years and the information has given me a much more clear outlook as a dog trainer. I have placed an order for training supplies and will continue to do so as I need them with my training and rescue program. If I was close to you I would be knocking on your door everyday to get an apprenticeship with your training staff. Thanks for all that you have offered...


April 3, 2011

Hi Cindy and Ed,

I am writing to thank you for the training and handling resources you provide. This weekend I put an AKC Rally Novice title on my GSD. She is four now and is a certified SAR dog who had good functional obedience. However, I hadn't done any performance obedience training until late last year when I ordered the Michael Ellis DVDs on training with food, playing tug and focused heeling. We have a long ways to go with precision obedience skills. Of course, that is the beauty of it because we have fun training and I am learning a lot. I was thrilled with the good focus she had in the busy dog show environments where we competed. Engagement really helped both in and out of the ring especially because dogs shows were a new experience for both of us.

I have found your advice on handling dogs in general to be extremely helpful. My dog was quite reactive as a youngster and your detailed advice about taking leadership has helped me learn how to handle her with confidence at dog shows, busy urban SAR practices or pretty much anywhere.

Thanks again and have a good day!


April 2, 2011

Hi Cindy,

You're always coming to my rescue regarding questions, problems, issues.  And you never fail to respond quickly!! This time I just wanted to say Thank you!  We've finally turned a corner. The marker training is paying off. I get it. The dogs get it. We are believers!!  What prompted this comment is the Leerburg new "streaming video" page. Just the format of it.... the easy availability. It's awesome! It rocks!!! With so many free and pay-for-view videos. Example - I had been feeling so badly about keeping my puppy "contained" for all his growing up time. I mean... I know it was for his safety. But it still didn't seem fair.  THEN I SAW the video about maintaining a puppy in the X-Pen by day. It just came together for me! To see the puppy in the video so calm and content in the X-Pen was great. That's exactly how I've maintained my puppy for his 10 months.   In a double-sized X-pen.  With his beloved toys.  And the TV always on for company. He actually "watches" TV! Then I learned how to prevent jumping on the sides. To sit before opening the gate. And my puppy is responding so well.  Unbelievable! After going out on a Potty Break, he actually "wants" to go back into his X-pen! He knows that's his place! And goes right back in for his "reward." At night they both get a major tasty cookie at bedtime. So they both can't wait to RUN into their crates. Yes! Marker training really works! I've got them both sitting now before going through doors. In fact they're beginning to "offer" that behavior in anticipation. And you were right. With treats always on hand in my pocket, they follow me around like magnets! I know there's never ending work ahead to maintain the momentum. But just wanted you to have yet another success story - to show how much you're involvement via email, really makes a difference for a pet owner!


March 28, 2011


I have bought five of your training DVDs and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! My husky/ chow mix was a monster when I first brought her home. She didn't listen to a word I said, attacked me every chance she got (even ripping a sleeve off my shirt),chased people and other animals, got into everything and barked nonstop! I was completely at my wits end but knew I'd never give up on her and I'm glad I didn't! Watching your DVDs and seeing your approach to training, well, it just made sense!! After a lot of hard work I'm happy to say she's a new dog! I can take her out in public, run her beside my bike, have her off leash and I've even gotten complemented on how well behaved she is! And as far as I'm concerned this was made entirely possible through your training methods. I can definitely say any dog I ever own will be trained the same way.

My heartfelt thanks and God bless!

March 25, 2011


I want to say thank you to everyone there as well, I recently bought three DVDs (training with food, markers & playing tug) along with a collar, tug and leash. Being a new dog owner, I at first was skeptical of some of your training methods, but the more I have read into (and watched) on your training the more I find your methods make sense. I've been recommending you to many people and I hope your Australian market increases. My German Shepherd Pup is growing into an extremely well natured adult, who is extremely obedient and seems to like nothing better than training time.
Thanks again.

Steve in Australia

March 21, 2011

I just received the tug and food DVDs. I can see how Michael Ellis caused you to rethink some things. It is clear even to a novice that he is an exceptional dog trainer. More impressive to me though is the way he teaches humans how to apply the Marker system. I saw this the first time I was on your website and decided I needed to look into this some more. I am super glad I have. I also purchased the rock climber bait bag which I will be using tomorrow and a 6 ft Amish leash. I could not be happier with the leash. It is everything you said in your video. It would be a good value at twice the price, seriously, but let me know before you jack the price up. I can't believe how comfortable it is in my hand for such a heavy piece of leather. Anyway, thanks for your website and quality products. I am looking forward to doing business with you for many training years to come.
Thanks again,

March 13, 2011

Dear Ed and Cindy:

About two years ago I had reached my wits end with my GSD and then I found your website and purchased some of your DVDs. I had a very smart, hard, GSD that I didn't have the first clue about training. Within a month of putting your principles into place, my relationship with him changed for the better. Then I bought a puppy and introduced him into the household and trained him using the methods I learned from your articles and DVDs. He is a pure joy.

I am attaching a picture of the two of them on a down stay. A feat I wouldn't have thought possible with the older dog two years ago.

I am adding a third dog to the household next week and am confident about using your methods to make this addition for the positive benefit of all involved.

I am on your website reviewing articles and am watching the DVDs again in preparation and I thought it was appropriate to thank you again for the gifts you have given that keep giving back.



March 9, 2011

Hi Ed

Just wanted to send to a message to say how happy I am with your products. I've ordered a lot of items off your company in the last month or so and every item I have received has been top quality, better than I had expected or even hoped for.  All orders have been on time and some even arrived early (and I live in Australia). I look forward to dealing with you and your company in the future and can't see myself purchasing anything from any other company; every item (from DVDs to leads) has been far superior to anything I have seen elsewhere. Thank you!

Kind Regards,

March 4, 2011

Videos were recommended from my conformation handler who has converted me over to non-conformation dogs! Amazing website; really appreciate the amount of information that you've made available.

February 28, 2011

Just really impressed with your website! Also that you feed your furbabies RAW! I have just started Dec. 6 2010. My little girl, Kaydee Mae has inhalant/food allergies and seizures. Since we have started the Raw diet things are getting better and better every day. She is 43 days without a seizure and 13 weeks without allergy injections! I have been searching Hi/low for kelp/alfalfa in bulk. So thank you and be sure I will spread the word!


February 28, 2011

Thank you so much for the wealth of information you provide! I bought the tri tronics bark limiting collar from you guys a while back and your statement of "we only sell products that work" is so true! That bark limiting collar gave me my sanity back. My GSD mix is a rescue and had huge (and loud) separation anxiety problems. Having the collar on him to say "no" when I wasn't there truly made everyone happier and less stressed. If I could come through the computer and give you a hug I would! Thank you.


February 21, 2011

Hi Ed,

I wanted to send you a note to let you know I think you have without a doubt the BEST canine website on the internet. I am soooo happy to have found your site. You say things in a down to earth way that is easily understood and I appreciate that. I have ordered two DVDs, Basic Dog Obedience and Training with a remote collar as well as a Cinch It collar and a 20 ft cotton training line. Your DVDs are easy to use with the chapter markings. You have made everything user friendly. I am waiting for my Dogtra ecollar to arrive.  In the meantime I am in the "Collar Conditioning" stage since it takes two weeks. I have a 9 month old Standard Poodle who is strong willed, smart as a whip and stubborn as a mule. I have taken her to a 8 week puppy class but unfortunately, I did not follow through with the maintenance training and she is not obedient. Therefore, your DVDs. I really like your calm approach to training and you have, for the first time given me confidence that I can train this dog. I am going to win this battle, not her. I am pleased with your humane treatment approach to not hurt the dog and the thorough teaching on how to set the stimulation. I am really pumped up about training her and she will love it, as I am sure it will enhance our bonding. I love her to pieces but I am 71 years old and there is no question that I need to be in control of a 60 lb dog (when fully grown). I have raised Shelties, they are smaller and I have not had any training issues with them.

Again, I love your website and am pursuing your catalog – I see sooo  much good stuff I want to order. Keep up the good work. Your CS is fabulous and I received my order promptly and the packaging was perfect. I’ll keep you posted on "our" progress and send you a review.

My best,

February 18, 2011

Thanks for your special help with my order. All items' quality surpassed my expectations. I especially like how the leash feels in my hands.


February 11, 2011

Just a quick note to let you know the DVDs arrived safely and in quick time too. Thank you for a very easy transaction and a brilliant service. 

Great Britain

February 9, 2011

LOVE your website; in the past 24 hours I've read a bunch of Ed Frawley's articles. I am so grateful for all the excellent, common sense (but not common knowledge, to me anyway as I ve only had cats all my life and I'm about to get a 2nd dog for the first time!) info. Very happy that I'm ordering these three DVDs BEFORE my new dog is handed over to me, as it's essential for me to introduce this altered male GSD to my female Queensland Heeler & 2 sibling cats the right way. With the Heeler, I've been doing some things right but the highly-recommended Leerburg website is teaching me what I've not been doing right, and I'm so grateful for the solutions you teach. Will definitely report back; looking forward to receiving my DVDs.

Thank you in advance,

February 7, 2011


First off, let me just thank you on all of the great stuff that I received in my last order. The training DVDs where great, the treats where delicious (not speaking from personal experience, just what my dog told me), and the toys and training equipment where awesome. I'd been looking got a leash like the "police style" one that I got from you for YEARS! -and Ed wasn’t kidding about the quality of the leather and craftsmanship. The LED glow ball is also fantastic. Before finding it on your site I had actually been making my own, but was never able to achieve the same durability. My vet also exercises his dog at night and also had the same problem of loosing toys in the snow at night. I showed him the led ball and he immediately order one too. He uses it with a chuck-it and says his dog goes CRAZY for it.

Thanks again!


February 1, 2011

My order arrived today, thank you. I'm very impressed with the quality and shall be passing on Leerburg details to all my friends in the rotti world.
Many thanks again,

January 29, 2011

I was very impressed with the products I ordered from you (nylon tug, zuke's chicken and salmon mini treats, and the silverfoot dog whistle) and I will continue to order from you guys!

Thanks, Devonte

January 24, 2011

This email is way overdue. I wanted to say thank you and how impressed I was to receive the new puppy training DVD. This fall I ordered what is now the old DVD and sometime later received a package in the mail. As I was opening it I was thinking, no I didn’t think I have anything backordered but this was a strange way to ship catalogs. I was actually shocked and very impressed when I realized what it was. Customer Services seems forgotten in so many places, this is above and beyond and I appreciate your generosity. While what you did should be usual, it is so unusual that I wanted to be sure to say I noticed and appreciate it. My German Shepherd is about eight months now, while he is still a big puppy, your site has helped me immensely to put him on the road to being the best trained dog we ever had.

Mary Lou

January 3, 2011

I bought two of your four foot leather leashes about two years ago and I've never looked back; they are amazing quality an I've never found myself wanting another type of leash.

Oh, and I'd like to take a paragraph to tell you how much I've appreciated the info on your site and in the DVD I ordered from you awhile back. It's made me the dog person I am today; which is a person who is calm and confident around any and all dogs, even aggressive ones. My own dogs are very well trained and we have a significant bond with each other. While new to showing, I have a good foundation in training obedience and have helped train a service dog for an older disabled gentleman who'd been waiting for over two years for a new dog after his last one passed away. I am also currently working with a puppy who has canine downs syndrome and is completely deaf. It's a very rewarding experience being able to take the things I've learned from your site and materials and apply them to help others.


December 22, 2010

This is such a great deal.
We have two of your 2-handled leashes and 2 dominant dog collars already that we use daily with our 2 dogs. We just rescued a third dog and so we needed to get another 2-handled leash. I couldn t believe it when I saw the great sale and free shipping too! You really made our holidays! Thanks again!!!


December 20, 2010

You rock, you have helped me out a great deal. This is my 2nd time buying from you and I will continue to buy all my equipment from you!!! Thank you for all the great videos... I am an American living in Switzerland and I would rather get my equipment from you that has to tell how awesome your company is!!! Thank you again!

December 16, 2010


I just wanted to wish everyone all the best of the season and to thank you for the fantastic service as usual. Everyone take care and enjoy.


December 8, 2010

Beautiful website and amazing catalog! Thanks.... can't wait to order more... Tell Ed HUGE thanks for the 30% off and free shipping!!!!! I hope you can do this again for us!


December 1, 2010

Hi Ed and Cindy.

I have a now 6 month old GSD male. I have gotten a few of your videos in the past, and now with my new pup, and some of your toys and equipment. As well as have you answered some of my questions via e-mail.

I am using what I have learned from you, along with his obedience courses through his breeder, to turn him into a gentleman. Most recently, I have gotten your DVD on remote collar training. I am so glad that I got your video in conjunction with my new Tri-Tronics collar. I agree with your method of training, rather than the escape method. 

I will continue to review your DVDs, to help me with my training. Keep up the good work. 

Thank you,

November 30, 2010

Thank you so much!

I am slowly building a library of your DVDs.  The work that you do with dogs is amazing. Although I have no profession with dogs, my dogs have always been the envy of our community because they are well trained and well behaved. 5 years ago I got my first pure-breed GSD, and I knew that I would have to step everything up a notch because of her superior intelligence. I got a couple of your DVDs and she is now a certified Therapy Dog. There are many dog owners in our community that seek advice from me. Because I have watched your DVDs over and over again, I am able to give them sound advice, and then refer them to your web site.

I am very grateful to you for the work that you do, and also for an absolutely amazing web site. Please let Ed Frawley, Cindy and Michael Ellis know that they are very much respected and admired for the work that they do.

Thank you,

November 24, 2010

Thanks for a great website. Due to your very thorough description, I am confident that I will soon finally be receiving the curogan fur saver with the link size and length I need for my boy's growing neck!  I have ordered from other places, but the creepy crawly feeling that what I ordered might not be exactly what I had in mind is usually borne out, unfortunately. Thanks for being thorough with your item descriptions. It's especially helpful when you are a late-night orderer! ;)


November 22, 2010

I would like to thank all at Leerburg as the site has to be one of the best and most informative sites in the world.

Merry Christmas.


November 15, 2010


Thank you for the Puppy DVD update. Luna is our 11 month old GSD. She was excited to get hers in the mail today; she was sniffing it out of the package very interested to learn more things from you.

Thank you,


November 15, 2010

Yours is one of the most impressive (if not the MOST) impressive website I have ever visited. Beyond informative. And the quality of your products is fabulous. It is a wonderful experience to see a highest quality operation like yours. I know that never happens just by accident. 


November 15, 2010

I have ordered DVDs, tugs, and other equipment and am very happy with the quality.  In the comments that I included in my last order, my intent was to be brief and to the point, so I did not include all the positive things I’d like to say about the Leerburg website and products. I stumbled on your website two or three months ago, looking for a prong collar small enough to fit my daughter-in-law’s Papillion, Jack (better known as Jack-zilla before the collar!). What a wealth of information! I start reading and come out of my trance hours later. I have mentioned your name to every dog owner I know. I have gotten a fellow Dobe owner hooked on your website and DVDs, and we both are very excited about starting over, from your beginning, with our dogs’ training. We think it will make a tremendous difference in their performance. Thank you for your good work and common sense training. 


November 12, 2010

Everyone @ Leerburg,

I just had to take the time out of my day and tell all of you how much I LOVE your whole site!!! You people get it and I soooo appreciate that. You have taking canine training and brought it down to its most simplest form. No matter if you are training a working dog or your family pet this is the way to do it RIGHT. A thousand thank you's for all of your work and practical products that you sell. Keep up your awesome work!!!


November 11, 2010

What we see on your site is awesome and we've learned things to implement tonight when we get home. These videos look right on the mark (there is so much lousy advice out there)... We sooo need your help. We have a 12 week old rottweiler (have had her for 12 days) that is beyond what we can handle... She had 3 weeks of very good basic training from the breeder, but we're missing something and she's going good to bad... she is very well behaved for 75% of the time, and very smart, but she is a terror the other 25% and challenging our pack structure and showing bad aggression. We are second time rottie owners and have owned 3 shepherds that were nothing compared to her! THANK YOU for your videos and hope to get them ASAP!!!


November 6, 2010

Dear Ed and Cindy,

I want to thank you both for your dedication in maintaining such a well run website and educating the public about all things "dog." I am raising my first German Shepherd and regularly come to your website for information and to engage in conversations with other dog owners. I've learned so much and have received great support through the forum.

I'm currently enrolled in private lessons with my dog. Through an initial phone conversation with the trainer and the fact that he listed Leerburg as a resource on his website, I believed we shared a similar training philosophy. Our first session together made me realize we have our differences (no food rewards, no marking, escape training for recall--yikes!). I have Leerburg to thank for the fact that I have a well informed dog training philosophy in the first place and can recognize the differences in our training styles. In addition, because of Leerburg I have the confidence to disagree with this trainer, and to stick with what I know is best for my dog. Before I found Leerburg, I followed the advice of any dog trainer, leading to issues that I have been working to correct with this dog ever since. 

So once again, thank you for all that you do,

November 4, 2010

I'm new to your website, I certainly respect your knowledge. I am somewhat over whelmed with all the information on your site. I want to be sure that these videos are what I need. I adopted an 8 month pit bull. He s gentle and not mean aggressive. He s a rambunctious puppy that the previous owners rough housed with, had few rules and just shouted and try to intimidate him to listen. All I m trying to do is keep 4 paws on the ground, come 100% of the time when called, drop a retrieved ball and walk behind me in a heel position. Once mastered we may move on to bigger and better things


November 4, 2010

I would also like to thank you for sending me the revised "Your Puppy from 8 Weeks to 8 Months." Now that is a fantastic video, you all did a great job with it! Whether a first time puppy owner or experienced trainer should buy this DVD. There is always something to learn.

My last comment is that I want Ed, Cindy and all the Leerburg crew to know how much I appreciate the great job they do. I can t tell you how much I look forward to the Monday/Thursday newsletters and the videos. I learn something from every single one of them.

Thanks again and happy tails to you!


November 4, 2010

I just received your new video "8 Weeks to 8 Months" to replace the one I had just purchased. I thought that was great of you!

I've purchased several of your videos and go to your website often.

I have my first puppy - a Vizsla. She is now 6 months, so I'm working very hard at training/feeding her and trying to learn as much as I can how to best take care of her.

When I saw the portion about vaccinosis I started doing a lot of reading and ordered the book "Shock to the System"; and am now feeding her a raw diet and consulting with a Homeopathic Vet to be sure I supplement her food properly and to help her get over the rashes, eye infections, and now all the antibiotics the regular Vet put her on. She was done with all the "puppy shots"; etc. when I got your video but she will definitely not be getting the boosters as I feel this round of shots was the cause of all these issues plus the diarrhea and some vomiting.

I am ordering your Obedience Training DVD now, and I think the next one would be the one on How to Play Tug. From the sound of it, it will give me ideas of how to play and interact with her until I can get her into some agility training. I haven t noticed any DVDs that you may have on agility training unless I overlooked it somehow. Correct me if I m wrong.

Thank you for all the great material.


November 2, 2010

I ordered different DVDs from Leerburg Enterprises and all of them I received are very nice and super interesting. Whenever I have some free time I watch a little more for education from the convenience of my home and feel like I've got my own personal dog trainer. Someone who knows what they are doing and passing on this knowledge to new puppy owners.

I'm glad and happy that I was able to sign up for the Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. update mail. Many important information I've received so far and it's helpful raising our new GSD puppy. Keep up the good work and all the best to you and raising your puppies as well as all of your dogs.

I just felt like it's important to let you know how much your work is appreciated and to brighten up your day's work with something good. You are on the right track! Keep up the good work and keep me informed with whatever is important to know raising a well behaved puppy.

Good day and Happy greetings

October 18, 2010


I am placing an order as soon as I send you this email.

Thank you along with Ed and Cindy for treating your customers like you value our business. It is a rarity in this day and age.

I will be passing along to anyone and everyone I come in contact with at dog trials, training, etc. how great your company and products are. I have already done so numerous times however, with this recent response I KNOW I'm passing along something important. 

Thank you many times,

P.S.  Please let Ed and Cindy know because of their recommendation on Michael Ellis, I will be trying to attend his school hopefully next year. It was solely due to them that I started researching his techniques and became more involved in training.

October 18, 2010

I do so appreciate the excellent service I get from Leerburg. The orders are shipped quickly and are always accurate.

Thanks for all your advice and help.

October 15, 2010

I have ordered many items from your website, including DVDs, training aids, and dog food, and still have yet to be disappointed. I'm sure I will be coming back to your site for years to come. Thank you.

October 13, 2010

I love the new popup feature when adding an item to the cart!

I get so excited when I see all the products, I have to remember that I am focusing on one training goal before training another. :-)

October 4, 2010


These videos that you send out in you news letter are incredible! I really want to tell you that I appreciate the info that you put out there.  Keep up the good work. I’ve ordered several of the Ellis videos, and I’ve enhanced my knowledge base a hundred fold. 

Thanks again,

October 2, 2010

Hello Mr. Frawley,

I just wanted to say what a pleasant experience it was ordering from your company again.  Even though it was a small order (several nylon slip collars and a couple of decals), I received it in a timely manner and your staff went the extra mile to make sure my decals made it without being damaged. Thank you for that! Customer service is a dying art. I volunteer some of my time as a trainer for a GSD rescue in the Phoenix, AZ area and I find these collars are the best when working with soft dogs and (mostly) new handlers. I even use them when working obedience with my PSA competition dogs. I get good control with the least amount of conflict.

Anyway, thanks again and I will continue to order my supplies from your company and recommend your web site to all my clients!

Take care,

September 27, 2010

Dear Ed and Cindy:

I wrote you before and was given a response and added to the newsletter. (Thank you, by the way.) Between then and now, I've been reading a lot not just on your site, but all over the place. The more I read, the more I realize, you really know what you are talking about.

I stated before that I acquired two lab mix puppies that were thrown out like garbage on to the streets and while I know you do not approve of raising two dogs at the same time, I am doing that. I am, however, taking your tips seriously. I immediately went out and got them crates and I am walking them separately, feeding them separately, etc. and things you said would happen, have. But they are getting better. Most noticeably was the screaming fit from being separated.  My God. This still happens when I take them out to walk separately. I will put one in their crate and take the other outside. The one in the crate howls and cries and carries on for a good 10 minutes. (I can hear them.) I ignore it. It is getting shorter but it still happens.

