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Leerburg Ed's Kustom Krate for Honda Van

Ed's Kustom Krate for Honda Van

Ed's Kustom Krate for Honda Van

We (Ed and Cindy) purchased this Kustom Krate in March 2010 for $5,450.00. We bought it because Kustom Crates are the best quality dog crate package made anywhere.

The problem is my then puppy, Bart, never stopped growing. He is now @ 95 pounds and doesn't fit in the crate.

The crate assembly will fit a Honda Oddessy without an automatic tail gate opener.

This crate would be great for any normal sized Maliniois.

The crates will hold two normal size dogs and has two lower drawer equipment boxes to hold all your gear.  It also has been sprayed on the inside so a light color dog's fur will not become discolored from the alluminum.

The fact is this is a crate we thought we would own for the rest of our lives - until Bart turned into the monster that he currently is. The crate is in perfect condition. If someone really wants a good crate and they want to save $1000.00 this is a good option. It may be cheaper for us to just get a smaller dog. Oh well, such is life.

If you are interested in purchasing this crate, please email Ed at


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