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Tri-Tronics Electric Collars

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Hi Ed,

I was surprised to see you will not be selling dogs anymore. We decided to stick it out with Rocco and he is finely calming down. My oldest son who was bit by Rocco when they were playing is having a lot of fun with him now.

I have him on an electric collar, and it has made a big difference with Rocco. I took him to a different trainer, and he has been a big help with Rocco. The training has children, and seem to understand more, and had more answers. The other trainer had no children, and just didn't have the answers I needed. It has really made me understand why a puppy and children shouldn't be alone, or be in another room while not having them in the same room as an adult. Rocco is the first dog that I've had on my own. All the dogs that I ever had were trained by my parents when I lived at home. That is why I didn't understand not to leave a puppy with young children.

Rocco is an excellent dog. He is training excellent since I put him on the electric collar. It really has made a world of difference. I'm at the point where I don't have to use the collar much. He is respecting me, and my family more. He is awesome when he is with the children outside, and I can let him off the leash without him taking off anymore. I'm finally seeing what I might of been expecting from Rocco to soon. I'm glad I stuck it out with him and got in touch with a trainer that had children of his own.

Thank you for a really nice dog,

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