At night, one stays in the living room and one is in the bedroom next to me, on the floor. The one in the living room, the girl, has been known to throw a fit about this, trying to get the brother to come back to her. I do not let him go and I ignore it. This is also getting shorter and doesn't happen every night anymore.

I realized how right it is to separate them as this would result in serious problems down the line if I didn't.

Also, you invited us all to do our own research on vaccinations and I honestly wasn't sure if I agreed with you or not on this topic. I do know that I got my cats vaccinated when they were young and never did it again. I felt that vets over vaccinated and I worked in a vet office for about 3 months at one time and saw some animals having bad reactions to those vaccinations. 

So, keeping that in mind and doing my own research, including the opinions and advice of vets sites I found, I think you are absolutely right.  In the state of FL it is the law to get them the rabies vaccine once a year so I'm not sure I have a way around that one but all other vaccines they will not get.  They got their initial three dose vaccine but they will not get more. 

I also researched your "raw diet." I've taken some information from that vet I used to work for plus a vet I used to have for a dog I used to own and everything I've found, (both sides of the debate), and again, I believe you are right. My dogs have been on their raw diet for four days now. Already they are calmer, already their "doggy odor" is gone. I picked them up and smelled all over them... nothing.  I even started the cats on the diet, too.

When I started reading your site, I agreed with most of what you said but was unsure about other things. Now? I'm convinced you know what you are doing and that your site is a wealth of useful, helpful information that will keep the dogs, cats and myself happy, healthy and safe.

And thanks to you, I no longer go to dog parks. Never liked the places anyway but now I know I don't have to feel guilty for NOT taking them there. We all get brainwashed along the way, I think. Thankfully, I'm seeing the light.

Thank you, again, for sharing all of your experience from over the years. You do a great service, especially for the dogs.


September 24, 2010

I just want to say thank you for all had work your company does to teach public. I had an aggressive pack leader that didn't like my two older dogs. All same breed. Well today they all get along well with thanks of your education and tools.


September 19, 2010

Dear Ed and Cindy,

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. We started groundwork with our two terriers July 5th. We still have a long ways to go but there have been some major changes. This last one is so striking I just have to write about how much your approach works! 

The older one, 6 year old American Hairless Terrier, was always terrified of storms. Finally we just allowed him to jump in the tub because that's where he wanted to be and we were sick and tired of fighting him over it. After starting groundwork we would cover his crate with a blanket and that would quiet him down. This last Thursday night, two months and ten days after beginning with groundwork, there was a storm. My husband and I usually sleep right through storms but this one was so loud it woke us up. As we are lying in bed we started to worry about the dog. We could not hear anything. We thought something was really wrong with him. Well, something was different- he slept right through the storm!!! We could not believe it. We did not train it, I believe that by applying correct leadership he stopped being afraid of storms. 

Again, that you so much for all you do. 


September 15, 2010

GOD BLESS YOU for standing up for your beliefs by refusing to do business with our Beautiful Country's ENEMIES!! If only every American businessman would do what you're doing, we would not only show support for our BRAVE men and women who do so much to protect us and our Freedom, (but who shamefully get SO LITTLE in return... but in more gratitude and praise to them, they don't do ANY of it for praise. They do it because they LOVE our COUNTRY AND THEY LOVE FREEDOM. What's even MORE amazing, is that they're willing to GIVE THEIR VERY LIVES TO PROTECT US FROM ALL OF OUR EVIL ENEMIES!!! God Bless your son for his great sacrifices. I'm so passionate about this is because I have a very-much-loved nephew who has been serving for over 20 years, and like you, every time he's deployed is pure agony. I will add your son and your family to my prayer list. May you find peace in prayer when he's deployed, and may you rejoice in prayer every time he is safely returned to you!!

September 12, 2010


Just a quick message to thank you for your fantastic DVDs. We haven’t finished watching them all yet but what we have put into practice over the past two weeks has turned our dogs into two completely different canines.

Took the dogs out to training class today, it was the first time for my wife’s Golden Retriever pup (4 months old) and she was so focused that she received numerous comments on how well she worked for her age.

My 20 month old Rottweiler has had a two week break while I have been implementing Michael Ellis’ focus work and he has changed like you wouldn’t believe!!! I can walk him in and out of dogs & handlers and his focus was glued to me. What a difference from the lunging dog of two weeks ago!!

We can’t wait to finish watching your DVDs and then rewatch them again to pick up what we missed as there is so much to absorb.

Many thanks for changing our training habits to something that works so well.

It’s so much fun to train when your dogs give you so much in return!!

Thank you thank you!

Gary & Darlene
Xander (Rottie) & Chilli (Golden)

August 30, 2010

Just a short note to let you know how much I like and appreciate your web site. It is so full of information I don't know if I'll ever get through all of it but I'm trying :-).

I'm especially thankful because, much as I'd like to, I'm unable to purchase your DVDs, and I have a GSD that I have a couple problems with but I'm sure we'll be able to work it out just from the available free information.

Again, thank you.

August 30, 2010

I have thoroughly enjoyed your website and am convinced that your program is one of the best. I have a 12 week old Malinois named Max which, with the help of your program, will be a wonderful addition to our family as well as a future SAR partner.

August 30, 2010


Thanks so much for your video work. At this time I am unable to go to Michael's school but need to do training with my dogs. Thank you for your help by providing these videos, and thank you Michael for being willing to do them.

I have learned valuable information re: dogs from every video I have purchased at leerburg and I know my dogs have greatly benefited. They love to learn, thanks to your commitment to doing the best you can for dogs and their owners.

Love the website, your products, your help and am blessed by your streaming videos as well.

Thanks again,
Sharon and Jerry
with Cody, Bindi, Terra (very active terrior mixes)

August 27, 2010

Dear Mr Frawley,

I recently (June 2010) purchased an adorable Terrier / Havoneese cross as a companion.

Muffy has been a wonderfully sweet puppy but we've reached what I can't help but compare to "the terrible twos." What happened to my sweet little gal? Where did my compliant little puppy go?

As much as I believed in fair but tough love with my teens, I desperately needed something similar for my dog. I actually started with your dominant dog five part series and then watched the puppy training last. Although I wouldn't recommend most people go at this backwards as I did - from the first series I could see we were on the same page. Muffy had bit me while playing with her toys - I didn't realize this was prey drive (hell, I didn't even know the word!) and that in the end, it wasn't very funny to get her so worked up - worked up enough that she bit me!

Anyway - I have learned so much and enjoyed your training. You have a real common sense approach that is sadly lacking today.

Thank you again, I will continue to visit and purchase goods from your site.


August 26, 2010

Dear Cindy and Ed:

I have been a Leerburg customer for almost 8 years and have always been amazed at the quality of your website and the products you sell (collars, leashes, sleeves, muzzles, bowls, DVDs, etc.). 

However, my latest purchase, an extra large 2-door powder coated aluminum dog crate, exceeds even my wildest expectations. This product is as much beautiful, durable sculpture as it is a dog crate. I wish I had just gone ahead and bought this 8 years ago, instead of fooling around with the 4 different wire crates I had during this period.

Of course service and delivery time was excellent as well, so please count me as one of your many loyal, satisfied customers. I sincerely appreciate being able to buy these quality products that just aren't available elsewhere. Keep selling the best and telling it like it is!


August 25, 2010

Hi Cindy,
I just wanted to write you, and thank everyone at Leerburg. You have really opened my eyes to living in a happy world with my dog. I feel like I am one of the lucky ones. My little girl is only 11 weeks old, and we still have a lot of time to work with her and prevent so many issues before they ever happen. I stayed up so late last night reading all of the information. Today, Roxy, has been on a leash all day. We conquered a HUGE fear of hers, the stairs. A few hot dogs were harmed in the destruction of that fear, but Roxy was a happier dog at the end of it. She is more than happy to trot along behind me wherever I have gone today. I am not afraid to put her in the crate if I need a break, and we have worked enough. My dog was asking me to be her leader, and now I understand what she was asking.
So again, thank you. So much.

August 18, 2010

Thank you for all the available information and accessories that can help all of us to better understand our puppies and dogs. I look forward to my order arriving so I may begin the Marker Training. I think all men should go through the marker training that Cindy did with Ed!! Too funny, but very accurate as to how a dog must perceive this new technique!! I have followed your web site articles, and thank you Cindy for replying to my many an e-mail!


August 17, 2010

I just had to say I am very much satisfied with all my products! The leashes are like nothing I could find! And even the toys are great Quality! My dog loves the Everlasting Fire Plug and the Orbee Cosmo!

I’ve got 12 DVDs so far and there so many others I still need to get! I love the way you add humor into your videos, I loved the choking on the packing peanuts and when you talk about testing the range of the e-collar too funny! You make it easy to understand, I would like very much to become a Pro. Dog Trainer and I think your videos are a great help getting me there!

Anyways keep up the good work and thanks for sharing the wisdom!

August 17, 2010

I really want to thank everyone at Leerburg. I get complements on my pup and my handler skills at the club, which are due to all the products and info I have gotten from Leerburg, including reassurance from Cindy when I was at my wits end with my high drive pup. I have read nearly all the free articles and have 8 DVDs...The first time I worked OB at the club, the Asst. Training Director asked you learned all that from reading and watching videos? So thank you Ed and Cindy and all the support staff for all you do... Much of it for free!!


August 16, 2010

Thank you for always being the reliable place I go to get anything I need for my dog training business! I love the reviews so I don't have to waste my money trying out everything and then not liking it. I have always agreed with yours!


August 12, 2010

Dear Cindy and Ed, 

As I have written several (million) times and received excellent advice every time, you may know my story. I had a young GSD that at ten months became a monster. We were asked to leave training at our local kennel club and I spent months trying to find help for me and the dog. She was dog aggressive,  people aggressive,  impossible to walk, except on deserted streets and if I had to take her to the vet she had to have a muzzle or given a sedative depending on how much hands on were needed. She was hurt, needed stitches and had to be put under. I tried Caesar's  way, rolls and all, I got bit. I found that I was yelling at the dog constantly and things just got worse. I hired an expensive trainer who never even got the dog to sit, but he wanted me to leave her there for a month.  He said more dogs were ruined from shock collars than he could count. I was advised to have the dog euthanize by more than one "professional." I felt like a complete failure and cried but then I accidentally found your website. I started with pack leadership, went on to dealing with dominant aggressive dogs and moved right through E collars and beyond. My dogs (I got another) are complimented all the time on their good behavior. They are off leash where ever they can be. I have the Dogtra gold with two collars. When I get the collars out my dogs get so excited it is a mad house here. I put them on but never have to use the shock and only occasionally the vibrate. We go to a local playground with access to a large creek, the dogs swim, play and explore. One day it was just us,  then adults and children came till there were about 25 bodies running around screaming and sliding swinging and climbing. The dogs acted like there was not one other person there, the focus was always on me and/or the toy. One gentleman walker in our small town watched me walk back and forth in front of the same house over and over and inquired "What are we training today?" We were ignoring a barking dog and my girl also ignored the walker. My dogs and I now have a really great reputation in town and people have started asking me for advise and I ALWAYS give you guys the credit and refer them to your website. My vet can now examine and even take blood from my dog. As a matter of fact she asked me about the collars and intended to get some for her dogs. I was really proud when she told another vet we needed to see for surgery, that the dog might act up, but don't worry I was an excellent handler and it wouldn't be a problem. Thank you so much for all you have taught me. Those that call your methods cruel should have been there when I was told to have the dog put down. 


August 12, 2010

Mr. Frawley,

I will keep this short, but I want to commend you on your patience and could not keep from emailing you on it any longer.

I have spent 8 years in my law enforcement career and each day reaffirms for me the stupidity and ignorance that is present in the human race. Granted it isn't everyone, but the ones who show their faces more than make a convincing argument to the contrary. Today (days off) I was particularly bored and realized after receiving your email newsletter (which I love) that I hadn't been to your site in a while, and so I clicked the link. Don't ask why I went to your Dumb and Dumber, Emails that make me mad and Emails that make me laugh pages, but I did. Apparently, I am not satisfied with the daily ignorance that I encounter! I know you receive hundreds of emails and have only picked a select few, but your patience is remarkable to me. I read, read some more, and continually shake my head in wonder and outright anger at the people you entertain. My hat is off to you sir!

Keep up the wonderful work you do in education and educating those who truly are open to the correct way to live with and shape the lives of the dogs they choose to own AND love. I hope you don't mind I have enclosed a photo of my girl Bristol, and she is truly a joy to me. She is 9 mo old, spayed, and though I am biased, the ideal Pit Bull dog. She has learned manners from the start (including crate training and leash work), travels (closely supervised) with me, and knows her 'place' in human society. She does test me, but I expect that and so her training is continual and fair. I will probably never do more with her than have her as an ideal companion dog, but I am committed to the end that she will be socially acceptable as a DOG not identified solely as a Pit Bull, as that is simply a breed and a set of traits that directs the course of a proper training regimen.

Enough from me, this has been longer than I intended. Thank you again for your hard work and unending patience.

dog dog

August 11, 2010

Thank you for your site. This is the type of no nonsense dog training I grew up with. But you also learned from your mistakes and you humbly pass the knowledge on to others. The information you give makes me think about what I do with my pup and the repercussions.


August 10, 2010

Dear Cindy & Ed,

Love you newsletters, website, products, and streaming videos. Thank you for sharing so much with so many.

Bright Blessings,

August 9, 2010

This is my second dominant collar I am purchasing. I love it and it does great with my shep/lab mix, he is 20 months old and full of energy all 85 pounds of him. The first collar somehow ended up with a bunched up knot near the ring. My guess is my wrongful pulling on him too much, or it was also 1 inch too big on him. I also purchased the remote collar from your company many months ago, I am very nervous to use it on him again since I once use it on the highest setting by accident and he yelp and I haven't tried it again. I love your website and I am learning new things how to make Harley a good dog. We still have several issues to address, like getting him to stop running the fence line when anyone walks by, he has jumped the fence once so now we hook him (makes no sense with a fenced in yard) Slow process. Thank you again for this fantastic website for owners like myself!!

August 2, 2010


I just finished watching the video "Teaching Your Puppy to Swim." What a tremendous service to anyone who has ever wondered how to introduce their dog to water and how to teach them to swim. Our Lab pretty much figured it out on her own. Our Yorkshire Terrier puppy is OK with getting about belly deep and then steps back. I had been wondering how to get her past that, and knew I needed to actually get in the water with her. However, I've been unsure as to the process to follow. It appears that proceeding slowly, and patience with the puppy's comfort level is the key. Thanks for your newsletters and the valuable learning information they always contain.


July 26, 2010


Just watched your puppy-swimming video. My you have great patience...

I'm writing to tell you that 9 years ago, I had just brought home a 12 week old GSD from a kennel in CA. Having had fears of a dog drowning in the pool, I emailed Ed. He gave me, via email, step by step instructions. I followed the instructions and soon had a puppy who "owned" the pool. She has owned it for her 9 years. Even when I don't move quickly enough for her she'll flip a frisbee into the pool and go in and retrieve it.

I SO appreciate the wonderful help received. I'm not sure if I'll get another puppy (figure I have a good three or more years with the dog I have now) and I don't think I'll get a puppy in my 80's... maybe adopt an older GSD who just needs a good home. Unfortunately, the shelters are full of them now - too many people can no longer feed them and are dumping them. I cry just thinking about it and wish I had the property, funds, and time to adopt a bunch.

Back to the point: you folks sure do great work. Sharing your knowledge and helping get dogs properly trained. Nothing like a well-trained dog to give joy, companionship, and protection -- mine have scared away a couple of sets of would-be intruders. I live close to the Mexican border here and home invasions are getting to be commonplace. 

Thanks again to Ed for his gracious help teaching my dog to swim 9 years ago.


July 19, 2010

Mr. Frawley,
I just wanted to send a quick e-mail regarding your web site and specifically the hip x-ray article you have written and posted. I just had my two and a half year old GSD, Matsi, x-rayed to ensure she wasn't having major issues with her hips after a few days of sensitivity. I read and re-read your article to ensure I understood what I was going to be looking at. My vet did a great job in getting good pictures. He explained everything and also stated he was sending the x-rays off to K-State for an ortho to look at just to verify. I can say with confidence that I wouldn't have been able to ask the appropriate questions if I hadn't read your article. I was able to instantly see that Byron took good pictures as well as be able to converse with him on what was being presented in the x-ray.  You helped make a stressful situation for me a lot easier since I new what to expect and what to look for ahead of time.

I will be starting Matsi on Salmon Oil/Vitamin E as soon as I get that ordered from you. I talked with Ashley in your office who was extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction with what information to look up as well as what options I had in product and what you used at your kennel. I have purchased product from you for over a year and have always been impressed in the thoughtfulness in what you sell as well as the variety of product as well as information displayed. I have gotten more and more into dog training over the last year and am working with a K9 trainer who trains a lot of the police and sheriff's office personnel and K9's here in Kansas. I can honestly say I wouldn't have excelled in training and understanding without videos and information from your site. I am currently into Tracking and am enjoying that a lot. The K9 trainer that I work with has slowly pushed me into the bite work side of things. So I am rounding out my knowledge nicely.
I wanted to thank you for a great web site, solid information, and extremely helpful personnel.

July 12, 2010


I've been getting your newsletter for about 6 months now and have really enjoyed watching the training videos of you and Rush. Watching your performance at the latest trial was something else though. What really came through to me was the wonderful feeling I got from your dog. He is so focused and HAPPY! He loves his job and is a true credit to his breeding and training. Congratulations.


June 30, 2010

Good afternoon folks.  I just needed to express my thanks to Donna, who picked up the phone at 715-235-6502 and got ME on the other end!  My name is Debra, and I just placed an order for a clear, size 4S Jafco muzzle for our 1 year old Bouvier, Kessie. I've attached a photo of our very precious, very obnoxious puppy, so you can see why we're working so hard on this!

Kessie came to us when she was 5 months old - adorable, untrained, wild and wilful!  All of that we expected; however, she got digestive problems from taking an antibiotic back in February, and for several months she was unable to gain weight. Thank goodness she is better now - still thin, but eating well - she's up to 52 pounds and we're aiming for 65 soon! BUT she keeps getting skin infections on her feet and belly, and we have to put a cone on her to keep her from licking her skin. She doesn't seem to mind the cone, but we are driving to Vancouver mid July, and the cone is too big to allow her to be comfortable in the car! A trainer we know recommended the Jafco muzzle, but we have had a terrible time tracking down someone to help us get the right size, and get it here in a timely manner - it's not available from anyone I can find here in Canada.

Donna was on her way out the door tonight... and then she picked up my call! She was SO kind - very helpful, listened to my woes, helped me get the right size, helped me get an efficient shipping method, and was very reassuring - it was the best phone call I've had in days!! We are expecting to have the muzzle by next Friday, in time to practice (with your training video!) getting Kessie comfortable with wearing the muzzle, before we head out for a two day drive.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Donna was a gem today!  I needed a kind soul to give me advice - and get Kessie a muzzle - and Donna did just that - thank you thank you thank you!!

I've watched your 'marker' training video for getting dogs comfortable with the muzzle - it's my husband's tv viewing tonight - and then we'll be ready (treats in hand) to get delivery next week.

My gratitude for your wonderful customer service,
Debra & Steve


June 18, 2010

Mr. Frawley:

I want to thank you for such a wonderful resource for dog training.  I have a pit/cocker mix who was attacked by another dog when she was only 9 weeks old.  Since then, she had become aggressive, bossy, and very dominate.

She would try to run up stairs, even if it meant dragging me. She would chase cats, squirrels, birds, basically anything that moved. She would chew anything that she could get into her mouth. She would only obey commands when she wanted to. And the most frustrating, she would mark her territory in the house. Needless to say, I was coming to wits end trying to figure out what to do with my once docile puppy.

I took your advice about crating her most of the time and only interacting with her outside the home. I started feeding her only in the create. When I take her out to potty, we go through the drills of her commands, and if she does them, she can stay out. However, if she doesn't, she goes back into the create. When walking up the stairs, she is not allowed to put even one paw on a step ahead of me. If she starts to chase the cats, she goes into the crate immediately. However, a verbal warning that she is about to get into trouble does the trick. She now tells me when she needs to go out to potty.

Last night, she was laying in front of the couch chewing on her bone while the cats were lounging on the back, and I got a peaceful night of movie watching with my son. It was awesome! Thank you.


June 16, 2010

Dear Ed, Cindy and staff,

Thank you sooo very much for your website and all the fabulous pdf/eBook files. I've read so many of them and my brain finally clicked over from "dog owner/lover" to "pack leader." It truly is a new mind paradigm that I finally understand and it really WORKS!!! I'm happy to say that our little rescue dog Muffin is working out with our older Maggie, but only because I'm being the leader and they both understand it. I was so afraid I would have to find Muffin another home, but fortunately not so.

I wish I had found this site and files years ago as I could have been a better pet owner long ago. You are all doing such a tremendous service to dog owners who find your site!!!

Thank you,
Cathy & Rich

June 12, 2010

I would like to thank you for the fast processing and shipping of my two recent orders. It is nice to get such good service. Once again thank you for the great service.


June 8, 2010

I've been a professional obedience trainer for close to 35 years, and have watched just about every training video made by all the top trainers. Michael Ellis is, by far, the finest trainer I've ever seen!!! I can't wait for his newest release. His information and expertise help me with not only my own performance dogs, but also those of my students. Thanks, Michael (and Ed!)! You've elevated training to a new level and to the benefit of dogs and trainers everywhere.


May 28, 2010


I place orders for merchandise over the web many times a year for personal and business purposes. I placed an order on your website late this morning and received confirmation from your office that it already shipped. Most web merchants take their “sweet time” shipping stuff. I want to thank  you and your staff for expeditious  customer service. I am sure that the merchandise I ordered will be of superior quality. 

Thank you again.

May 27, 2010

Just want to add that your information on this site has been no end of help one way and another with our GSD. Thanx so much for being here. There are days when I wished we lived down your way. Your site is the next best thing to it.

Have a happy day from us all on the big Island in B.C.

May 26, 2010

Thank you very much for having such a wonderful website that will help my family and friends years to come.


May 18, 2010

Hallo from Australia! I've been reading your letters for a few years now. All this fabulous help you give to the dog owners! Thank you very much. I believe many dogs have better lives now - after you've  educated some owners. I love dogs, they are such a good companions. 
Keep up what you are doing!


May 18, 2010

I can't stop raving about you!!!

We are enjoying the very detailed and clear, concise help of your videos (Establishing Pack Structure, Obedience, Dealing with Aggressive & Dominant dogs)& dominant dog collar. Between your tools, our awesome Dog Behaviorist and our homework exercises we are getting our 5 year old German Shepherd back!!! How exciting!!!!!

Many Mahalos and blessings to you!!

May 6, 2010

Hey Cindy,

I am not sure if you remember me or not likely not with the volume of questions and stories you guys receive, but awhile back you helped me with my young male Australian Cattle Dog. As soon as you replied I started the groundwork program with him, and I kept at it strongly, it broke him completely of all of his bad habits. I also started the search and rescue training which I had originally planned for him, this gave him a "job" which to me was a life saver in the house. Now instead of running around the house being a little terror, he is working 1-2 sometimes more hours a day with SAR training, and then coming home and being a model citizen. He is really well adapt for SAR, I see a lot of his natural ability and stamina coming through to help him in the long run. We are very close to our certification, and will certainly get it by this fall. It has certainly been a lot of fun for us to this point and we cannot wait to continue with the training, and maybe one day being able to help someone who is in need of it. Once again thank you for carrying all of these wonderful products, from the SAR vest, to the groundwork and aggressive dog DVDs and search and rescue books, to toys like the hol-ee molee, and the great selection of tug toys and teaser balls. All of your products are top notch, the support you guys offer is top notch, without your service I would likely still be at my wits end with Ozzy, rather than enjoying his youth and having a great time learning and exploring together.

I attached some photos of Ozzy. Thank you very much for everything!

-Matt &Ozzy.

May 4, 2010

Just wanted to let you know I received the DVDs, etc. yesterday.  Thanks for the excellent service.
I'd also like to say thank you for all the great info you share on your website.  I have to admit to being a bit addicted to it!
Kind regards,

May 4, 2010

Please let Ed and Cindy know that I consider them to be wonderful trainers! I am always recommending them to other people and this website as well.

April 29, 2010

Hi Ed,

About a month ago, I ordered a bait bag that turned out to be defective, which I reported and was replaced without any questions. I really appreciated hassle free service. Thanks!

I have ordered a number of your products over the last couple years including the Michael Ellis training DVDs. I have found that the Michael Ellis training DVDs show much more detailed instruction than any other that I have seen. They have taught me a new approach to dog training and have made me a better trainer. My dog and I still have a ways to go, but we are enjoying the many complements that we receive from people that witness us training.

I just wanted to express my thanks for the service and tools that you have provided me as a trainer.

Best regards,

April 26, 2010

Thank you for these great videos. I worked previously in Afghanistan and used your training videos with my LN and TCN handlers and found them quite useful. I left contract work and was a Chief of Police for 4 years before returning to defense contract work. My current company is based out TN where I serve as the K-9 Program Manager. We have over 150 CWD teams world wide and feel your videos will be a big plus to in enhancing our training program.

Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to working dogs.

K-9 Program Manager

April 16, 2010

I am a Police K9 Officer here in town, I think your products and videos are a real benefit to all of us, great job!

K9 Officer w/ Belgian Malinois

April 4, 2010

Dear Cindy and Ed,

I wanted to thank you for keeping the video on heat stroke available on your website. I live in Southeastern Wisconsin and we have had some very nice weather here so I took my dog out to play. Long winters and a rare warm spring day lead to a dog whose owner let him overdo play time. When I brought him in he was huffing like a freight train and was warmer than usual. I remembered the information in your newsletter and quickly looked up the video that you made. We applied cool washcloths constantly to his belly and chest and noticed a big difference in about 20 minutes. Maybe I erred on the side of caution but I have no regrets in my actions!!

Thank you ever so much for the information. I’m know in my case it may have been a lifesaver!!

Love your newsletter too!!

Kindest Regards,

April 4, 2010


I wanted to let  you know that I've become a junkie! Finding your site was such a major step in my understanding of how to work with my dogs. I'm not a trainer, but I've had dogs all my life and have even "helped" others with theirs. I liken this discovery to when I discovered people like Clinton Anderson in the horse world.  I have horses, too, and I have owned a wonderful champion Morgan stallion that I used for pleasure and light breeding. When I discovered some good horse educators, my success with my horses escalated quickly and tremendously. Knowledge and understanding are everything when it comes to communicating with these species.

I now expect to have the same experience with my dogs. I'm amazed at the amount of free information you put up on your site, and I'm anxious for the videos I ordered to get here. 

Anyway, all this to say thanks for all the good stuff. Would love to see your work in person some time. Do you ever do seminars in the south?

Best wishes,

April 2, 2010


I've been a trainer for 25 years. I have had German Shepherds literally all my life. I've competed in just about every dog sport there is, and have trained and shown dogs to championships in tracking, herding, obedience, plus more. I became so disgusted at what the "sport" of schutzhund became long ago. I quit cold turkey, and never looked back. Back when I was getting dirty looks for using my clicker & cookies, I would try to explain some of the science of learning to the group of good old boys I would train with, to no avail. I couldn't bare seeing fine dogs being tortured by unfair training methods used by incompetent, ignorant handlers with very poor skills that were unwilling to learn anything new. "That's the way we have always done it," was a commonly heard comment.

Over the years, I've taught hundreds of students, "better" ways to train enthusiastic, accurate, focused, reliable dogs, in AKC obedience. I've written for dog magazines like front and finish and the AKC gazette, given seminars, and made a living teaching private lessons. I don't keep up with any of the protection type dog sports anymore at all. I have never heard of Michael Ellis, so I don't know what made me order these DVDs from you,  but I did, and boy am I glad I did! I have to say. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!  for producing these DVDs! I hope you sell a million of them! :) On these DVDs, not only is Michael using sound scientific principles of learning, he is delivering the information in a very clear, comprehensive, organized, thoughtful manner. It is obvious he has a deep understanding and a ton of experience in what he is teaching. Which is the hallmark of a great teacher, but very rare indeed! In working with the handlers, he is not missing a thing. What a valuable source of information!

I do also love how you edit the DVDs to point out reviews, comments or step by step points with text on the screen. These DVDs are a true asset to ANYONE who trains dogs, no matter what sport it is!  I will be recommending them to all my students. Bravo!

PS-The video of Cindy and Rush actually brought a tear to my eye, knowing that there really is good protection type training going on out there, might just motivate me to dig out some of my old bite work equipment. :) I'm not that far from Wisconsin ;)

Thanks again!

April 2, 2010

We had a dog trainer lend us your video on aggressive & dominant dogs and he referred us to your website. Last week we purchased your pack order and basic obedience videos and they are great! Thank you for saving our dog--we knew the issue was us, we just didn't know what to do about it before. Wish us luck.

March 30, 2010

Hello Mr. Frawley,  

I had to write to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the video on the newsletter I read this morning. It was about increasing speed in performance exercises. INCREDIBLE!!! More! More! More! I love the 'out of the box' thinking of Michael Ellis, and I love that you are capturing it on tape for all to see. You have made my job easier with my girls, and I wanted to thank you... without your site and insight I would have sent my first working dobe back to the breeder.... You have made her understandable to me. So much so, that I now have a second working dobe. I thank you.


March 29, 2010

Dear Ed and Cindy,

Ever since we read your eBooks and studied the videos we ordered our relationship with our strong minded standard poodle puppy improved. Above all we learned, and continue to learn, to be pack leaders. The term pack leader is used in obedience classes but never actually taught. Pack leadership and all the benefits of crate training should be the first and most important concepts explained in simple practical exercises to the new puppy/dog owner. Thank you for putting responsible dog ownership in perspective and for all the excellent explanations we have read and continue to read on your website and in your newsletters - which we love. We also love the quality of your training equipment.

Robin & Raleigh

March 29, 2010

Hi Cindy,

I just read the awesome news about you and Rush at the Mondioring National event! I am so proud of both of you. You do not know me but I have been following your training of Rush thru the videos on the Leerburg site.

I have purchased doggie items, videos etc over the years from Leerburg and keep up w/events, vicariously, thru the wonderful website that you and Ed provide.

Hat’s Off to Rush (I wished I could be there in June to see him live) and to you for your dedication, perseverance, determination and love for animals. I respect your approach to training and really admire you. You make woman all over the world think they can achieve their goals.

All the Best,

March 27, 2010

Thank you so much for making sense of how dogs minds *work* and how we can better communicate with them and establish the right relationships with them, for their betterment and ours.

March 17, 2010


I just want to thank you. I received my package about 2 weeks ago.

The leather leads are absolutely lovely so soft and supple to use.

I also have to thank everyone for the dominant collar, and all of the information on the site on how to use it. In the short time I have had it there has been a marked improvement in my handling and the dogs response to this.

Bruce, dog, is great with everything EXCEPT other dogs!!! We have been to training, you name it, and I must admit we have had great improvement but this collar is brilliant. This morning we walked past four dogs, Bruce was focused on them but the intensity was not there and with a quick correction he focused back on me, a couple of weeks ago we would have been constantly tugging and pulling to even great a slight response.

So again thank you very much.

I will be looking at the next things I can purchase off the site!!!

Again can you please pass on my thanks to everyone for the great products and fantastic service


March 15, 2010

Dear Cindy,

Per your advice I have now watched all 3 training videos and have begun pack structure training  with my 4 (formerly) unruly dogs.  Establishing Pack Structure, Dealing with Dominant & Aggressive dogs, & Basic Dog Obedience.  Still in crates 24/7 with walks plus short groomings.  I am using this time to re-watch videos and read about markers.

I used to feel guilty leaving them in their crates and now realize what a lot of wasted emotion that was when I see the results of this structured training.  

Anyways, they are calmer in their crates  and walks are now a pleasure for me.  I did order 2 more prong collars for the smaller dogs, already have one with the aggressive Aussie (who only requires a 2 or 3 correction to mind).  

Anyways, thanks.

Mary Beth

March 15, 2010

I am new to dog training and as such have done considerable research and spoken to many individuals on the topic; many of whom proclaim to be professional trainers. The Michael Ellis video series has provided by far the most informative and insightful methods into dog training that I have come across. Michael's enthusiasm for the subject is readily apparent along with his uncanny ability to break down even the most complex concepts into a format that is easy to understand. The videos contain a treasure trove of information and have helped me build a clear and consistent method of communication between me and my dog. I would recommend the entire series to anyone who is interested in building a better bond with their dog or is serious about competition training. Keep up the good work and thank you to Leerburg and Michael!


March 10, 2010

Thank you very much for your speedy delivery on my order, me and Ozzy my pup love the products. Thank you so much for being the best out there.

I will be coming back again, I am sold on the quality of your products, after 2 orders with you.

-Matt (And Ozzy)

March 9, 2010


I wanted to let you know I did received my Michael Ellis DVD replacement. I know by now you are tired of me telling you how much I appreciate your customer service but I feel the need to speak specifically about Stephanie.

She is outstanding. Her professionalism, timeliness and attention to detail is indicative of everything your company represents. Whenever I have had a question, comment or concern, be it on the phone or in an email, she has always been there with a diligence and courtesy that reflects so well on her and the company as a whole. It goes without saying that this is what is missing in so many businesses today and is what has and will continue to make me a devoted customer. Keep up the great work!


March 6, 2010

I have really enjoyed your website and the wealth of info on it. We just had our first litter of boxers and everyone that purchased a puppy from us I told them to go to your website and purchase your pack structure and puppy 8 weeks to 8 months. Because what they do as a dog owner now will reflect when they mature. This way you don't have to spend the next 8 years trying to correct poor training.

Also we used the puppy milk recipe - our vet wasn't happy about it but when our pups went back in for their 7 week check and health certificate - she ate her words - said we had very strong healthy puppy. Two of them lived because we use the formula on your site. God Bless you - you have touch many peoples lives in very positive ways.

February 26, 2010

You're the BEST Leerburg! Please Keep Ed, Cindy and Michael videos coming! Love the examples of what not to do so we can see what it looks like when its wrong! I think any of us would be willing to be filmed doing it wrong in order to teach others how to do it right! I film myself and giggle while writing down how to get better next time.

When will you be selling Malinois Cindy?????... I'd love a baby Rush :)

February 19, 2010

Dear Mr. Frawley:

We have had problems with our Great Pyrenees and a trainer who's been working with us recommended we visit your web site. We did and have ordered some items that our trainer suggested we needed. We also ordered two videos - one on dominant & aggressive dogs and pack structure. We received them today and my husband and I watched one of them this evening. I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed the pack structure video. We've been doing so much wrong that it's absolutely shameful. I've had dogs since I was a young kid and since married, we've had two Old English Sheep Dogs, a Newfoundland, a Leonberger, and now two Great Pyrenees. I thought I knew how to train a dog, but I was wrong. Your approach is just so great! Noah, our male, we purchased as a puppy from a breeder in northern Wisconsin.

Jazzy (Jasmine), our female is from Indianapolis Great Pyrenees Rescue and we got her at six months old. Noah at the time was six months old when we got Jazzy and we took him with us and he picked her out. He didn't like any of the other females, only Jazzy, so she came home with us.

As my husband and I were watching the video on pack structure this evening, we just kept looking at one another saying, "Well, we screwed up there." "Oops, we screwed up again!" It was quite an eye opener, to say the least.

We are so very pleased to have the videos and will watch the other one on aggressive and dominant dogs tomorrow. I just wanted you to know that it is very comforting to have the video and ACTUALLY see how to overcome problems.

We have taken Noah to puppy school and intermediate training. When we got Jazzy, we took them both to training with a different trainer. Then we started having problems with Noah and biting and since our trainer said we should put him down, nobody would fault us for it, I just had to find another trainer. I figured that we have to give Noah every chance since I was sure it was something we had done wrong in our training. He's an extremely stubborn dog and we had never had to deal with a stubborn dog before. James, the trainer we have now is very good and trains dogs for protection, sniffer dogs, police K-9 dogs, so he knows how to handle aggressive dogs - and Noah has become aggressive. He's bit my husband twice and he bit me once when I startled him stepping over him - ANOTHER mistake I've done! He just nipped me, but he really bit my husband big time! It broke our hearts, to tell you the truth. After seeing your video on pack structure, we both realize that we've made so many errors with Noah. We don't want to put Noah down!!! Your videos are going to save us - thank God!!! We really love Noah and he's normally a love-bug, but he has had his moments, and that's putting it nicely.

In any case, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your training method is so wonderful! I know we'll be successful. Between your videos and James from K-9 Companion, I'm sure things are going to work out great because my husband and I are going to do exactly what your videos say to do.

It just makes perfect sense and seeing it in video form makes it so convenient for referring back to what we're suppose to do. When we have a session with James, we forget so much of what he's told us, but now with your videos, we can always have a reference to turn to. James training is very much the same as yours.

I also wanted to thank you for replacing the dominant dog collar that was frayed after we used it once. It came today with the videos and prong extensions for our e-collar. Thank you so much! I've joined your forum this evening, so I'm looking forward to learning more! Take good care!!!


February 19, 2010

This forum has been fantastic, terrific, fun. Thank you for all you have given to me, its been a resurrection of my connection with dogs, almost lost after a life of large animal work and some health/family losses and discouraging life events. I feel I have recaptured, somehow, who I am, who I WAS. The impact can't be overstated.


February 15, 2010

Just found you guys online & am thrilled -- you're the only dog experts who are not about the big bucks and are willing to share bazillion pages of wisdom with us at no cost.

I'm excited to help our sweet 4 month old (messed-up from 3 shelters) lab pup find confidence in herself in our loving home!


February 10, 2010

I would like to let you know that we have received the package today in good order! The added charge indeed appeared to be due to Dutch import taxes.

The padded therapy dog vests look absolutely fabulous. We represent a Dutch foundation working with therapy dogs and will, when needed, not hesitate to place orders with Leerburg Enterprises again in the near future!


February 10, 2010

The order arrived today perfect, as usual.

Thanks a lot to you all for your seriousness and reliability.

It is a pleasure to buy from your company.

My best regards.

Canary Islands

February 8, 2010

We just got our 5th GSD puppy after losing our beloved Sundance last year. Sundance was the absolute best GSD we ever had despite some puppy problems which I had never had with our previous shepherds. I called the breeder for some help, left a message with a family member, she never returned my call & when I tried calling her again, I got messages saying that our number was blocked. I was hurt and angry as I had trusted her to be a good breeder. I used information on your website Mr. Frawley, to find the answers I needed. Your information helped so much with Sundance and I decided that I would use your DVDs with our new puppy Dakota! Who knows how wonderful he will turn out! :-) A belated thank you for the help back in 2000!


February 6, 2010

Dear Ashley,

FYI, this was my first order from your organization (I am not a pro trainer just a hobbyist) and I have just finished viewing all the material and my pup and I have played with the products. I would like to commend you all (staff) on the service provided and quality of the products. I have made space on my DVD shelf in order to to build up my Leerburg collection and will certainly be placing further orders in the very near future. Please pass my thanks on to whoever else handled my order and let them know they have gained my trust, appreciation and Ed has gained my respect, I think he deserves a medal for the great work he does.


February 1, 2010

Dear Leerburg team,

Congratulations on a flawless transaction. I have purchased several items from overseas vendors and in the main I have had no complaints. However, I have never had such precise service. The UPS tracking system was up to date at all times. The predicted delivery date of 02.02.2010 seemed unrealistic, but as I watched the parcel's progression from America to South Africa I could not believe the efficiency with which it was moved. Well done and thank you very much for all the help you have given me. With the Bernese Mountain Dogs in the past and recently, the Samoyed. I can't wait to watch the training DVDs. I will let you know when he achieves obedience championship status as he deserves to do and will manage with your help.
Thank you!

Kind regards,

January 30, 2010

I am close to finished reading all the free eBooks. Thank you so much for all of the good free info, as we wait for our boy. I too now wonder how much better the relationship I might have had with my wonderful Marley, who was a wonderful best buddy for 14 years, had I not done the yank and crank. Thanks to you and Michael Ellis, I will not do such injustice to my new friend as he learns what I want him to do... and I THOUGHT I understood dogs, yet missed something so simple.


January 24, 2010

Dear Ed,

Up to now I've been a "lurker" learning what I can from your articles and discussion board. 

I'm 66 and have an 18 month old German/Schutzhund line GSD female named Ava. I've had Ava since she was 8 mos. She's not my first GSD but my first working line that wasn't already trained. Having her has been a challenge as I'm not too steady on my feet with arthritis and spinal issues. 

I was one that thought a prong collar was a cruel tool for people who didn't have the patience to train the "right" way. I've learned from you, Ed, a prong collar is best for me because I want to do my own training and there's absolutely nothing cruel about it when used properly.       

However, I've had another unsolvable problem I've never had with a dog in the past. I couldn't eliminate her dangerous habit of jumping on me after us being separated for any period of time. I tried all the ol' tried and true methods and none worked with her. Turning my back to her, a knee to the chest, a pop (as hard as I could pop) with the prong or stepping on her back feet fazed her not at all.  

I didn't want to give up on Ava. I believed using an E collar was a "cruel method" because I had no idea of the proper way to use it. After reading your thoughts on them I decided it was to be my last attempt.  If it didn't work she'd have to go back to the breeder because I couldn't chance being knocked to the ground. I purchased a Dogtra 1900NCP along with your video on how to use it properly. 

I watched the entire video at least 4 times to be sure I wouldn't make any mistakes making matters worse. I followed your directions to the last letter. After conditioning it took quite a few "lessons" as she's a tough cookie. She definitely falls into your "hard dog" category.  Problem now solved, thank you very much!

Taking your advice I've only used it for that one issue. Now I'll move on to proofing her on her recall which she understands perfectly yet now and then chooses to ignore my "Here" command.       

I ordered the Cinch-It Collar with the Dogtra but hadn't used it up until now. Yesterday my husband attached it for me. I should have used it sooner. It's an awesome addition to the Dogtra making it easier to take on and off, much simpler to adjust and as an added benefit it looks better without all the extra bulk.   

So, I'm writing to thank you for your web site where I've learned MUCH. For teaching me the benefits of using a prong and an E collar which saved me from returning a wonderful dog. And, for making the Cinch-It available for the super convenience. 


January 21, 2010

By the way, we LOVE the DVDs we ordered last month. They have ALREADY completely changed our lives.


January 18, 2010

I purchased the Your Puppy 8 weeks to 8 Months video last week and was so impressed I had to order the other two (Basic Dog Obedience & Pack Structure) videos this week! I am bringing my first dog home on Saturday and feel much better prepared after watching your videos and listening to your podcasts. Thanks.


January 14, 2010

Hi Cindy,

I love the Leerburg site, and constantly refer people to it when they complement my dog's obedience and training. Anyway, here a a couple shots of my dog at play over our family holiday. It was her first time playing in the snow. She loved it. Hope you enjoy.

Thank You,

Dog Dog

January 8, 2010

Dear Cindy,

I want to take this email to just thank you so much for always answering my questions no matter how dumb they may be! We have always been cat people but now also have 2 dogs which are quite a challenge but you and the website have been so helpful in so many ways.

Thanks especially for this great new offer of the newest 3 DVDs plus free shipping anywhere! Wow, I have been wanting all of them but not thinking I could afford them with shipping to Romania. I very much look forward to receiving them and continuing my education on dog training. I'm sure my girls will also appreciate my further efforts in learning how to better control them. There is great improvement but still much more desired by me. I always look forward to the newsletters and thank you again for the great work you are doing.


January 7, 2010

Hi Cindy (and Ed),

I would like to say that I think you both provide an amazing service to thousands (maybe more?) people like myself who really want to do the best for their dog, and are willing to learn from someone with experience like yours.

We purchased a German Shorthaired Pointer in December 2008.  We did a lot of research on the breed before choosing her so are very happy with our decision. A good friend of ours recommended your website and training DVDs and I will be forever grateful to her. I have spent many hours on your website (trying to stay one step ahead of the puppy!), and purchased 2 of your DVDs.

Because of your advice, Ginger was crate trained from the day we got her, fully toilet trained by 5 months, never chewed anything in the house (she was always in her crate or tied to one of us so didn't have the opportunity), and is on a raw diet. She couldn't be healthier. She is obedient, loyal, and an absolute joy to have around. I will be desexing her but have let her go through puberty as I wanted her to develop naturally. We use marker training with her and she responds very well to this.

Thank you again for being so available, and for caring about the welfare of so many dogs. 

I have attached a picture of Ginger :-)

Best Wishes,

January 7, 2010

Love your products! I am a multi-time repeat customer and I recommend your website to all my puppy owners and obedience clients! Keep up the good work and THANK YOU!

January 5, 2010

Thanks to Ed and Leerburg -- I keep coming back to you for resources to assist me in working with my pound pup, who exhibits fear biter behaviors. As we contemplate moving in a few months from rural NH to Martha's Vineyard, I know she and I need to be ready for a more dense population. I look forward to working with the wire muzzle and the Dominant Dog DVD, in addition to the Basic Obedience, which I already own. Again, thank you for helping me keep everyone safe.

January 4, 2009

I have purchased 3 of your videos, Basic Dog Obedience, Pack Structure, Dominant & Aggressive Dogs. Even though I have had dogs all my life I have learned so much from watching these videos. I also enjoy you news letters.

December 29, 2009

Dear Mr. Frawley,

I am writing to thank you for your informative and precise approach to dog training. One year ago I purchased a female Belgian Malinois puppy that I named Madeline. I made this leap after years of research and months of planning. I first saw a Malinois in action during my time in the military and knew one day if the circumstances were right I would bring one into my life. I have to tell you I was forewarned by breeders and Veterinarians alike that this was a difficult breed to live with and I had better be prepared. Leading up to obtaining Madeline my anxiety increased and I had my doubts. I had lived with dogs before but had never attempted to train one. I found your site while researching and immediately became addicted to the forums. As each day passed I became increasingly more confident in my ability to handle this breed. I ordered your Pack Structure and Basic Obedience videos and began my education. I researched many different approaches to training and although most had merit I felt your approach was what I needed for my puppy. Madeline arrived at eight weeks and immediately was I glad I had found your site. From day one nothing seem to faze this pup. She was bold, fearless, hardheaded, and full of energy from the moment she came into my life. I started with your philosophy on Pack Structure and gave her a couple of weeks to get used to her environment (actually took about 24 hours) and began basic training with toys and treats. The most helpful bit of advice by far was the use of a crate. It not only provided a safe place but controlled and solidified potty training. To this day Madeline has NEVER used the bathroom in our house. She did have a few accidents on our porch where she was kept early on but these were entirely my fault. The monthly age rule on bowel and bladder control is right on. At eight months she could sleep all night in her crate without going out. When Madeline was eight months she started to ignore the basic commands she had learned and no amount of treat or toy reward would keep her consistent. We live on a small farm here in the Ozarks and she had claimed it all her own. She was still on lead at this time and although I did a lot of long lead training she still ignored recall more often than not. She also pulled on her lead like a freight train. Very frustrating. If I lost my cool she immediately sensed it and misbehaved more. I will never claim I know dogs well but at this point I knew Madeline had my number. I once again turned to your website and purchased the E-Collar DVD and a Dogtra collar as well as a prong collar. I have made a lot of good decisions in my life but nothing compares to this one for results (okay, maybe my marriage). The prong collar worked immediately both to eliminate pulling and administer corrections. This dog is so smart that pulling ceased and corrections were minimal within a couple of weeks. I utilized your instructions daily and began E-Collar training for recall and guarding precious goodies out on our farm. These were our trouble areas. I had read a ton of negative articles on stim training and was somewhat apprehensive at first. Through trial and error I found her stim sweet spot and began. I must say that concerning my Malinois the sweet and nice, no e-stim crowd could not have been more wrong. Not only has this training resulted in more consistent behavior it has made us closer than ever. My mood has improved thus my dogs mood has improved. She now gets really excited about going out to train (without treats or toys) and does so just to get it right. She does not outwardly show reaction to praise, just wants to get on with the next task and is all business when on a mission. Incredible! When I tell people she is obedient 50-75% of the time they scoff and tell me they experience 75-90%. I have no problem telling them that the Leerburg difference is that my dogs response is lightning fast and with emphasis. When she is on she looks in my eyes in anticipation and responds with purpose. No lollygagging around or sniffing the ground a few times before compliance. I am down to just the pager function for most situations at this time. The mistakes that are made are usually my fault and without your help I would not have recognized them. We are currently working exclusively on distractions around the farm and in public. I am glad we went the ignore other dogs and very little hands on from strangers approach. I don't sniff butts or approach many people and she has picked up on this. She will ignore other dogs for the most part and will not approach strangers without permission. I could not be happier with her improvements at this point. I can only imagine the future if she continues to show me her willingness to learn. Your advice on toys has been a great exercise in gaining trust. From day one I have controlled all access to toys and boy has it paid off. She will wait at the toy box and only proceed with permission. She will return her toys to the box when told. Incredible! This has helped immensely with counter surfing and guarding objects she has found around our farm. She has actually looked at me before mouthing something and if it is okay I will let her have it. This has become somewhat of a game and in the house it has eased a lot of tensions. Most of the time with training toys or treats are not necessary. She will be so focused that once she learns what I want she will continue the task until she knows it is just right. All business at times and I love it. I look forward to the future and with your training and advice as well as your readers on the forum I know Madeline will become the dog I have always wanted. Thank you Mr. Frawley and may your business flourish. I know I will be a customer for life.



December 25, 2009

I know that it is you combined effort that made it possible to get my last order in for Christmas. I would have never believed that it may come in time and my daughters thank you for it. We had Christmas with their two dogs in Harness, biting the new Bite Sleeve. The dogs love the work and my daughters don't get blue arms anymore ;) ( they used to wrap their arms with towels & blankets).

Thank you all so much and Have a great Christmas and a Happy new Year!

Thank you,

December 17, 2009

I have a shep/lab mix dog that is a year old. For the first time he jumped my 4 foot fence and ran through the neighborhood. He is about 85-90 lbs and he has been though one training session, and knows some basic commands. Right now he is very defiant and listens when he wants to, He scares the kids from inside the fenced area while barking, his hair standing straight up on his back. I hope these videos and collar will give us a better understanding on how to help Harley with having a better behavior inside and outside the house. I love this website, I wish I knew about it sooner!!


December 17, 2009

Just a word to let you know that your service is very good. I can find all the objects you sell over here in Europe but not all in the same place and in many cases, the service does not include sale over the Internet with a credit card, often requiring bank transfer, or the sites are down. So keep up the good work.


December 14, 2009

Dear Folks,

Thank you so very much for my last order. You shipped with USPS on Friday, and I got it on Monday! My previous UPS order took 9 days to get here!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


December 8, 2009

Don't know if you will remember but I emailed yesterday about a problem with a DVD… and wanted to let you know that the DVD works perfectly in the computer… so thank you! I listened to the entire Pack Structure one last night and all I could think was "Wow! This guy is terrific! AND I wish I could stand outside of the shelters and play this! Especially the part about kids and pets." What you do is truly amazing! Wish I were closer… I'd apply for a job!!!

So thank you again and Merry Christmas!


December 8, 2009


Loved your new puppy. You will surely have lots of fun training him....

Watched your new TUG VIDEO WITH MICHAEL and it is GREAT... In fact it is SUPER GREAT...
I feel like someone let me sneak in the back door of the "inner circle club" of top trainers..... 

So many useful topics... Topics that no one ever tells you... Like how to stand and Capping, etc... You and Michael should get an award for this one... It is so informative, especially for the "nubie" sport person... WOW... It's the best Christmas present I could give ME...

My goal is that someday when you film,  I WILL BE DOING THE RIGHT THING... :)

See you in Feb.


December 7, 2009


I wrote you several weeks ago for advice on our Doberman puppy, Lily, with whom we were having issues. I wanted to follow up to let you know that we've really stuck to the advice you gave and have made great strides with her! We've been working everyday with the clicker, which she caught on to very quickly, and I've changed tactics at play time to focus her attention on me, instead of away from me. She is allowed an hour inside the house at night of "free time," but she is still on her leash and must lie down by my chair and be calm, we are building on that time slowly. Not only are we happier with her, but she seems to be a happier, more well adjusted pup. She seems to really respond to the structure and routine we have established.

Thanks so much for your advice, it's truly refreshing that you answer these questions and offer so much information, it's what sets you apart! Merry Christmas and Blessings to you and yours!


December 7, 2009

Good Morning:

Absolutely fantastic service as always. Thank you very much - This is Dec.7th and no exaggeration - UPS delivered my parcel today!!!!! Normally, (as I live in a rural area outside of the Town) UPS only drops parcels off at a little video store outlet) - this time UPS brought it to the door (that's why I am so surprised)!  I will enjoy the video and other items - and the video will be added to the other Leerburg videos I have already. I watch them all the time!!

Thank you again - it is nice there is a company with honesty and integrity left in this day and age. Please thank Mr. Frawley - and hope he's recovering well - and tell him I hope he's dancing by New Year's!

Again your knowledge and services are appreciated from far away.


December 2, 2009

Just would like to wish everyone at Leerburg, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Also, I just love your website, and all the things you carry, thanks for all you do!


November 30, 2009

Thank you so very much for offering free podcasts. We love our German Shepard and want to do right by her. But we are on a budget these days and it is rough to keep up. She eats better than we do! But that's ok because when we bought her things were different (or we, wisely, wouldn't have); now we are happy to keep up with our responsibility toward her and are so very grateful for your help.

Best Regards,

November 4, 2009

Love all your products. You continue to provide fun and exciting toys and treats for my dogs, and very helpful and educational item for us all.

Thank You,

November 2, 2009

Just want the Leerburg crew to know, that I really appreciate the care and love that goes into all you guys/gals do for not just your dogs but your clients care as well. It is very comforting to have such a volume of knowledge to draw from and the amazing feedback on answering all the emails.... I am praying hard that the door opens to attend Michael's school soon, until then I am so glad for the videos you are producing, it has been very motivating and been building my own drive as a work in progress dog trainer...


October 31, 2009


I have written you several times about my GSD and the distraction problems I have with him away from home. I have trained akc for a good while and have talked to many people about the problem, but no one had the answer. I would like to thank you for your advice because you were right!!! It seems very simple but everyone missed it, including me but I am totally green. Thanks again. You said the pay back did not have a high enough value and were you right. We went to a parking lot this morning with a fire truck starting up right next door but he ran out got his dumbbell and returned!!!  I can't believe it.

Thanks a lot,
Roz, from Memphis

October 16, 2009

Thank you so much for being so helpful. As promised, the wire muzzle arrive this afternoon at 4pm AZ time via UPS.

Ordered online in the evening of Oct 10 (Saturday) and the following day Oct 11 (Sunday) you e-mailed me to recommend another wire muzzle that would fit best based on my dog measurements. Then Oct 12 (Monday) was a holiday (Columbus Day), yet Leerburg processed it so quickly, it would arrive this Friday (Oct 16).

NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL SERVICE!! This is the reason why I am a returning customer.


PS....Fits nicely and my dog has room to pant.  He has accepted it without much trouble.

Muzzle Photo

October 9, 2009

Hey there,

Just wanted to say thank you again for all the helpful advice and products we have received from your site.  We did all the dog training DVDs that are not for working dogs, we have an everlasting treat ball that is the ONLY toy my dog can't kill, we use stall matt in the kennel and crates (which is also the ONLY material he doesn't kill) and we use a dominant dog collar as a basic collar as it is the ONLY collar that stays in place. We never have to use a hard correction on him, just a slight tug and "uh uh" and he stops doing whatever it is he's doing.

We take him out walking twice daily and work with him during the day and at 10 months he is the envy of the neighborhood. People are constantly asking what school he went to or who his trainer was. Since we got him at 9 weeks we have only had 2 weeks where we were at our wits end, but we stayed consistent with his training and got good advice and it passed.

He now knows over 30 commands, naturally walks at a heel and will come when we call him even when he is chasing something, he is also learning tracking training and is enjoying that immensely.  A local dog trainer met him and said hands down he was THE best socialized dog she had ever met in all her years of training and even put it in writing. She also was impressed how consistent our training was because she also said he was one of the highest drive dogs she had ever seen and would be destructive if he wasn't exercised or worked as much as he is.  Thankfully we back onto huge wilderness!

We used your socialization and neutralization techniques to have him comfortable around people, dogs, and all kinds of places. He can be chewing a bone or toy and a kid will walk by and he just wags his tail and ignores them otherwise. We also visited the vet office and grounds before he got neutered and he acted like it was just another day even after his surgery, and he still LOVES to visit the vet. My lawn is clean and free of dog poop and pee as Kye has his spot at the back fence and NEVER goes on the lawn. He also doesn't mark anywhere but his spot.

We use Zukes for training and my dog would turn himself inside out for one of those if he could, it is amazing what a dog will learn when motivated properly. If our dog is this good at 10 months we can't wait to see what he is at 2  years.

Thanks again,
The Terniers

Here is a picture of Kye waiting for the command to take his toy, he will wait for however long we ask without moving until we say "ok, take your toy."


October 8, 2009

Hey Ed,

I'm always asking you questions about this, that and the other, but I don't think I've ever taken the time to thank you and Cindy for all the help that you've given me over the years. So maybe this picture and story will be enough to let you both know how much sharing your knowledge helps people like me every day. The picture that I sent is a picture of my Chihuahua, Bucatini. She is the only survivor of a litter of puppies that we had 8 months ago. They were born seven days too early and she was the only one who had the will and the fight to live. We ended up bottle feeding her not because the Mom wouldn't, but because she was so little that she couldn't latch on well enough. She did get the colostrom. but after that we used your formula. She went down to 2-1/4 ounces before she started gaining weight, and she's still small, but she's healthy as a horse. You'd think that the story would end there, but it doesn't. After years of wanting to switch to the raw diet that you recommend, but being afraid, I finally made the jump. I had one dog who is 12 and of course Buca who wouldn't eat like she should for being so small. We'll because of them I finally got up the guts to try it. Now all my dogs can hardly wait to eat, Buca now weighs a whopping 3 pounds 12 ounces. My Lab, who is 12 had a high liver count, her count is now down, but we did find out that she has adrenal gland cancer, but since we put her on your diet she is now back to going for short walks and she now begs like no ones business. So thank you for the info that you put out there for us, and thank you for the midnight emails you've sent me over the years when I was worried. I am indebted to you as are Stormy and Buca. Not to mention my other dogs who totally love their raw meat and veggies.

Sincerely with all my heart and thanks,


October 8, 2009

Hello Ed,

I just wanted to tell you how totally impressed we are with your service.

We ordered a few items (well, $500 or so) Oct 5th and it was at our door on the 8th. This is to NORTHERN ALBERTA, CANADA!!! I have never received product so quickly even when ordered inside Canada.

We were worried we would get our new GSD puppy (Phoenix) on the 17th before the order got here. Our previous baby, Caesar, was a purebred GSD who had to be put down in early July at 3 years old with renal failure.  His kidneys were under developed and he fought for about a year before losing the battle.  Very hard on my wife and I as he was truly a special friend.

Next week I will be ordering some DVDs as we do want to employ many of your training methods.  We are determined to feed Honest Kitchen but have been unable to find a Canadian source although their website lists several dealers who do NOT carry it.   Honest Kitchen has yet to answer emails with supplier info.  I am on the road a lot (rural - remote area bread man) and I know my wife will not do raw.

I would love to hear your honest opinion on Orijen and/or Ancana kibbles as both are Alberta made, supposedly reasonable quality and available in our northern location.  I would switch off daily with Honest Kitchen which I would have to bring up from your site.

Warmest regards,

October 8, 2009

Love your website! Michael Ellis is amazing, and your website rocks! Love the free streaming videos, you sell very nice products and overall very impressed with your services!

October 1, 2009

I just wanted to thank you for the information about aggressive dogs you have shared on your website. I've only read the first few paragraphs, and already it's helped tremendously. I have an older hound (he seems to be a foxhound) who has trouble with dog aggression. It is making it very unpleasant to take him for a walk. 

He is doing better containing himself when we pass dogs who are aggressive and/or barking in their own yard. He seems to respond to "good boy" when we pass, as he contains himself. But he still has trouble with leashed dogs we pass on our walks, even friendly or disinterested dogs. I had been trying Casaer Milan's "calm assertive energy" idea, and it hasn't worked. I kept thinking, it must be something I am doing wrong or he would stop. I am calm and assertive with him. Your article was a big help. I got Beau when he was about a year old. He was very very timid. I noticed his ears were badly scarred with what look like bite or puncture marks, and he has a scar on his face. He may have been attacked by another dog when he was a young dog - that would explain his aggression. 

He is a good dog.  He has turned out to be a great watchdog and he's great with my daughter. He loves his companion, a lab/whippet mix female, and he's good with our house cats (although he will kill feral cats). He has very expressive eyes, and he loves his family. Now I have someplace to start as I work with him.

Thank you!

October 1, 2009

I just wanted to thank you for the information about aggressive dogs you have shared on your website. I've only read the first few paragraphs, and already it's helped tremendously. I have an older hound (he seems to be a foxhound) who has trouble with dog aggression. It is making it very unpleasant to take him for a walk. 

He is doing better containing himself when we pass dogs who are aggressive and/or barking in their own yard. He seems to respond to "good boy" when we pass, as he contains himself. But he still has trouble with leashed dogs we pass on our walks, even friendly or disinterested dogs. I had been trying Casaer Milan's "calm assertive energy" idea, and it hasn't worked. I kept thinking, it must be something I am doing wrong or he would stop. I am calm and assertive with him. Your article was a big help. I got Beau when he was about a year old. He was very very timid. I noticed his ears were badly scarred with what look like bite or puncture marks, and he has a scar on his face. He may have been attacked by another dog when he was a young dog - that would explain his aggression. 

He is a good dog. He has turned out to be a great watchdog and he's great with my daughter. He loves his companion, a lab/whippet mix female, and he's good with our house cats (although he will kill feral cats). He has very expressive eyes, and he loves his family. Now I have someplace to start as I work with him.

Thank you!

September 25, 2009

Hi Cindy,

I just received the Basic obedience, and Establishing pack structure DVDs that you offer. I just wanted to say thank you!  Great information presented in a simple, easy to understand format. We have had many dogs during our life, but recently rescued a 1 year old male Doberman. He has been the biggest challenge that we have ever faced. The information that you have presented has already started to help us gain control over Ozzie, and make our time together more enjoyable. Again a Big Thanks!


Cindy's Response:

Hi Bob,

Thanks for writing and thanks for your business, we truly appreciate it.  I hope you and Ozzie have many happy years together.


September 24, 2009

I made my third order from Leerburg last weekend, I think on Sunday. I got my package on Tuesday.  Every order from your company has arrived very quickly and has always been 100% correct. You and your people do an excellent job. Thanks a ton. 


September 18, 2009

Dear Ed:

Thank you very much for your article on Dominant and Aggressive Dogs as Family Pets along with information on Correction Levels.

I have a very handsome 85 lb.-11 month old-White German Shepherd named Thor. Thor is a hard dog, I have spent significant money on training, that in retrospect, was truly for a soft dog and had little effect on Thor.  Additionally, in frustration, sometimes I have gone too far in the other direction in trying to over correct, which in turn over stimulated Thor and didn't give him a choice to understand what was expected of him.

Your article clearly and concisely laid out the hierarchy of appropriate corrections for dogs based on their personalities.  After using my voice in a normal tone and then escalating to a pronged collar (Leerburg's) leash correction (lifting pop).  My very intelligent dog "gets it."

I am no longer yelling or trying to correct him with a death grip.

Further, you description of "Time Outs" and the kind that are appropriate, is also very effective.  Thor has learned he cannot enjoy sitting outside Starbucks with mom if he acts like a beast to other dogs.  If he acts up, or tries to be aggressive to other dogs, he gets a leash correction and goes immediately back to the car.  If he is a prince and lays at my feet, he earns the privilege of my company and the fun of people coming to see us.  He is such a ham; he much prefers being admired to sitting in the car.

It is a treasure to apply your years of experience to the great improvement in our family's enjoyment of our intelligent dog.  Your soul is truly in your work AND for all the hands-on work you have done with dogs, YOU ARE ALSO A VERY GOOD WRITER!

Thank You For Your Great Article and Great Collar:



September 15, 2009

My dog has bitten the daylights out of me and the wife since we got him at six weeks. Found your website and are now getting a handle on him. Great advice in your eBooks and can't wait to watch the DVDs. We put the prong collar on him and it was like we flipped a switch. Thanks a ton. Oh yeah, You guys sent it out on Friday the 11th. and I got it on Tuesday the 15th. That's about the best service I've ever had. Thanks again. Its a pleasure doing business with you.


September 14, 2009

Thank you so much for affording me the luxury of learning through your trials and errors, as well as accomplishments. I feel empowered through your articles and DVDs and have the utmost respect for both of you, Ed and Cindy.

Korinne and Axil

September 10, 2009

Thanks and thank you for the DVDs on Training dogs with markers, and with food, and Pack Structure. Now I am on to a raw/natural diet.  I do not want to think about raising a dog without the support of Leerburg.  You are the best!


September 1, 2009

I wanted to say thanks to you and Ed and your staff for giving us (me, my wife, and all who love dogs) such a wonderful source of knowledge and information. Because of you, I found the Honest Kitchen and the, may I say, courage to add raw meats and raw bones to our dogs' diet. It seems so natural when you watch their enthusiasm at feeding time. The sound of them crunching through bone almost makes me feel like I've gone back in time. Like I'm living with wolves. We all love it.

Also, I must say thank you for your training videos. Our breeder gave them to us when we bought our GSD pup. When we thanked him he said he wasn't doing it for us, he was doing it for the dog. The videos have taught me a better way to train and understand our dogs.

We spent a lot of money on our pup and want the best for her. I feel that she is so much better off because I found you!

Thank you!

dog dogs

August 21, 2009

Your site was recommended to me by a friend/co-worker who trained her pit bull using your marker system. She achieved such amazing results that I had to check it out for myself! I'm looking forward to getting my DVDs. Thanks.


August 17, 2009

Good Morning,

I had to write to let you know how very pleased I am that you included the training video clip with Cindy and Rush in the last newsletter. I have a a 5 month working dobe pup, (schutzhund) that I am working with as well as my 3 year old dobe bitch. I was struggling with positions and keeping the front end in place when going from sit to stand to down or whatever. I did attend the Ellis seminar when he was in Albany, NY last month. It was wonderful. But I didn't see him talk about using a touch pad for the 'positions' (sit, stand and down) at that time. WHAT A PERFECT WAY TO GET CONSISTENTLY CORRECT POSITIONS!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I started to use the pad for 'touch' and eventually for the send away, as he teaches. I did order the new Ellis video, thank you for making it. HE is the best trainer I have worked with to date, I am a marker trainer anyway, and have been for quite a few years, Well 4 at least, because I was introduced to it with my first 'bred for working' dobe bitch who is now just over 3 years old. I can not wait until the Leerburg Ellis video comes, and have been searching your site in the meantime, to keep me 'on track' and to keep me from going crazy while waiting. LOL.

You have saved my relationship with my older dog, and have made my understanding of dogs and dog behavior grow tremendously. I almost gave up my 3 year old when she was just 5 months old, because I didn't understand her or what my part was in her life, and how to fulfill her potential. Your site saved us. Literally, I kept her only after finding your site and realizing you had answers that made sense and worked for us. (I actually sent her home back to the breeder at that age, but took her back after about a month of reading and finding your site). Thank you for making ours a wonderful relationship! If not for you and your staff and site, I would not have her with me now.

Thank You

August 14, 2009

After receiving such prompt service on several DVD orders from your company (love them, by the way), I will go to for any dog supplies I need that you carry.

I am also ecstatic to find a vendor whose advice I can trust. Thanks for selling only the great products.

Much appreciated!!!!


August 10, 2009

Hi Cindy:

Several years ago Ed helped me with a training problem I had with my GSD Schutzhund-bred puppy. The great advice worked. My now-8 year old girl "owns" the pool. I get in with her in the afternoons and play frisbee....

I read all of your emails...  such good stuff in there.

The point of this note is just to say "THANK YOU" for all the good you do... and especially for telling people NOT to feed Science Diet. I lost two GSD's to stomach cancer feeding them SD. I got the message and started doing some research on healthy dog food. Both my dogs get Innova and California Natural... As you know, they're both made by the same company. 

We do NOT have digestive or other problems. Besides the joy of having healthy dogs I can't even think of how much money I've saved over the years in Vet bills.

I hope you don't mind but I "cut & pasted" the ingredients from SD and put it over into an email to myself.... I constantly tell people to NOT feed SD... and refer them to my local pet store... The owner has researched and sells only healthy food, several of the ones you recommend in your articles that I just finished reading.

THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE....   AND helping so many people...


August 10, 2009

Thank you for all the articles you put on your web site. It is really helpful and I will buy everything from you guys just because of the articles and info you give away for free. Thanks.


August 3, 2009

Hi Cindy & All,

Just wanted to say I received my 2 DVDs.  Wow, what service.  My order was processed on the 31st and they arrived today......August 3rd.

They look damaged package or contents.

Can't wait to start viewing.

It will be interesting to view the one for Marker training as I, like Ed, wasn't interested in any clicker training and thought it was goofy.  I have not pursued it so this will be my first time to check this type of training out.   I read Ed's review of it so am taking his word for it that it will be good.

Wish Michael Ellis was having his school at a much closer location.  It seems so many of the trainers are so far away.

Is there a place on your site that provides info for seminars by such people as Michael etc?

Thanks again for the quick service.

Have a great week.


August 1, 2009

I just wanted to say your one of the best companies at shipping the product the next day. When I order from Leerburg I get a quality item as promised and it truly arrives in the 3-4 days. And if there is a hold up or item that you have out of stock you contact me the very next business day so I can change my order. I ordered a black tracking harness from you the other day and I got a call and email saying you were out of black at the moment. I was able to change it to brown and it shipped right out. I just wanted to say thanks and let ED know his staff is always very helpful when called or emailed.


July 31, 2009

Stephanie from your office has been extremely helpful with my equipment purchases and returns. I forgot to email you regarding this, but I ordered an agitation collar a month ago and when I got it, my training director told me I should have gotten a harness for my dog based on how she works. I called Stephanie up and she was so easy to work with - she gave me so many options on how to return the collar, whether I would like a refund or exchange, etc.  And, she understood I live in Canada and the return may take a little longer to get back to Leerburg.  In the end, I just ordered the harness and the new Michael Ellis DVD and asked her to just refund my card when she received the collar. Her service was just excellent and professional. Thank you for having such great and helpful staff


July 27, 2009

Hi Mr. Frawley,

Thank you for your sound advice via free eBooks! 

When my 5 wk old Siberian Husky pup showed signs of really being sick w/ explosive diarrhea I panicked, didn't know he was really that sick.  Of course, this happened on a friday night  and still had the weekend to go when no vet could be contacted. I began searching the web for help as to what I could do to get him regulated and stop the flood of running brown water that was squirting out of his rear end.  I  found one of your free eBooks, "Diarrhea in Puppies," read it and made a midnight run to the local Walmart for supplies. We got through the weekend by following your advice found in that eBook and got him to a vet on tuesday.  The vet did all the tests you suggested and prescribed Albon  just as you said would happen. I started him on a bland chicken & rice diet w/ a little pumpkin in it. It's been almost two weeks and he's finally started to make snakes instead of puddles.

I hope, I'm not stepping over any protocols by directly emailing you this big "THANK YOU" for your eBooks. 

I'd like to start using your training methods for training our Siberian Huskies we have two  female 16 weeks and male 7 weeks, they are very smart as you know and could be trained like a German Shepard.  I'd like to train my male to be a home guard, by that I mean stay alert and bark to alarm me if something isn't right.  Where would you suggest I start using your methods to get them on the right path?

Best of Regards,

July 24, 2009

I am very impressed with the DVDs! I have dropped one of my private lessons a week in order to keep ordering them! Very pleased!! Very informative and I get something out of it every time I watch it!


July 20, 2009

I LOVE the podcasts! Marker training my once handler aggressive, dominant GSD/Formosan mix dog has been so successful. I sent an email on how its so much better than yank/crank in getting his down to be in the correct facing direction (feet forward) on my heel. I don't even need to use the leash to pull him into a finish to the heel from the recall, because I marker trained it using touch on my hand. It is a miracle. Sometimes, distraction is a tiny issue with tightening up his behavior perfectly. But baby steps. I do take him out in public and work his obedience under lots of distractions (dogs, people, cyclists, joggers) and I get so many compliments on him (and my husky who is also marker trained but not as slick as my gsd/mix)... what's so funny about getting compliments is that I see all his goofs and mistakes and not getting his behaviors completely clean (like fast downs or hell look around before he finishes his to the heel position)... but people think he's awesome! Marker training rules. I would love to go to a Michael Ellis session in the Bay Area... Thanks so much. Looking forward to this video and the 2nd one too on tug!!!

July 17, 2009

I really appreciate the great customer service, your quick responses to questions, etc. You guys are wonderful, and I will refer you to all of my dog-loving friends!

Thank you so much, I do hope the Jafco Muzzle fits Hallie.

Thank you,
Mary Ann

July 17, 2009

Look forward to receiving the merchandise. I REALLY appreciate your website and the informative articles and videos. I've learned so much. I've used an e-collar with my two young labs, and have recently moved over to clicker training. They just LOVE to learn. Thanks again for all you do.


July 14, 2009

Cindy & Ed,

I had to write you to let you know how much your website has helped me. I wrote you a while back for help with my 2 year old, male lab, Brody, who was having aggression issues. I have been unemployed / underemployed for over a year now and I am so-o-o-o grateful for all of the “free” information your website provides. It has allowed me to get a handle on situation and regain some control.

By getting back to basics and applying some simple techniques I have seen huge improvements in his behavior. Groundwork article was truly enlightening. I have come to understand so much more about Brody’s behavior and some of the misconceptions I had about his behavior…prey drive vs. aggression, corrections vs. training, fair vs. inconsistent leadership. And all of this was available on your website.

I am back to work (hah! Earning a third of what I used to make!) and was just recently able to purchase some of the other training support Cindy recommended. I can’t wait for the DVDs to come in the mail! Ed has a real gift for breaking down a process and explaining it in simple, easy to apply methods. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You both give so much; it’s not a mistake that Leerburg is so successful.

Grateful for the return of balance to our lives,
Java & Brody

July 7, 2009

Cindy & Ed,

There are tidbits in Michael’s lecture that have really helped me understand Marker Training better, and I am finally having some success with my puppy.

I have a very nice GSD puppy that I got took home at 7 weeks. I was very excited to get started with her using marker training (I have your latest video), but I was stumped when she did not show much food drive – not for hot dogs, roast beef, or even dried liver. Since she was a skinny puppy and a little underweight, I didn’t want to withhold food from her until she was older, so I just worked on pack structure and prey drive games. Now she is 18 weeks old, and has caught up with the other puppies (thanks to a raw food diet – her litter mates are all eating Royal Canin). I thought it was OK to let her get a little hungry and use some very tasty liver treats.

I realized from listening to Michael, that I really had to spend some time charging the “yes” marker, and there was no point in moving to the next step until she associated “Yes” with something good that she wanted.

It took two days of light feeding to get her hungry enough to really want the treats. Then I spent three days just charging the mark with her and working on my timing.

Yesterday and today I started with the hand touch. It is so much fun for me to see her brain working trying to figure out what I want, and finally getting it. Then she got very excited and started biting my hand instead of just touching it with her nose. I’m using “Try Again” as the withholding reward marker. She looked at me puzzled after she bit at my hand and got no “yes” and no treat, but I just said, “try again,” and after two more bites, she just touched with her nose, and I said “Yes” at just the right moment. I’ll spend the next few days getting some consistency, and then add the “touch” command.

I can’t wait for the next video clips and I just wanted to share with you how helpful they are. I’ll be looking for the full length video when you have that published.

San Diego, CA

July 1, 2009

I just have to say it again, love your site, love your products, love your service!! And my dogs love getting the products in the mail!

Thanks again,

June 20, 2009

I just got through reading your section on emails that made you laugh. Thank you for sharing these. I needed a good laugh, too.

I had written before to say thank you for your web site.  I had a very dominant 2 year old GSD and was really upset about his behavior.  I started pack structure work from reading the article on your website and the changes began immediately -- even before your first DVD arrived. 

I also want to thank you for opening almost every one of your DVDs with the reminder that 'everyone you meet is going to have an opinion about how to train your dog.' I got a new puppy 4 weeks ago and have kept him separate from the two year old per your advice on introducing a new dog. Everyone asks how the two are getting along and when they find out that they have not been loose together you can imagine the responses. So now I just smile and say "they're doing great." 

There was so much I didn't understand about dogs. I had read books and read articles and none of them made sense to me or was was to grasp as your methods of explaining the black and white world of a dog's pack instinct. What I have learned about my dog from your articles and DVDs has changed my life and his (and will help to shape the new pup's, too). He is a beautiful, intelligent GSD whose biggest problem in life was an ignorant owner (ME) who didn't know how to communicate with him. 

Thanks to you and Cindy we are doing marker training and he has become a problem solver and a dog that I am sharing a bond with unlike anything I would have expected. Thank you both again for your amazing work --


P.S.  I applaud and support you calling a dumbass a dumbass.

June 8, 2009


I just want to say thanks for all the information that you continue to share.

I have 2 german shepherds and 1 giant schnauzer that have all been involved in schutzhund. Over the past 5 years I have been visiting your website reading about training, looking for answers to training issues in the forum, and buying various items. A few days ago I had an incident occur that I don't think I would have walked away from had I not read an article or comment on your website.

I was walking my dogs, two on one side and one on the other, when a lose dog (80 lbs) decided to charge at us with hackles up, barking, and growling - very aggressively. I got ready with my bear spray which I always carry with me - I read that a few years ago in an article you had on the website. As the dog approached I was looking for a owner but didn't see anyone. When the dog got within 20 ft or so I yelled "NO you get back," the dog stopped momentarily and then started to slowly circle us. So I turned with it telling it "no you get out of here" and keeping my dogs under control but ready with spray. After a full circle it decided to run back to it's yard and still no one came out, I'm sure they heard the commotion. I continued walking by while the dog stayed in it's yard growling at me. I think I was fortunate in this incident as this aggressive dog didn't take it to the next level and plus I could remember what to do in the heat of the moment thanks to reading articles/comments at your website.

Keep up the good work because I know there are many of us who have benefited in one way or another from all the information you share that helps us to better understand our dogs. 


June 2, 2009

Dear Leerburg,

I wanted to thank you for the fast service, I ordered yesterday and received my order today. Wow! Everyone I spoke to was also very kind.

Thanks again,

May 28, 2009

Mr. Frawley, hello.

My name is Steven and I live in Toronto with my 17 month old PWD, Ruby. My brother recommended you and your website before I brought the new puppy home. Your work with dogs and training philosophy is, simply, wonderful. Your basic obedience, pack behavior and e-collar videos have enriched my and Ruby's relationship. Her intelligence and energy are properly focused now -- and she hasn't lost a bit of her crazy PWD personality. So, for the practical wisdom in your videos Ruby and I thank you very much. In fact, it was your reasonable comments amongst the raw diet debate that directed me to good reading resources and the switch to raw for Ruby.

I've been meaning to send you that thank you for sometime now. What prompted me was that I also wanted today to send you and your family my deepest condolences for your loss, with the death of Ira. How very sad. If it is any consolation at all, I can't imagine there could have been a better family for Ira to have been with than yours.


May 28, 2009

You have the best products, hands down. I trust the leerburg favorites and appreciate the time and energy you put into the health of dogs. Thank you!

May 27, 2009


I hadn't visited your site in awhile but I was having an off day at work and hit up the Dumb and Dumber section for a few laughs (or gasps). I thought I might send you a success rather than horror-story. While I admit I haven't supported your site as much as I would have intended, I would like to sincerely thank you for all the free advice and articles you provide to dog owners.

I found your site shortly before getting my third GSD 3 years ago on April 23, 2006. The first was a family pet when I was just a boy and I can see the mistakes we made with her. Nonetheless her temperament persevered and she turned out to be a truly incredible dog despite our own short comings. The second was an adoption and while I like to think she had a good life I find it difficult to forgive myself for the training and nutritional mistakes I made with her. I was determined not to make those same mistakes with the third.

I was interested in schutzhund and protection work with this dog and I eagerly devoured all the information on your site regarding early training.

My second GSD destroyed my home repeatedly before I began crate training and by then she would not take to it well. The third one was introduced to a crate covered on two sides and the top the very first night I brought her home. I fed her in the crate that night and every night since. She stayed in that crate while I was not home for the first 23 months of her life, never trying to escape and regularly using the crate voluntarily as her den. I set my alarm clock for every 2 hours, then every 3 then 4 and so on for the earliest weeks of her life and she had only 1 accident in the house other than the 3 or 4 she had sitting in front of the door waiting for me to attach her leash.

I bought a prong collar for walking and she learned to heel and not to pull quite well, as you say 'power steering for dogs.' I bought a treat pouch and taught her to come when I called her for a treat, and then to come immediately with the 'COME' command without ever letting her off leash without a drag line. She learned the sit, sit-stay, down and down-stay at an early age. I bought an orbee-tuff ball and attached a rope to tug with it to increase her prey drive. She now prefers to play fetch with the ball or frisbee more so even than treats.

Based on her somewhat shy temperament I have ruled out protection training (and for the fact that I really don't have the time to invest or a suitable
partner) but she would likely very much enjoy agility work.

I could go on and on as my list of compliments is long but to make a long story somewhat shorter I could not be happier with my dog (which I unfortunately did not purchase from you but I still feel you deserve credit for what she has become). All of these compliments and stories I have related are not intended to display my training prowess or brag about my dog. Rather they are all compliments on you and your work. The extreme difference between the ease of training this one versus the last is 99% due to and the wealth of valuable information you have provided.

Thank you for all you do, it is very much appreciated!!


May 7, 2009

Just wanted to say kudos to Leerburg for promoting such a phenomenal trainer as Michael Ellis. He is one of the best, if not the best. Too bad you are so far away from WA!! Love the video clips you are posting also. Thanks for doing that!! 


May 5, 2009

Dear Mr. Frawley,

I have encountered your site with it’s valuable information in the last few weeks. I have purchased a few books and I am beginning to read your articles on dog training.

I trained our first two dogs using a choke collar – our first dog was a very tractable border collie and you could practically train her using a string – she was amazing. Our second dog was a not so bright mixed breed who learned from the border collie and us and was quite submissive. So 12 years passed and five years ago we added a standard poodle to our pack.  I had been out of the dog training world for a number of years and was introduced, through various classes, to clicker training.

I experienced exactly what you have written about – frustration when it comes to correction – no one could help me – and I can see it in the way my dog responds to me – there are definitely times when she does what she wants. That being said she is not aggressive or dominant and I have been able to work with her in informal agility and day-to-day obedience – but not with enough distractions and corrections.

So I am with you totally in regard to the training pendulum swinging in the opposite direction from “yank and crank” methods.

The problem I have is dog trainers all think they are right!

I am bringing a new pup into our home – a Cane Corso – and I want to start off right and also work with our Standard – she is very smart and clicker training has paid off in that she loves to learn.

So I will be visiting your site often and learning as much as I can. I really appreciate that you acknowledge some of your past misconceptions and misunderstandings in regard to dog training. This tells me that you are more interested in learning and understanding how a dog learns. It is pretty cool to shape behaviors with my dog and to see her getting it and responding willingly.

All the best,

April 29, 2009

I love you instruction and how you break things down into steps. I am working with a 4 year old Boxer and 3 year old Pug. Believe it or not my Pug is catching on faster than my boxer. He is being very stubborn. I am trying to use your instructionals to establish pack leader with my dogs, so they get an understanding of respect between all three of us. My children are also trying to learn as well. It has become something that we do together.

April 20, 2009

Thanks for all the great products and DVDs. I recently took this picture in Alaska while Redoubt volcano was spewing forth some steam. I was looking at the picture and realized that my dog was wearing all Leerburg products except the badge and badge holder. He has the E-collar on, the fur saver collar and your vest. My dog is a pilot program for rescue dogs in our fire department. The new dog is treated like the police K-9 units, he lives with me and he comes to work with me every day. I am sure you get a few million emails a day, I just wanted to say thanks a lot for your hard work and product research. I have emailed questions about your products and your staff has always been very quick to respond with the correct information.

Thanks again,

dog in alaska

April 19, 2009

Greetings Mr. Frawley,

As I am writing this email I am listening to one of your many many podcasts.

I have been training dogs for over 30 years and I am always thirsting for more knowledge to update my training methods.

I knew of Leerburg but thought it was for Schutzhund training and the like.  I was looking through your site and am amazed at what you offer. 

I own 4 australian shepherds and do conformation, obedience, rally, agility and am starting herding. 

Your site offers information and product for ABSOLUTELY anyone that wants to learn and become a better trainer.

I THANK YOU for taking the time to offer this service.

BTW you do a wonderful job of explaining technique and your voice is perfect meaning that sometimes it is hard to listen to an audio when the voice pitch is not good.

You had mentioned high value treats. I have come across a treat that is homemade called salmon fudge. The dogs love the fish smell and if the trainer can deal with the salmon smell it is great :)

Have A Tail Waggin' Day,

April 17, 2009

Is there anyway to tell my wife that I do learn with my eyes closed while watching Ed's DVDs? She actually accuses me of falling asleep when I watch them, can you imagine that?

Seriously, though I do sometimes. But I've learned so much, and it is valid. I'm able to (after watching 4-5 of them) now know when I hear bs and when I hear something accurate. The lady selling me a new German Shepherd, and she has been involved with working dogs for many years, she even says some things that don't add up from time to time. Imagine if I didn't have the DVDs. I would be lost. It should be mandatory before buying a dog, particularly a big working dog. Ceaser is wrong lots, and people take that for gospel.

I just wanted to thank you for the quality products. Information is priceless at times. I couldn't get this reading a book or on my own without lots of failures.

Thanks Ed.


April 12, 2009

Hello Ed & Cindy,

Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for the couple of checks for the Leerburg Affiliate Program, it was very gratifying to receive them in the mail. Put a smile on my face knowing that the time I spent on the web pages I made paid off a little bit and helped sell your great products. Hope all is well, still waiting for the snow to disappear here so we can get back out on the field and train. Has been a record snowfall and cold weather this year.

Happy Easter

Terry & Cindy

April 11, 2009

I know you get a million emails like this, but I had to say THANK YOU. It is pretty overwhelming and gratifying to see a dog who has been difficult and dominant respond to me with eager anticipation and an attitude of 'what do I want from him next.'

I have a two year old GSD and I had pretty much given up. I was going to keep him and love him and do my best, but had nearly decided that he would just be a sweet but strong and obnoxious pain in the butt until he got old.

The events that transpired were these: I had decided to get a new puppy and focus on "doing better with the next one." In the process of thinking about introducing a new dog, I happened upon your web site and read your article on that subject. Which led to another article and an ebook and another and so on... I ordered some of your DVDs but even before they came I started working on establishing pack structure and I have been AMAZED. It's almost as if I could see the stress melt away from my dog and he was saying "Shew, it's about time you decided to be a leader, I'm exhausted!"

I appreciate all the time you take -- in several different contexts -- to explain dog personality types. I knew that my dog wasn't vicious or mean, but I didn't understand why he behaved the way he did from puppy hood on. When he was a puppy he was so mouthy (both with teeth and barking) that I was a little afraid of him. With time I learned that he wasn't mean/aggressive, but was definitely dominant/assertive! Now, after reading your articles I understand his brain better.

Thank goodness I found your website. I am learning so much and he is responding so beautifully. I am glad he is only two and I have mainly made sins of omission rather than commission!

Thank you too for the products you talk about and sell. I haven't ordered anything other than the videos, but am sure I'll be back for more.

You do a great service to the dog world. Thank you, again.


April 9, 2009

Mr. Frawley,

Just wanted to say "Thank you!!" to both you and Cindy for everything that you do for all of us out here that are lost in puppy and dog land, sometimes so utterly clueless, and the countless puppies and dogs lives that you most likely are saving and doubtlessly making so much better with your tireless efforts in helping and guiding us all :) I just got my new Ridgeback puppy and the breeder strongly recommended your products and web site and being the great breeder and person she is, I follow her lead.  I'm waiting for my DVD "8 Weeks to 8 Months" to be delivered.

In the mean time, I've been pouring over your web site and believe me, you have already saved my sanity!!

In preparing for my precious "little" Isabel (puppy) to arrive, I bought every book I could find, only to find they all disagreed with each other and I was left totally confused.  I've raised Dobermans for the last 32 years, but my boy Maverick is now going on 12 and I thought I'd better "brush up"….yikes! Wasted money.

What you say makes complete sense, your free eBooks (bless your heart) on puppies, has helped me beyond measure. I can't wait for your DVD to arrive. You're right, each puppy is an individual. Your spot on analogy of them being little alligator's made me feel like "thank you God!! this man really knows, June was right!!" Right then, you became my puppy/dog guru. Also, the fact that you and Cindy both put so much time, love and effort into helping the helpless (meaning people like me) who could be on the brink of doing possible harm to their future best friend unknowingly, is just amazing. I will continue to be a loyal customer.

Again, thank you both so much.

March 30, 2009

Thank you for all your free eBooks. I am a first time dog owner and would consider myself an above average pet owner when it comes to training and establishing leadership b/c I watched my mother do it when I was little and have had few problems with the dog I rescued. However, I have made mistakes and want to be the best possible trainer I can for the dog I rescued. I believe the information you have given on your website is sound, which is why I'm purchasing these two DVDs to help me continuing tweaking my techniques, so they are perfect. I can't stand unruly dogs, but uneducated pet owners are far worse. Thanks again!!

March 30, 2009

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your $25 gift certificate, and thanks for choosing Mo-mo (Mini-Dachshund) as one of the photo contest winners. I just received the little zip line we ordered for him and we love it! That was very kind of you.

Love your site!>

Liana & Mo-mo

March 26, 2009

I am so thankful for finding you all several months ago. Your information, DVDs, food, and generous website has been a lifeline for me. It is great to find a place and people that are knowledgeable, reputable, helpful, and sell things of value. Thank you so much.

March 22, 2009


I know  a lot gets posted on your website so please post this. I have been trying to do everything to help my dog and bought just about every book, tape and product until Leerburg. Your CDs are helping and I have not had anything help until now.

Now to the best part, YOU CARE ABOUT DOGS. Cindy I have written you several times and you have NEVER refused to respond to help me. If you only knew how much I appreciate the help and support you are providing. Most of the time you order the products and no one ever emails you back with answers to your questions. It is so rare that you find someone like you to offer advice and please know I will always come back to Leerburg and Cindy!!!

North Carolina

March 16, 2009

I have many VHS tapes from your collection and I viewed them over and over since 2001. You are one of the VERY BEST dog training web sites on the market, none better. I HIGHLY recommend you to all dog lovers, since nothing beats the pleasure in owning a well trained dog, whether as a pet, or a service dog. You are an incredible resource to the dog loving and training community!! Thank you!

March 13, 2009

Hi Cindy.

Your newsletters are so tremendously helpful. Yesterday's featured video of Roni Hoff and her beautiful dog Toby solved a training issue for me that I wanted to share.

My 14-month-old GSD Ammo (parents = Spy + Arras) and I have been learning marker training, and we are switching from food to toy rewards. In doing so, we have been struggling with "The Game." Ammo didn't enjoy the game as much as I'd like when we merged OB training and playing. We used French linen tugs, and he seemed a little too serious. He was so focused on the items that my voice commands didn't register. He'd volunteer behaviors, but not with the success we enjoyed when working for food. He outed, but when he carried the item, he'd get possessive. When he brought the item to me to play, he was cautious about engaging in tug, whipping it away sometimes when I reached for it. I was very concerned that I was mistakenly bringing out an early stage of defense, which is NOT what I want to do.

(I got him at 8 weeks of age from a brand-new breeder who is still struggling to title a dog, and he was already possessive. I think his possessiveness originates in his play experiences in the couple of weeks before he came home. I've been conscientious to show him in situations other than formal OB training that the only time the game is fun is when I play, too, with success.)

I finished yesterday's session on a positive note and came inside to find the Leerburg newsletter in my E-mail inbox.

I recognized Toby from one of your training CDs. He's such a handsome boy. I played the video stream, impressed by the beauty and harmony that Robin and Toby exhibited. In fact, I watched the video several times, looking for cues and ways that I could improve my game with Ammo. Then it dawned on me. Toby was playing with his favorite toys, not tugs. I grabbed the Orbee and another ball INSTEAD of the tugs, and Ammo and I tried again, with much more success. I had been using the wrong items!! We still need some work, but Ammo had much more fun working on OB this morning, wagging and smiling more than ever when he brought me the ball for his play reward after a quick platz, straight sitz, and attentive shtay!

I live in an area where it has been very difficult to find serious, reliable and consistent Schutzhund training options. Without your training materials and dialogue with people like me, I don't think I'd be able to pursue working dog sports. I really appreciate your help.

Very Best Regards,
Ann and Ammo

March 9, 2009

I've stopped buying toys at the feed or pet store now I have tried your toys. My 8 year blue heeler goes through those toys like butter. Yours we've had now for a year. He'd like some new ones!


March 7, 2009

First of all...I just happened upon your web site and absolutely LOVE it!!!!  I can't believe the amount of information on here...from the eBooks to Podcasts to DVDs!!!

I've passed the site address on to a number of my buddies down in California who are K-9 Officers with various departments.

The only DVD subject which I didn't find is one covering intermediate to advanced obedience training.  Did I miss anything like that in my search, or, are there any plans to come out with one covering that subject in the near future?

I'll be ordering a couple of other DVDs, but wanted to check this out first.

Again, thanks for a GREAT web site!!!!!

Grants Pass, Oregon

From the March 2nd Photo Contest Winner:
Check out the Winning Photo!

March 2, 2009

Thank you.  I will email my whole family and let them know about Kodi’s 15 minutes of fame. I wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoy your DVDs. I’ve been in Iraq for the last 50 months, so my ability to train dogs is restricted to my RRs. With your DVDs I can at least keep my brain up on good training techniques, even though my experience is still limited. When I return home I’m hoping to work with the Wounded Warriors Project training service dogs for disabled veterans.

Here is my latest photo of Kodi with my granddaughter Kali. He is such a gentle natured boy. He is 6 ½ years old now and showing a little gray. Take care and thanks again.

Best regards,

February 26, 2009

Ordered your DVDs and.... It was the best money I have ever spent. I have owned many dogs and always thought that something was wrong with dog, but really it was all me. I did not know how to train properly. Thanks to your quality videos I now own a 5 month old American Bandog that can sit, down and stay on leash after using your style "THE BEST STYLE" of training.
I take my hat off to you and wish you all the best. Also, if your company ever goes public let me know... I would by many shares. That's how much I believe in what you do. Keep up the great work and I look forward to purchasing many more products.
All my best,

February 26, 2009

Third order in a week I think it is love at first sight. Thank you for the great service. I will have some reviews to come every video so far in one word masterpieces. Once again thank you.


February 26, 2009

I can't wait to start watching these videos! What you have put together is inspiring. I look forward to sharing all the great information, and encouraging other people to visit your website and buy the same videos!! =D Thanks!


February 23, 2009

Hi Cindy and Ed,

I want to thank you both, Ed for your wonderful videos and products you sell online, and Cindy for your personal response to my emails at my lowest of moments in dog training. Having been a first time dog owner, I was clueless and unfortunately didn't know I was till I was in the throws of raising a strong minded pup.

Spike is now 9 1/2 months old and life is so much fun. I'm not saying he is a completely well behaved pup, but he's pretty darn good. He's the dog I had always dreamed I'd have someday. Once again, if it weren't for your site, your videos, your equipment and your follow up emails, I don't think I would have made it as a dog owner. 


February 23, 2009

The following is my testimonial to Leerburg... I purchased an Australian Shepherd puppy from working lines a year ago and at the time I was scrambling for some good training videos and having difficulty locating something I was satisfied with. I searched around some web sites and was able to find one that I felt seemed to reflect good quality training and principles. This was your 8 weeks to 8 months video. While I realize at this point that the video was not intended to be free, I wrote down all the information in the video and made a note to investigate what else Leerburg had to offer to help me train my extremely hard dog. Well, here I am a few months later confidently spending $400 on products from a source I know I can trust. While I apologize for benefiting initially from having obtained the previous video from an illicit source, I assure you, you can count on many future purchases in addition to this one including more recommendations to friends (as I have already mentioned this web site to everyone that asks why my dog is so well mannered).

February 20, 2009

I would like to add that The Power of Training Dogs with Markers is the best dog training DVD! Very clear, detailed and to the point. It answered all of the questions we had left after going through a local clicker training classes with our dogs.

Thank you,

February 18, 2009

Mr. Frawley,

Your equipment and videos are outstanding. I am going to have to delete your web site from my favorites list or my wife is going to kill me. Thanks a lot!!


February 3, 2009


Several months ago I wrote to Ed about which e-collar would be best for my GSD.  The issues I was having dealt with bite work, outing the sleeve, and recall.  Ed said the Dogtra 1900 model would be a good fit and it was.  He also gave advice on how to retrain the out.  I followed the e-mail Ed sent and it has worked wonderfully.  He will now consistently out on the first command 95% of the time without stimulation.  If I have to use the e-collar it is on a very low setting instead of a medium or high setting and he will then come off the sleeve, toy or whatever usually without a second command.  He mainly gets stubborn when he thinks it's time to stop playing and I'm going to put his toy up.  I watched your e-collar video and found the advice in there very helpful as well.   I have referred several people to your web site for their dog problems and I hope they have found you and Ed's knowledge as helpful as I have. 

Thanks again,

January 31, 2008

I just had to say I am very much satisfied with all my products! The leashes are like nothing I could find! And even the toys are great Quality! My dog loves the Everlasting Fire Plug and the Orbee Cosmo! I've got 12 DVDs so far and there so many others I still need to get! I love the way you add humor into your videos, I loved the choking on the packing peanuts and when you talk about testing the range of the e-collar too funny! You make it easy to understand, I would like very much to become a Pro. Dog Trainer and I think your videos are a great help getting me there! Anyways keep up the good work and thanks for sharing the wisdom!


January 28, 2009

Hello to everyone on Leerburg staff,

I just wanted to thank everyone who works there for selling such fantastic products as well as making my shopping experience as painless as possible for a first time dog owner.  I e-mailed Ed Frawley right after finding a dog that had been hit by a car on the side of the road on the way back from a road trip.  I ended up leaving the dog at a nearby vet and paying for boarding for a week.  If the dog was not claimed the vet was to call me and let me know and I'd pick him up.  He started off a scared and timid boy but with training and socialization he's become a lovely pet.  The vet even said he would possibly always walk with a limp but there is nothing slowing this boy down.  He can clear a 6 foot fence now!

In the past few months I've purchased the pack structure DVD, basic obedience and two leather dog leashes one to keep in the house and one to keep at my office where he comes with me on weekends.  I didn't even know what kind of dog I had found until Ed replied to my email saying he looked to be a white German Shepherd.

I have since also adopted a 5 month old Great Pyrenees and they have become fantastic friends and my fiance was given a German Shepherd by one of his military friends who had to leave home a few months ago. So going from never even considering a dog to having three in the household is quite overwhelming!  Although, I have to say I don't think I could ever live with an empty dog-free house again and it certainly wouldn't be possible without the training and help that the DVDs have offered.

So, I just wanted to say thank you for providing a helpful web site for those like myself who are clueless about owning a dog.  I've read most of the articles on the web site as well as listening to a few of the podcast and I have yet to find a web site as helpful as yours.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I have enclosed of my three pups and I will definitely be shopping again soon in the near future!

Thank you!

- Stephanie

dogs dogs
dogs dogs

January 25, 2009

Thank you so much for a wonderful shopping experience. This is my second order from you and you have kept me updated on the order progress. Shipping was extremely fast. Thank you and keep up the good work.


January 17, 2009

I wanted say thank you for your wonderful and great help.  I ordered an Amish leather collar for my female GSD "Cassie" and the girl I spoke with on the telephone went out of her way to make sure I ordered the correct size collar for my dog.  I received it today via standard mail in less than one weeks time.  The collar fits my dog perfectly.  I believe the girl on the telephone said her name was Sadie.  Leerburg does a wonderful job and sells top quality equipment and training videos.

Thanks again,

January 14, 2009

I just wanted you to know what a great help Sadie was to us at Leerburg today.  She had lots of patience and great input on what products we should order to help us train our male german shepherd.  I have ordered from Leerburg years ago and find the value, customer service and product is still great.  We're looking forward to watching your training videos and hoping we can implement them to work with our rescue german shepherd.  Mr. Frawley,  Sadie was absolutely a great customer service help to us today.  She took her time in explaining about your products and videos and made sure that we got exactly what we needed.  I commend you for your excellence in serving the customer.  Also, thank you for sharing your training secrets, it just may have saved this dogs life.   We rescued him so he would have another chance and we're trying to instill a balanced structure with him and work with his dog aggression with dogs.  I hope and pray that your videos help us out.
Deb & John

January 13, 2009

Hi Ed, I am impressed with your no nonsense,common sense approach to dog training. Even though I've been training dogs competitively in Obedience for a number of years, I always want to learn different training methods. Your videos are easy to follow and offer a wealth of information. I have had Belgians for a number of years, but I recently purchased another Malinois, but this time from working lines, rather than show lines. I am so excited and feel that I'm on the right track with what I've learned through your videos.

Thank you,

January 13, 2009

I have been extremely satisfied with your company. I am a k9 officer and i find your knowledge and experience a great asset. Thank You for staying informed and a step ahead.

January 9, 2008

I love your stuff, your web site is addictive :)

January 4, 2009

Thank you once again for answering my email. I will be looking into those DVDs this week. I'm very excited. You guys have always been there for me and I really appreciate what you've done for me and all the others out there that would be lost without you. Thanks Cindy.


December 29, 2008


Thank you for helping not only me but also my bullheaded Sister. You were right ;) We contacted you just before Christmas, your quick reply was surprising and appreciated, especially with the Christmas rush. Just to let you know the dog spoken of is my sisters 3 yrs. + G.S., not my pup. She said all you were interested in was money, I showed her your site, and now with your answer she is not pushing to bring her Dog around my pup, but is pretty tight lipped. I hope she gets a hold of this site herself. I kid you not this Dog is a mess in many, many, more ways than said. On 3rd owner. Shows aggression with people, dogs, kids, etc.. I know you get it, just want my sister (who is in denial), to get it before something tragic happens. She has your web address, pray to God she uses it. Your suggestion of the clicker tapes, for training my Pup was just what I was looking for. My bonus!


December 26, 2008

Oh boy, oh boy! Lots of Leerburg goodies for me (cough, cough, I mean the DOGS) under the tree this morning. HILARIOUS time watching Carbon go nuts for the eGGe... glad I had my video camera ready (although the neighbors probably hate me because of the barking)!

Happy Holidays to everyone, with and without fur.

Just wanted to add that my husband asked that they not put the Leerburg name on the return address for the packages he ordered for me: So the other day one came from Kris Kringle in the North Pole. Well done Leerburg! That one really had me curious!


December 26, 2008

Thank you.

Leerburg Enterprises gets high marks so far for customer support and quick personal email response.

We look forward to our first order.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Gatz's

December 26, 2008

I enjoyed visiting your web site You have provided a wealth of information that I doubt can be found anywhere else. I will be receiving a German Shepard puppy in April and want to be prepared to do all I can to promote the potential of this amazing breed. The information you will be providing me with this purchase will hopefully put me on the right track. I look forward to raising this animal with your guidance. I like your style of telling like it is.


December 26, 2008

I really appreciate the quality of everything I purchase from you all--from the amazing DVDs to the treats and everything in between! Thank you so much!


December 22, 2008

To everyone at leerburg kennels it is my wish, that you all have the most warm and joyful christmas/holiday season ever and that 2009 brings all that will give you the greatest satisfaction and pride.

Please accept my sincere thanks for the super and friendly service that you all have extended to me.

Please also accept my heartfelt thanks for the tremendous change in my personal attitude,knowledge and satisfaction when interacting with my best friends. The DVDs, the articles and especially the Police Service Dog DVDs taught me the solution to my greatest problems, "INTOLERANCE and LACK OF FORGIVENESS." We are all much happier now and learning is much easier.

Thanks for everything!


December 22, 2008

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your great service and I will definitely buy from Leerburg in the future!

Thank you again and Merry Christmas,

December 20, 2008

Hi Ed,

I've been reading your web site with interest and I would like to say how much I admire you for having the courage to admit that you misjudged clicker training. Thank you for keeping an open mind to not only become a better trainer but also to become a better advocate for the welfare of dogs.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

Kind regards,

December 18, 2008

Dear Ed:

I just want to thank you for all the years of training.  All the materials I've bought from you have been a real education for me and my family on dogs.  Hard work does not often get much thanks but you and dogs is not just a business, it love for the dogs, the sport and the people around it.

I pray you and your family have a merry Christmas and a great new year.


December 16, 2008


I want to compliment your company on it's web site information and the prompt service when ordering products online.

I recently purchased a collar and leash for a new dog... I haven't received them yet but I was impressed at the speed the items were shipped to me.  I'm sure I'll be very satisfied with the products.

Also, I spent the last 2 hours reading articles on the web site and found them extremely informative and easy to understand.  I'm getting a new German Shepherd this week (adoption) and I will be using Ed's ideas on how to integrate the dog into my home. 

Thanks!  Loretta

December 15, 2008

To Whom it May Concern:

Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely PLEASED with the delivery of my products. I received my order within a couple days as I requested quick delivery before the arrival of our new puppy. Thank you so much for such wonderful customer service. I will definitely continue doing business with your company and refer my friends and family. Thank you and Merry Christmas!


November 26, 2008

Thank you for quickly sending a new strap for the Hyper- Dog Launcher that I purchased along with my last order. Also thanks for all the information you so kindly share on your site. I have shared your site with my puppy breeder, and he is passing it on to some of his puppy buyers :) I know he will enjoy, I have never come across so much information in one site!

Wishing you all Happy Holidays,

November 20, 2008

You guys are awesome!! You received my order on November 18 and the "eGGe" was delivered to me on November 20!!! Talk about speed-o service!!

Thank you so much - can't wait till tomorrow to see my Bouvier play with his new toy!!!

November 19, 2008

Mr. Frawley --

You're a busy guy so I'll keep this short - I've bought your products and have referenced your website for 5 or 6 years as THE place for sensible, accurate, no bullshit information.  All I want to do is say thank you for your efforts in the free eBook/podcast area - I'm a technology person and I know how much time this stuff takes. Most importantly, I have been able to direct friends who are complete dog training dumb-dumbs to listen to a few of your free products to save the health of their dogs and kids by realizing their mistakes through your common sense delivery.

Just saying Thanks!!!


November 18, 2008

I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your site it has a lot of information. I have four german shepherds. My two oldest children have shown in 4h and AKC over the last 7 years. I am doing agility with one of my dogs. I also have found out that in my own experience with my dogs, that if you do not have respect as the pack leader you end up with issues which I am working on with my 2 females (mother/daughter). My 10 year old son is now starting 4h with our 1 year old GSD. I hope to be able to help him learn the proper way to establish leadership. From my own experience, no matter how much obedience training you do, without respect as the leader, you will end up with problems. Thanks again for all the information, it has been a lot of help.

November 18, 2008

The more I learn, the more I find out that most so called trainers are all lacking in various areas of training. Their egos seem to get in the way of learning a newer or better method. A lot of them can't even properly read a dog to determine at what level a dog should be in training or how to do correction work on problems. I strongly believe that the only way to turn out a dog to the best of its ability is to learn to train yourself. You know your own dog if your paying attention. Keep building on your program of training videos.

November 17, 2008

Once again great customer service from your company. I have purchased several items from you guys and plan on doing so into the future. For what its worth great job and I will be recommending your stuff to everyone.


November 17, 2008

Thank you very much for the great prong collar. I had a traditional prong collar already but was tired of pulling apart the links. They were extremely hard to pull apart. Your prong collar is a much higher quality than the one I bought 3 years ago at Petsmart and the links come apart very easily for sizing. The shipping was extremely quick as well. It’s a pleasure to do business with your company.


November 16, 2008

Hi Ed,

Tim has been in touch with you recently regarding questions about training a working dog with markers. You have been such a great help, thank you so much! We had held a Malinois puppy from Ivan Balabanov and were trying to get as prepared as any one could be.  I went this weekend to pick her up and we wanted to send you a picture of our new addition: Zyla Ot Vitosha. As you can see, she loves the Orbee ball! We also wanted to tell you that we love all the products. Thank you for having great quality products available.

Thank you again for all of your help,

Michelle & Tim


November 11, 2008

I wanted to say thanks for the videos that you sent to me while I was working in Afghanistan, they were extremely helpful. I am now working as a Police Chief and Training dogs here in the states, it is great to be home. I am looking forward to doing business with you and am excited about the videos I've ordered.


November 5, 2008

I wanted to thank you [Cindy] and Ed again for the great advice about my knuckle-head male St. Bernard. I followed the advice and he is doing much better. Especially since I now realize that the training NEVER stops when it comes to pack mentality/dominance.


October 28, 2008

Mr. Frawley,

I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to sing the praises of your dominant dog collar and training methods.

I have a 2 year old Labrador retriever rescue dog that was extremely aggressive with people and sometimes other dogs. He would react to new people violently each time they would approach, even in a classroom setting. I was unable to work him off leash as he would leave me and charge others in the class.

I had gone to many behaviorists and trainers over the last year, most of them using the purely positive method to try to get him through this. The results were limited and not consistent. I considered giving up on ever being able to compete with this dog at any function for fear that he may bite.

I then came upon your website. After reading many of your articles, I decided to try the dominant dog collar and methods you describe. It has now been six weeks since I started using the collar and I have a whole new dog. He is responsive, obedient and is coping without any "blow ups" to new situations, people and other dogs.

I have been able to successfully compete in rally obedience and novice obedience trials and have achieved titles already, and even placed in the ribbons on several occasions. We are now moving to the agility ring as well, and again, no set backs. I now have a focused, confident and obedient dog.

Thank you,

October 27, 2008

Ed and Cindy: I really appreciate the weekly newsletter. I began receiving them a few weeks ago and look forward to every Monday for the latest edition. Thank you for your website and sharing your insights with us. I especially enjoy the Ed-casts. The more you listen (over and over), the more you get from them. Do more,please. Again, thank you for your efforts.

Bob and Sheba (4 year old GSD).

October 27, 2008

Hi Cindy,

We haven't spoken in some time. I hope all is well with you. I posted this on the forum and wanted to make sure you saw it. I know you are instrumental in producing the LB DVDs. I want to make sure you and Ed receive my thanks. Tonight's episode with Cleo proves that that DVDs I bought are worth a hundred-fold what you charge for them. So thank you.

Here's the post:

Cleo is now a beautiful, energetic, very puppy-ish 7 month old Presa Canario.

Something happened tonight that I have to brag about and thank Ed, Cindy and Leerburg. I have used many of the LB DVDs to wonderful results.

Tonight just after dark, we took Cleo and our old Rottie Alex for a post-swim, dry-off walk. This is a short path on a very quiet street. For half of the walk, I have Cleo in "heel" mode. She walks right next to me, slows when I do, speeds up when I do and sits when I stop. She has learned not to stop to sniff or stop while in this mode (I am so PROUD!!). On the second half of the walk, I let her "free walk." I let her sniff, prance, stop, investigate, even run short distances(I run with her); however, I always have her on a 10 foot lead.

Well, tonight on free walk, just as I was switching hands on the lead, Cleo decided to break into a run. The lead slipped from my hand and she was OFF and RUNNING. Before I knew it, she was 30 feet or so away from me (she is VERY fast). I, naturally, called "Come." And to my proudest satisfaction, she stopped mid-stride, turned and came right back to me. My heart jumped with joy. She is very strong-willed and stubborn, at times.

Thank you LB for sharing your training methods.

I use the techniques in the LB "8 weeks" "basic OB" and "E-collar" (haven't started using the E-collar yet, just acclimating her to the collar). I can tell everyone: THEY WORK. I train the "COME/RECALL" every day and tonight's episode speaks for itself.

So Thank You to Leerburg and Kudos to Cleo!


October 21, 2008

My name is Janelle and I just want to tell you that I have been very satisfied with the equipment I have ordered from your company. I have ordered several of your videos and some of the books you sell. I got them to study before I purchased my puppy. They are great. I have watched all of them multiple times and I continue to refer to them. The products you sell are wonderful. Thanks to the materials I have purchased from your company I have a young dog who loves to learn. (He is a 14 month old APBT.) When he sees his prong collar, he wags his tail and gets excited because he knows it is time to work. I consider my Leerburg videos a part of my reference library. I also recently purchased a snap bait pouch from your company and it is well worth the extra money. It is refreshing to deal with a company that is committed to selling quality products and not selling whatever they can to make a quick buck. When people want my videos, etc., I refer them to your website. Thanks for providing information that has helped me become a better dog owner and trainer.


October 18, 2008

Whew, there’s a lot of good stuff here, hard to know where to begin! I find I have been doing a lot right but that there is also much much more to learn about being a great dog owner/handler. We have a terrific little 13lb. Aussie Terrier, very strong willed & energetic, a hard dog I can see from your descriptions  but also one that likes to be in her leaders “good books”! She is loving & totally charming so there is a real balance to maintain here in being the pack leader. She is so very different from our 3 previous pets [all cocker spaniels for the past 35 years!] I think I will be very busy studying your material for a long time.

Thanks for all of your shared wisdom.


October 18, 2008

I just downloaded your magnificent eBooks for a lady friend of mine who I know will be thrilled to receive them. I have, of course, enclosed a copy of your web page and told her that her gratitude for these goes to you for your kindness and the hard work that you were so magnanimous to share.

I just wanted to say that your kindness in sharing your vast knowledge and experience is very deeply appreciated.

Thank, Sir.


October 14, 2008

Please tell Stephanie thanks for everything. She was amazingly helpful and I really appreciate her help. Top notch customer service and advice from her.


October 9, 2008

Dear Ed,

Through your DVDs you are my mentor in Schutzhund and I want to say thanks. To a novice, Schutzhund sometimes seems like a secret society that you can't get information about. Your DVDs especially Raising the working puppy is invaluable to me. I have ordered many DVDs about Schutzhund but they are not done well or it is difficult to understand the narrator. Not so with your DVDs. You speak clearly, plainly and give excellent real world examples of your time with dogs.

I know you know all this, you're a pro! But still felt the need to say thanks since I have developed a true passion for Schutzhund and crave knowledge about it.

Oconto Falls, WI

September 29, 2008

Hello Ed

Can't thank you enough for all your advice over the years. The time you took to email with me offering me guidance and advice. I would not still have my two Akitas living in harmony if it weren't for you! I believe in your methods and techniques and have learned so much from you. I have passed on a lot of people to your site and training dvd's and equipment over the years and will continue to. Keep up the great work and although not all people actually " get it" a lot of us do and we thank you!

Kathy, Bruto & Hana

September 24, 2008

I look forward to the DVD. Also, I must say of all the hours of internet surfing I have done, I have never gained such value as I do in your website. The wealth of knowledge, the media used, etc. AWESOME!!!


September 24, 2008

Thanks for the quick shipping.  I always appreciate how well you conduct your business. This last order was my birthday present and I was quite pleased that it arrived on Monday, my birthday.


September 16, 2008

Thank you for your podcasts! They make me realize having a dominant dog can be manageable with proper training!


September 15, 2008

I just found your website a week ago. I have a 5 month old GSD that I have been taking to a local trainer. Training is coming along slowly, and I have been looking for common sense help. Thank you for your website. I hope these DVDs will be just what I'm hoping.

Thanks-- Kelli

September 10, 2008

I love you guys... You are great for people like me who are starting out in the dog world. I'm loving the challenge with my DDR/Czech girl of one year, but honestly would have been lost without the simple, how to do material you offer. The dog world can be intimidating but you guys have helped me enter it myself despite the dog culture world I've been trying to piece together to train my girl... I'm doing good.


September 8, 2008

Your website is worth its weight in GOLD!!! Thank you for taking the time to provide such a valued service. I've never been disappointed with your products or your advice.


September 8, 2008

Hi Ed,

Just want to thank you for the prompt delivery of the 3 tracking tapes I ordered last week. Living in Scotland (UK) I was surprised they arrived so soon, I received them this morning (Monday) and have started viewing stage one on how to start laying tracks, I found it very informative, if the rest of the videos are as good I’ll be over the moon.

Thanks for now,

September 4, 2008

Thank you for putting in all those hours finding the best products. Everything I have ordered has been wonderful. The staff at Leerburg are apparently NEVER asleep! Talk about fast, accurate turn around!

Thanks again,

September 2, 2008

Dear Mr. Frawley,

I have no question, no real point to make. I just feel moved to write and thank you and Cindy for all you do. My adult son and daughter got Lab/Shepherd X litter mates a year ago. These are the first dogs our family has ever had. The homes of my daughter and her husband, my son, and my husband and I are within blocks of each other, so we spend a lot of time with the two pups. They are wonderful dogs, thanks in no small part to our serious study of your website, articles and videos. We are learning along with the pups and obviously, have a long way to go, but we feel very lucky that we do not have any of the serious problems we so often hear about. They are now 13 months old so we do occasionally see some adolescent behavior, but mainly that is just being slower than we would like to obey a command. We still have to work on overcoming the sometimes over- cautiousness of one of the pups and the others failure to always listen when he sees another dog, but we are making progress on both fronts. These dogs are a delight and have brought immeasurable joy to us all. I really believe that is due, in no small part, to your wonderful advise.

Thank you from us all,

August 11, 2008

Thank you for your clear and compassionate approach to dog training - there are a lot of opinions out there, yours is the first that helped me feel like I could do a good job training by dog on my own.


August 11, 2008

I love your web site and the wealth of information you offer for free. This told me that you are not just doing this for the money and therefore I trust you and your advice. I worked with dogs many years ago, but I am behind on the new methods. I hope to use the DVDs to bring myself and my new GSD up to speed.


July 22, 2008


I have just been on to customs in Australia and it is illegal to import electric collars and prong collars into Australia and they will be seized, so with that in mind I would like to cancel my order, I would still like you to send the DVD No 205D Training Tracking dogs and the rest of the order is to be cancelled.

Customs did say that your company is to be commended for bringing the collar situation to my attention and I also thank you.

Thank you for all your help and I am sorry for any inconvenience I have caused you.


July 18, 2008

Dear Ed,

Thank you for sharing your deep and expansive knowledge of dog training with the world.  I recently integrated an adopted dog into my home with two existing German shepherds.  I read and re-read your article about integrating a new dog many many times and did my absolute best to follow all of the steps and be super plugged into signs of integration progression.  I took my time and now am so thrilled that all three dogs are accepting of the new pack and getting along well.  I still take lots of precautionary measures and of course maintain role of pack leader.  But just glad I could give a home to the adopted dog (1 year old Australian cattle dog who I knew already from an acquaintance who ended up moving and not able to keep him).  And that my shepherds didn't feel out placed by it all. 

Thanks again Ed!  I don't want to think about what may have happened if I didn't have your white paper on integrating.  I would have been very cautious by nature (I also have 5 horses on my property and am a nut about their turnout situations too) but would not have known nearly as much as you outlined.

Kind regards,

July 1, 2008

Dear Ed,

I've been a semi-regular customer since discovering your website and wonderful online resources about two years ago. I find your training equipment to be of excellent quality, however, I ran into a problem recently with an item breaking. Although I'm sure it's rare, these things alas do happen. Ironically (and even more rarely I'm sure) while one item was being replaced with an upgrade I opted to pay for, ANOTHER recent purchased also malfunctioned.

I'd like to recognize your employee Dona (with one "n") who assisted me with this customer service issue. She was ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING and is a fine representation of what I have come to associate with your company: quality, professionalism, efficiency, honesty, integrity, and a refreshing, solution-focused "can-do" spirit that's increasingly hard to find these days. Dona was supportive and empathetic for the unusual failings of the equipment and she immediately helped resolve the problem. When the second item unexpectedly malfunctioned during this same time-frame, she took steps to immediately rectify it as well. She was also very efficient, friendly, and a great exemplar of your company. Both items have since worked wonderfully without a hitch.

The truest test of a company, often, is not only just when things go right--but how things are handled when things sometimes go astray, which happens inevitably to everyone. Dona and Leerburg truly passed the muster on this. Based on my limited experience, she's an asset to your company. Thanks for all you and your fine employees do.


June 30, 2008

Whenever you guys ship something to me via UPS, a small pop-up window appears on my computer screen notifying me of the delivery status... I don't know if it's something that you do at Leerburg, or if it's a UPS thing, but I like it. I'm notified when my order has shipped, and am kept informed of exactly where it is and when I can expect it to arrive.  Just thought that I'd give you some customer feedback.


June 29, 2008


I am going to place another order shortly for a number of things.

In the crate training section of the pack structure dvd Ed talks about a new dvd  I think called “relationships” which I cant seem to locate in the catalogue. Could you please point me in the right direction with this one.

Would also like to take the opportunity to say how impressed I am with the quality of products and service I have received in my dealings with you. I have had a number of items shipped over to me in Sydney Australia including dvds, leather collars, leashes and toys. The quality and range of product you have is just not available here and I would not buy these items anywhere else now.

I have a 5 month old male doberman puppy (Riley) who in just a couple of weeks of applying Ed's principles of pack structure and now basic obedience is just a pleasure to be around and train. The difference in my relationship with him is just amazing. Thank you very much!


PS. The romp n roll toy is just the best toy you could ever buy. Riley absolutely loves it! Watching him run with it and thrash it around provides just as much entertainment for me.

June 25, 2008

I just wanted to say thanks. I had just placed my order and it is here already, that is just super. We have an agility trial this weekend and I was hoping the crate fans were going to get here in time. Nothing like last minute. Those ultra balls in the Chuck It are fantastic, I love them and the dogs love them. I've learned so much from your dvds and books and web board.


June 20, 2008

I wanted to write back when I got my order. The dominant dog collar and leather leash were just what the doctor ordered. My 2 year old Dobe is now under complete control.

June 10, 2008

Looking forward to the shipment. I am a man who does my homework when it comes to buying the best. Your website was the most most knowledgeable and informative. Keep up the good work.


June 4, 2008

I ordered 3 DVDs from you this past month. I just thought I would send a quick email to applaud you on your phenomenal service. They were shipped promptly and in excellent condition and I am very pleased. It's not always easy to find good service now a days so I like to support companies with great customer appreciation. I will not hesitate to recommend Leerburg and will be sure to order more products and/or DVDs in the near future. Thanks again!


May 20.2008

Dear Mr. Frawley -

I feel a bit silly doing this but have been thinking about doing such for some time now and am just finally writing you. I want to just thank you for being such a wonderful resource. 

We train service dogs for individuals with disabilities, primarily those who have type I diabetes or epilepsy and are prone to seizures due to such.  We train the dogs, by scent discrimination, to alert their person before the situation is dangerous and either alleviate the diabetic seizure or get to a place of safety before the epileptic seizure sets in.

I have been around dogs all my life, training for a good deal of that time, and will be the very first to admit I have a GREAT deal to learn yet. I honestly believe you never stop learning.  However, when looking around for resources and other training techniques, I've noticed a vast majority of it are all "positive reinforcement" with a great deal of fuss if anyone ever dare use the word "no" or any type of negative consequence. Furthermore, many seem to think pinch collars are of the devil and shock collars send you straight to hell.  We've found them very useful but dare not admit to such most of the time!  We've been under some heavy fire for such in the past and presently by individuals who believe they know best.  Needless to say, their dogs are not working properly and it's a great mystery to them. (I hope you read sarcasm well).

So, in looking around for other resources and such, I found your site a while back.  You have so much GOOD information, common sense approaches, and a wide variety of techniques on DVD and by book. Several of the items, I had bought a while back from other sources but had been unable to find them back. I was so excited to find you had them available through your site. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!  I truly appreciate you taking the time to make all of this available to the rest of us out here. Your site has been an incredible resource to our organization. 

Please know you are appreciated!


May 5, 2008

Thanks again Cindy/ Ed

You are of great help my pup now spends up to 3 hours in create without noise, she goes to bathroom on command, she will sit lay and recall with treats (still a little to go), She has dragged her lead for the last 3 weeks, took her for first walk outside today, thanks to you guys she walks very very well. How pleased I am this is all in 3 weeks and a 10 week old puppy. (attached picture so you know her, just joking)

Just about to place order for Zip lead (product 1096) and pocket tug (product 870) is the small one ok, also could you suggest a drag line for or puppy not sure which one to order she is a toy poodle 2-3 Kilos fully grown. This will be for outdoor work.




May 3, 2008

Mr. Frawley,

I stumbled upon your site when searching for some training materials for electronic collars (precious little out there amazingly). I immediately ordered your DVD on e-collar training and have watched about 1/3 of it at least so far… and I just wanted to say it is very very good. My wife even commented today while we were watching it, “I really like this guy” (hey…). I agree with her. I like your approach and especially that you speak directly and frankly. Too many people try to please everyone, which we know is not possible. I’m looking forward to finishing the DVD and then starting over again… and I’ll probably order more of them.

We are raising a GSD puppy, having had two previous GSD’s as a couple (and I had one as a boy). But I really want to do it right or at least better this time around. I think your methods will help tremendously toward that. I have also joined your forum, which is terrific! Keep up the great work. Just for fun I’ve attached a photo of Kuno, our (almost) six month old pup.

Dover, Delaware


April 28, 2008

Hi Ed,

I recently purchased your Pack Structure and Dog Obedience videos and am reading your ebooks. They are fantastic. I've always had small dogs and I wanted to make as few mistakes as possible bringing a larger dog into our little pack. Following your teaching paid off in spades in what could have been a very bad situation.

Here's my story. I've been following all your protocols establishing ground work with a rescue GSD that we carefully selected. She is a 5 year old purebred that recently had a litter of what tested out as confident quality pups. She was fostered and evaluated for 3 months by a very reputable rescue group. She is mellow and well behaved and your ground work directives have been going well.

I decided we were ready to move forward a bit since she seemed to be accepting me and listening. I adjusted from the isolated exercise walk to a training collar and a trail during a quiet time at a local park.

Suddenly two unleashed lab mixes noticed us and charged across a field on the other side of a fairly large creek that we were hiking beside. I yelled out to the owner to control his dogs. For a moment, it seemed like the dogs paused and I said, 'thank you' , but in a flash they recommitted. The owner was yelling at his dogs and I could see that one stopped half way across the creek but the other disappeared out of sight.

It was then that the other dog sprang up from the creek bed after diligently fiording the shallow stream. He bounded up onto the embankment charging at us growling, barking, showing teeth and focused on my dog.

Having taken all of your advice to heart, we were prepared. I say this with all humility since with two more difficult dogs I could have been way over faced. Nevertheless, I had a walking stick with me and holding my Shepherd with my right hand I moved between the charging dog and my dog flailing my walking stick yelling like a banshi. My dog stood with what I can only say was confidence next to me because she didn't pull away, charge, bark, whimper or cower.

That dog was totally focused on my dog and was only driven back for a fraction of a second. I had to hit the dog (who didn't even yelp) and wasn't in the slightest deterred until I caught it with a back-handed swing to the front legs. Once again, he didn't yelp, but stopped, at which point, the stupid owner who wouldn't cross the creek was yelling at me screaming, 'NO RIGHT TO HIT MY DOG!, bla, bla, bla!!! Now Ed, I'm a 5'3" 115 lb woman who's not left handed.

I then para-phrased from your tape and yelled back that there wasn't a policeman in the world who wouldn't understand that I had I right to protect myself and my dog if I felt threatened by an unleashed aggressive attacking dog; and PS, I would be reporting them. That shut him up.

It was still dicey getting out of there because the owner had no leashes, the other dog was frozen in the water waiting for what to do next, and the ignorant owner didn't want to cross the creek and get his clothes wet to the knees (I would have been swimming across if I had to in order to get my dog off of someone!)

I had a mile to go before I could get to my car. I didn't want to run which might trigger another attack, but I also was well aware that completely turning my back could provide an opportunity. I called 911 as I was getting away but they were really tough to communicate with. They said if I wasn't being attacked NOW, they would meet me at my car in a while. I said I couldn't be sure that the whole thing wasn't going to repeat itself. Any advice?

Anyway, so far so good. I consider myself and my dog lucky to have had the benefit of your teaching. I've only had her two weeks and she is not a tough dog but she of course didn't know me when we left the rescue. I've been following your advice everyday to the letter as best I could, and it most definitely worked at a critical moment. In fact, I can only imagine the price I could have paid in Vet & Dr. bills had things gone a bit differently. I also think like you said, she took note of what I did and she really seems a bit different to me-more eye contact and she started licking my face when I feel asleep on the sofa with her on the floor next to me. Very cool.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill. I'm looking forward to learning and having a quality relationship with my nice new dog.

Thanks again,

January 31, 2008


Thanks for your advice---your FREE advice, which shows a remarkable dedication to the art of dog training.

We got your dominant dog collars and your Electronic Collar training video for, believe it or not, our Corgis.

I see you’ve got Morgi so you’ll understand that these can be tough, stubborn, willful and totally delightful little dogs.

These guys are hardly the wimps I thought they might be. They’re tough and don’t seem to mind the cold as much as I thought they might---not that they’re ever banished to freezing kennels; they wouldn’t stand for that.

But they can tear across 25 acres at a dead run and go and go. They’re both in amazing shape, which helps keep this 63 year old in tolerable condition.

Sadie our female is a dominant dog I rescued from the pound because the former owner said she wouldn’t get along with his dogs. She’s a wonderful dog but can be pushy with other animals. A total lover with people and a collector of socks and gloves.

She also came with a car-chasing habit which is now over. It’s amazing how dogs listen with an e-collar. We have Dogtra's and the pager is usually all we need to do to get compliance or an instant recall while in the field. Treats also help reinforce the buzz.

Sadie didn’t get along with Corky, our younger male, and dog fights were becoming a problem. Ever break up a dog fight during a Christmas party?

Unfortunately we didn’t get the e-collars deployed in time to keep Corky from getting a small nick- tear in one ear.

All that fighting nonsense is over, at least 95 percent over. We still watch carefully for dominance body language, as per your advice, and immediately correct that. We’re not totally out of the woods. They still need more obedience work, but are doing very well.

They sleep in their kennels, get dog, not people treats, and I think are generally happier and more secure.

Sadie now knows the hand of God can reach out and straighten things quickly before things get out of hand, so a gruff “be nice” is usually enough.

Nail trimming is a traumatic wrestling match for Corky; he must be muzzled. Sadie gets a muzzle too but is tolerating it better.

For a time we were taking the dog to the vet to get a light anesthesia to get it done, but that seems a bit much and expensive. The vet ham-handedly over trimmed the nails anyway , so we saw no advantage.

Suggestions are welcome. I’ve tried some marker training with treats and touching clippers to a paw with moderate success.

Thanks for your work.

S. Dakota

PS – Saw your dirt bag page. Don’t these guys just piss you off? These are folks who shouldn’t be trusted with dogs, much less kids. We’ve got our share here too. Maybe you can hold off sending orders till checks clear. On the other hand banks don’t take much responsibility either and can sometimes come back with a bounce a week later. These scum bags always figure out a way to work on the float or some other angle. Keep the faith.


I received the Dogtra E-collar today in record time. Once again your service is second to none. You're the best!

Thanks very much,

CD received today!

Excellent service 5 days from States to UK!

Thanking you,

Thank you for your very prompt action in recalling the shipped DVDs. I have received the replacements in good order and condition, and they play great!

I have enjoyed and learnt from the videos tremendously. Kudos to Ed and all of you at Leerburg. Keep up the good work and excellent after-sales service!

Cheers & best regards

I received my complete order yesterday and, as usual, the products were of exceptional quality. Thanks to all of you for selling nothing but the best and for the website available to us. I trust all is well with you folks.



I have just received my order this morning and I am thrilled to bits. All the training equipment I have ordered from you as been of the highest quality and this is something that is difficult to find in the UK without having to order custom made. It is well worth the extra payments in shipping and the orders have been efficiently sent. I will be recommending your company from now on.

Many thanks,

I received my second order today from your company and wanted to tell you that the website is great. Your customer service is outstanding. I have a 7 month old Doberman that is currently training in obedience and the beginning of protection training. Consider me a customer for life.

Do you offer any seminars and or training classes?

Once again thinks for the great products, great customer service, and great advice.


Your website and your puppy/basic dog obedience videos have been a great resource to getting off on the right foot with our new dog. Thanks!


I am picking up a working GSD puppy July 17th. At another kennel. Locked in. I hope it works out. I am pleased to have found you as an information source now. It is never too late, just as you say. I admire the body of work you have contributed to the world toward our understanding of this ancient and precious bond between us and our dogs. You are a wise and delightfully articulate man. & not bad lookin' either.... (thought I'd make you laugh). All frivolity aside, you have given us wonderful insights from your lifetime of experience on a truly wonderful website. In the world of duplicity, manipulation, and scams, it is a comfort to know you are there.


I bought one of these balls [Romp-N-Roll] 2 years ago for my Australian Shepherd that destroys everything he can sink his teeth in to. It is still alive but has a million teeth marks in it. A great rugged ball in my opinion!!! Do you have anything else that is this good? I have thrown away so many thrashed toys, stuffed animals and balls. My dog is a sweetheart...he simply loves to chew his toys, nothing else though.


You have one of the BEST informative sites on the internet on German Shepherds. I just purchased Herm Springer Stainless Steel Collars off your web site. Excellent product! Got it today and was very happy with the quality and to see it was made from a high grade stainless steel and would not rust. That's important since he loves going down to the lake a lot. I have used your info for my 16 month shepherd and it has been a great help, especially on diet.


We love your 1/2 inch leash so much, we decided to order another one. Your leashes are the greatest for training as well as every day walks. Thanks for such a great product!


I'm a big fan of your website, and I'm really looking forward to this video. I have a Treeing Walker Coonhound with some obedience issues. His behavior has improved since I've read and followed your groundwork for becoming a pack leader, but I still have a lot of work to do. Thanks for making the best dog training resource on the internet.


Thank you for the excellent service you gave me in supplying a prong collar. Taking our dog for a walk was really hard work and no fun at all for her and for us, but now going for a walk is a real pleasure. We had tried all manner of collars, head collars (which she hated) and harnesses to no avail until someone told us about your prong collars. This is one product that really works and causes no stress to our dog.

Once again many thanks.

Best regards,


Ed: Your site is like an encyclopedia about canines available 24/7. It answers just about every question that comes to mind. I appreciate the amount of work that went into it. Thanks for sharing the wealth!



Let me start off by saying that you are a genius and I would be lost without you. About 4 months ago my wife and I found a 6 month old GSD at a park. She was a little skinny, but received a good bill of health from our vet and she was already spayed. My wife named her Henrietta. Without your website and videos I don't think we would have survived the first month. I used to think that prong collars were so inhumane, but I just didn't know any better. The prong collar saved us. The first walk we took her on with the prong collar was such a joy. She responded so quickly it was amazing.


Your video "Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months" has helped me more than anything. Far better than the puppy training class I enrolled in and quit because of aggressive dogs in the class. Also the leash they sold me broke and my dog went loose. Thankfully I had a treat ready and he came to me/grabbed him by the scruff. Funny feeling about that class/instructor from the get-go. Anyway I am not going back. Your videos/website/resources are what I am going to follow. Thank you for making this info available. You are a Godsend. I wish I could meet you. I have a 4-month old yellow lab. Beautiful puppy, smart, wonderful, a bit on the dominant side, which I like but I need to be trained. Because I would like to train him for obedience and agility, maybe even search and rescue, if he has the right temperament, etc. So much looking forward to the videos/toys/equipment I have ordered.

Again, thank you.


Thanks for all your help and you've been a tremendous resource for me and my dogs over the past 2 years. I have to say had i not stumbled upon your site, I would probably have 1 less dog today due to putting her down. Your advice and training has allowed me to keep both of my dogs, who had fought severely in the past, and maintain a very harmonious household. I learned so much from your site, took it to heart and put it into practice and have a 99% improvement in the attitude and behavior between my two females. Basically I believe that the knowledge you share has single handedly allowed me save a wonderful dog's life and I hope you can feel good about that.


I was so pleased with the first package of DVDs and equipment that I received from you that I have come back for more! I am so grateful to have found Leerburg...Thank you!


Thank you very much for k-9 working harness that I just received from you guys,top quality. I look forward to more business with you in the future.


Thank you soooo much! You are a light at the end of the tunnel!!


Your website is marvelous, very informative and I want to say how very much I appreciate being able to read and learn from your considerable knowledge and experience - by simply reading on your site! I truly look forward to receiving the DVD I have ordered, and getting more in-depth into your training methods and philosophy. THANK YOU for such a wonderful site.


LOVE your web site. I have sent your link to several of my friends. I hope the leather leash is as good as the testimonials! It looks very high quality in the pictures. I hope that this is a secure web-site since I am using my credit card!! I think that you should add that information so customers feel safe using their personal info online.


Thanks for having a very simple and clear website, and very clear checkout process with reasonable shipping charges. I searched "google" for Leather Dog Leashes, and your site was on the 1st page; and indeed the description of the product and the price seems to be world class. Can't wait to start to use this leash!! Thanks & have a nice day.


We are first time buyers of your products and are really looking forward to using this DVD with our dogs. Thank you for your hands-on, common sense philosophy. It is helping us resolve some consistency issues with our two boys:-).


I have really enjoyed your Web site. I have only been a dog owner for one year now and have found your training methods to be the most sensible. Thank you for sharing them.



I got the DVDs yesterday by UPS. Geee that was so fast. Thank you very much for the great service.

I am a radio DJ here in the UK. Part of my show is called “Surfers Paradise” where I mention certain sites. I will be sure to give yours a huge mention. Emails were fast, delivery fast and DVDs are great.

Kindest regards and tell Ed to keep up the good work.

United Kingdom

Hi there, I received my DVD in good time in in good order, thank you for all your assistance.

South Africa

I have received the DVD few days ago already, Thanks so much! So quick!


Thank you for everything - durable products, great website, and outstanding advice. Thanks to you, our dog Jake has turned into a real gentleman with excellent manners and behavior! :)


Your web page is fantastic! We have reserved GSD puppy that we will get in early December and we want to want to get as much knowledge as possible so that we can properly care and train our puppy. I am the DVDs I am purchasing will put us in the right path.


Hi! I would just like to thank you for the prompt delivery of the dog training vest which I received today. It will look really fab on my GSD once she has grown into it. Once again thank you.


In today's world of "NO, you can't have it that way." and "No, we can't go out of our way for you." - You guys are truly a bright spot! Thanks for always going the extra mile for me and my puppy!


Just thought I would drop you a note thanking you for your prompt and efficient service and although I only placed my order for DVDs with you on the Wednesday 15.11.06, I was very pleasantly surprised to have received them this morning Tuesday 21.11.06 and that although they have arrived prior to me going to work I am looking forward to going home and viewing them.


Hi Ed,

Just a quick note to say thanks. I have a 10 week old SHIBA puppy, and her personality seems to be pretty much how it is described on the Japanese Breeders' website (high prey drive, intelligent and stubborn).

If it was not for your videos I would be lost.

The good news is that I used the same approach as when I am teaching (I am an elementary school teacher). Lots of praise, redirecting attention to elicit appropriate behaviors, and a very clear set of rules.

After watching your videos I realized that this common sense approach is pretty much what you promote in your training videos.

The most helpful advice (from the dominant dogs DVD) was to put her on the leash when I walk around the house. I was getting quite frustrated because I could not play/train her for more than 6 minutes, and then her prey drive would kick in which led to lots of ankle biting etc. It would then take about 3 hours for her to calm down. This led to a lot of wasted evenings.

Now, as soon as she starts showing signs of getting overexcited I stop the game and take her for a walk around the house, she gets to watch me cook, have a shower etc. This REALLY calms her down, and I am now able to type this email with the leash attached to my arm, and she is lying at my feet calmly, without attacking my ankles. Our training sessions are shorter, more productive, and 'recovery time' is quicker.

I could go on for many pages about what I have learned, but I am sure you have heard it all before.

I found the puppy info on the bite training, drive building and dominant dog DVDs to be VITAL, and if I had not bought them I would have missed out on some important knowledge.

Again, thanks for the quality products. I will of course be back in about a year for your agility and tracking training DVDs.


Hey Ed,

I just wanted to tell you how great your tapes are. They have helped me a lot though the years, I have been buying your tapes since I was 20 years old, and have based most of my training on you tapes. I am 29 know, I have a very successful training, boarding and breeding facility know and I am one of the top competitors in PSA. I have brought 2 dogs to the level 2 in PSA and have helped multiple people get titles in the sport. I will be going to the 3's next year. Thank you for giving me my start in the dog world.


Hello Mr. Frawley: I just wanted to thank you for such quality Items. I just received my new leash and  collar, along with 2 new dvds. I also purchased a large tug. Top notch stuff as well as your articles. Thanks it is a rarity.


Hi Ed,

My fiancee and I adopted a 6 month old boxer/beagle mix named Josie about 3 weeks ago from our local Humane Society.  She has lots of energy and is very smart and loving. I have been a dog owner all my life, and we began crate training from the first day. She now gleefully goes "night night" ("outside" and "potty" too) when asked.

We attended an information session on the Humane Society training courses and decided to try the methods there and take a few classes. Those first two weeks were a struggle as she quickly learned that she could get a treat by simply doing something good like sit, no matter how disobedient she was in between. She comes to my office with me, so her behavior had to be controlled. We had to buy a harness just to walk her.

My dad recommended getting a pinch collar after he successfully trained his chocolate lab with one (who is now asked to come back to classes as an example!). I was hesitant at first, and then in my research I found the Leerburg website. 

I read and read, listened and listened, and bought a prong collar on my way home. After her first 15 minute walk, she was a different dog.  I walked her down what we like to call "the trail of tears," which has multiple barky, aggressive dogs at about 1/4 of the houses in a city block. It's the only way to the park near our house, and it literally hurt to walk her down it. With the prong collar and the methods you described in just your articles, she was not only manageable for the first time without a harness, she calmed the other dogs as well.  It was amazing.

Before the collar training, she was the most poorly behaved, barky dog in our first obedience class. Only a week later, not only was she quiet and attentive, she performed so well that the instructor used her as an example. It has helped her attention and respect within our house and with humans in general.

She now lets our littlest cat rub against her without a chase ensuing, and both cats can calmly accept treats standing beside her. She is a joy, and I can't wait to watch your full video so we can continue to work with her.

Thanks for this great resource!

St. Louis, MO

Many, many thanks for your superb service. My order arrived this morning! I'm not used to such fantastic service - you're going to spoil me.

I will be ordering again soon.



I just wanted to say a big thank you for the prompt arrival of my leather collar, training lead and tab.  The quality of the craftsmanship and leather are superb and unrivalled by any supplier in the UK.

Thank you again, I have passed your details on to all my friends.


2nd purchase at First was a 6' leather lead and we are 100% thrilled with it. Website is simple, clear, and easy to navigate. Prices are competitive... we have learned already that you "get what you pay for" especially with dog equipment due to the abuse it has to withstand. The quality at Leerburg is 5x anywhere else. Fantastic articles that get fantastic results - esp the foundation training.


Just wanted to say thanks for the quick work... confirmed order with you on Thursday the 8th arrived Tuesday morning the 13th. Great work.


Thanks for your excellent service; I received my order on Friday. The tug is great, much better quality than I have been able to get here in Australia. The production standards of the DVD are much higher than I am used to in training videos.


We really appreciate the website and the free information offered, the tips and information we received for free is why we decided to purchase the DVD. The free information is so well put and easily stated we figure the DVD must be even better!

Thanks, hopefully these steps put us on the right track to solving our dog-problems.


I am a newbie to your site and world of Dog training, but with that being said I am not new to the world of Quality, your equipment and DVDs and especially your leather leashes are second to none in my opinion. I have bought from your site in the last few weeks about 2k worth of stuff and I must say your product, site, your staff, (especially your staff) that I have spoke to on the phone about orders are very impressionable to say the least, very professional.  I own and operate national and international publications (magazines) and I see a lot of the newest and best toys or equipment around the world. I would not hesitate to recommend leerburg, I bought about 4 or 5 of the police leashes and gave to our local Police K9 and one of your magazines for orders they love them and the site. Keep up the good work and product.    


Your service is outstanding.  In an age where the term "service" is used so freely, it is refreshing to deal with a company that understands and practices the term.  That is from someone who has been in the service industry for over 30 years.  GREAT JOB!


The information on your website and have found your basic obedience dvd invaluable. I have a 5 month GSD male and he is responding brilliantly to training so far. Your philosophy of living and working with dogs makes complete sense to me too and I am just grateful that you are prepared to share so much of your knowledge and expertise. I have looked for similar products in the UK but have found it difficult to find the same quality at similar cost. I look forward to receiving my latest purchases. Yours sincerely


I've used Prong Collars before, but after visiting your website, I now realize that I did not place them correctly. In trying the new placement on our young puppy, I find the collar slides down, even when pretty snug, so I suspect it is not the right size for her, and is too heavy. Her neck measures 12" right now, (4-months, 24-pounds, but with BIG feet and growing steadily!).

I also want to express my appreciation for so much helpful information on your website.  I'm thrilled to have discovered it, and have high hopes now, for molding a healthy, rambunctious puppy into a well behaved, enjoyable companion dog.  It's been a number of years since I 'obedience trained' a young dog, and this one is half St. Bernard, so I'm quite anxious to upgrade and improve my training skills, as she's going to be a fairly big dog!!  And SOON!


I just wanted to say how much I love your equipment, and your website. I have learned more in the last 6 months than I could have ever dreamed, and I am still learning something new everyday!


Ed, I have a few of your other tapes (VHS) and think that you have put together one of the best training video I have ever seen. Packed full of knowledge. So much so that it has been four years and still watch them at least once a week, just to try to understand what it is you are teaching . I hope you never stop. Best of luck to you.


I have spent hours on your web site. I am learning so much, I can't wait to get my first DVD. Also, I was extremely moved by your tributes to our service men. I forwarded the videos and many of the articles to lots of friends. Keep up the great work.


Thanks for sharing your wealth of information via DVD's and this website, it's been really educational for my wife and I. We are attempting to put what we have learned into practice and so far things are going very good. Thanks again!

-- Charles

I order many things form E-bay, Amazon, ABE Books etc. They also charge me 10 to 11 $, but they take more then a month to reach. I am always surprised that your parcel comes much earlier then others. This is very good on your part and should be appreciated.

Shailesh (India)

God Bless you... You are the man... I don't know what I would do with out your pages.

Special thanks of your link about raw diet. Our dog loved it. I have spent hours and hours and read everything from your pages. We ordered Your DVDs and I can't wait to see those.

We are from Finland but now living in India. All training things are very old fashion and we haven't like it but now with your free eBooks I have learned more then in year with dog trainer. The progress what have happen in our dog is amazing.

Thank you ones more and please keep doing what you are doing.... We GDS owners need you.

God bless you and your pack members. =)

Best regards,

I just got my leather leashes in today, WOW. I am once again impressed, I shouldn't be after all that I have ordered. I am really looking forward to the collars after seeing these.

Thanks again,

A huge thanks to Ed and everyone at Leerburg for providing such an AMAZING outlet for serious dog owners/trainers and those just interested in educating themselves about canine health and behavior - there's nothing else like it! Keep up the great work!!


Mr. Frawley

Let me start off by saying that you are a genius and I would be lost without you.  About 4 months ago my wife and I found a 6 month old GSD at a park.  She was a little skinny, but received a good bill of health from our vet and she was already spayed.  My wife named her Henrietta.  Without your website and videos I don't think we would have survived the first month.  I used to think that prong collars were so inhumane, but I just didn't know any better.  The prong collar saved us.  The first walk we took her on with the prong collar was such a joy.  She responded so quickly it was amazing. 


From the start... Your advice, articles, DVDs, toys... EVERYTHING has been such a help with our 11 mo. old Lab Jake. You are true professionals. Thank you!!!!


Hi Ed,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for providing me (the public) with so much excellent information on dogs and training.  I have a two year old female (spayed) Belgian Terv who is a dominant dog. I read through everything you had on your web site and then purchased your Basic Obedience and Dealing with Dominant and Aggressive Dog DVDs. They are excellent! Yay! Finally some good, helpful information that answers the problems I'd been having.

Using your methods has made a big difference in both my understanding my dog and changing her behavior - and mine.  : ) 

Thank you Ed, for being so generous and having a website that gives away so much valuable information. Your DVDs are excellent. I like the format and the way you present the information.  I'll be recommending your products on my blog and to everyone I come into contact with!

Best Regards,

I am very excited about receiving your DVD! FINALLY someone has "done it right!" I have trained over 35 years and used the e-collar for 20 years. I am tired of training all the dogs myself! I used to order an e-collar and have it delivered to my address just so I could get the video that comes with the collar in the trash can!


I have been reading on the Leerburg website for 2 days now at work. I just can't seem to stop! So much good information here! I am forwarding this web site to all of my dog owning friends! Great site! Great information!!


Once again, thanks for providing such a informative website and "tried and true" products for purchase! I'll be back again and again.


I have purchased two of your DVDs, Basic Dog Obedience and Building Drive and Focus. Both are amazing DVDs the both novice and expert dog trainers can easily follow. I have searched numerous web sites, watched hundreds of dog training videos and those two DVDs are by far the easiest to learn from. is the ultimate online source for just about anything needed for any dog. I visit the site about as much as my wife shops at Wal-mart.

Thanks for everything,

Absolutely fantastic site; the definition of quality, especially of information. I'd be lost without it.


My husband and I read your website for months before purchasing a GSD.  We purchased "your puppy:8 weeks to 8 months" and "basic obedience" after our puppy arrived.  We have used your philosophy from day one.  We had and still have the best behaved dog on the block.  Sometimes he listens better than our daughter.  We get many complements on his behavior and we usually tell these people about your website.  Our GSD (A.J.) is now 2 1/2 yrs old and we have purchased several more training dvds.  Looking forward to viewing them.  Thanks for all the useful info.

Joanne & Peter

I just wanted to let you know that reading your site has saved my little heeler that someone dumped in our desert last winter. I have had dogs all my life and I just turned 60. We have tennessee walkers and have owned horses and dogs since we were about 5. Anyway, I have always had Australian shepherds and heelers and only one of each gender neutered at a time.  So when I introduced this little dog from the desert to my 9 and 10 year old dogs, we had problems with the new dog as she had been attacked in the desert, I'm sure. I was sure I would have to get rid of her as she kept fighting with my old female heeler. I learned that she didn't respect me enough (it only happened when I was around) and I implemented your methods for two weeks. It's been two months and no problems. Thank you so much for your web page. 

Sincerely yours,

Ed: love your videos, they are a great help. Our dog Bindi is responding nicely to the training you have taught us in your videos, thank you.

Jerry and Sharon

Although I don't own a working dog, I have found your site to be an incredible training and information resource. Also I must commend you on the quality of the training equipment you handle-quality second to none, that's really hard to find these days.


Thanks so much for having such fantastic products, it has been a great pleasure doing business with you over the past few years and I know I will be back for more things in another month or two. The quality of your products makes my job as a Service dog trainer/handler so much easier. You are the only company I recommend for dog related items.


Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done to help those of us struggling to "do the right thing" for our dogs.


Thank you for the high-quality products and education. We have been making great strides with our dog by using your eBooks and basic obedience DVD. We adopted a young rescue doberman that was frankly way above our skill level, but your methods are bringing us up to speed in short order, and life with the dog is becoming more rewarding all the time.

- Jesse and Pearl

I have purchased several videos and training equipment from you before and you are the best in the business. I have been more than satisfied with every order I've placed, even the catalog.


We think you have great integrity. Glad you are still serving the sport and the working dog after all these years.

Joe & Victoria

Your puppy training videos and forums have been a huge help in training my puppy. Thus far, your methods have worked great.


LOVE this site! My GSD & I THANK YOU!


Thanks again for the invaluable work you do for our dogs and their often ignorant owners.


I received my DVDs yesterday & 2 of them are damaged. I called your office today & WOW! a real person answered the phone. She spoke English, her name is Kelly, she was polite, she was helpful, and she was friendly! Kudos to your company for knowing the true value of customer service. It is nice to know that there are still companies in this world that offer "real" customer service.


I continue to purchase my raw diet supplements from Leerburg. I never worry about quality or delivery. You guys are just the best!


I want to say that I have found your products and training equipment to be outstanding. Your web site is also very well done and very user friendly. I am a school teacher and a dog trainer and I really appreciate the organization of your website. Your Podcasts offer many people opportunities to improve as pet owners, handlers and dog trainers. I can tell you are very passionate about dogs and training.

Thank you,

Hi Ed and all at Leerburg,

Thanks very much for the speed and efficiency in processing my order. My Order has just arrived (within only 3 days!!!), and as usual the products are of super quality.  I especially like the leather padded harness which looks and feels great. I can't wait to try it out at the next training session.

Thanks again for the super service and super products.


This is by far the most educational web site on training and living with your dog, I've ever seen!! I have a 6 month old South African Boerbel Mastif, (Simba). I can't wait to get my hands on these DVDs.


I have received my order and I'm very pleased with it. The items are indeed of the highest quality.

Again, thank you very much for the excellent customer service.


We just received the fur-saver the other day. It’s a fantastic product and does exactly what it says on the tin. I also received your catalogue in the post which made interesting reading - some really clever and inventive items. I’m going to place an order for a harness and a bigger chain (he’s not getting any smaller!) tomorrow. I’m currently at work and don’t have his info girth to hand. I’ve sent your web address to some friends to have a look too as they have very active dogs also – so if you get any other dog-mad Irish folks e-mailing you, you can blame me! Take care and thanks for the seriously fast packaging & shipping. Do you guys have a feedback/testimonials section?

Kind regards,
Martin, Ann & Fletch the Rottweiler

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