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Leerburg Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

July 19, 2003

Dear Mr. Frawley;

I just spent the morning perusing your Dumb & Dumber Q&A Pages....WOW. I am truly sorry for the crap and unsolicited stupidity that you have to endure from these back woods, maybe tree hugging, maybe earth first subscribing, maybe peta supporting, perhaps flat out uninformed IDIOTS. I have a 16 month old F-GSD. When I got her at 9 weeks, she was the first GSD that I have owned, so I decided that I'd better train her right. So I was cruising the web looking for books, videos, etc... when I found Leerburg Kennels. Long story short I bought 3 of your videos, I have to say without a doubt the best money I have spent for my Dog, I couldn't have given her a better gift. Of course when I first got into your concepts, I felt that they made perfect sense, very simple common sense..train yourself first then the dog, then think like a dog not a dumb ass... gee who woulda thunk it... but I'm not one to take something at face value, so I read some older more traditional training books from the 50's&60's. What I found is that your concepts are simply rooted in good ol fashioned tried and true methods, again..who woulda thunk it. I got really pissed at one readers e-mail that said you were just in it for the money is that the best he could come up with? And that may be true but what your selling WORKS---WELL!! And far be it for an American to go out there take something that he knows and make a living, gee... you should be hung in the town square! I'm with you, these Idiots need to learn how to own a dog or make the sacrifice of giving their poor innocent dogs to someone that has more brains than foolish pride. Keep up the good work.

PS I hope you make a pile of cash!!! :):):)

True Dog Lover

November 10, 2002

Hi Ed,

It has been a very long time since I have wrote you. My sable turns 2 years this month. Last month she got her SchH 2 Title I would like to thank you for having such a great video selection to choose from it has help me so much in my foundation in training. I always go back and watch the video's over and over. I also have a young conformation female that I was able to put her BH title on her last month also. hopefully it will not be that long until the next time I write you tell some more great news.

Thank you very much,
The Greenhorn John

November 6, 2001

Now I finally understand how dog training is really done. I ordered your videos on Basic Obedience and Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months. I have learned more from these two videos than I have with all books, internet sites, other trainers and one dog behaviorist combined.

My husband and I are so careful with training our Australian Shepherd pup because we feel that if it isn’t done right big problems can arise. Your videos are so easy to understand and follow, you make it perfectly clear on how proper training is done. I am so glad I am I stumbled onto your site.

If anyone out there has any second thoughts about keeping the puppy that they brought home and feel that they are at the end of their rope (like I was), get these two videos. They will save your dogs life. I think that every dog is trainable and with these videos it will make the training that much easier, for your and your dog.

Sudbury Ontairo Canada

August 12, 2001


A couple months ago I asked for help with a puppy who wouldn't settle in the house. You suggested crating her more and ordering your basic obedience video. I did both and I am pleased with the results in each case.

Laika (mostly working/show GSD, she looks a lot like one of her ancestors, Marko v. Cellerland, she has no Q litter) is slowing settling down in the house. I've been crating her when I wanted her around, but could not watch her every minute or when she goes critical and won't settle down. Laika has a nice, big, outdoor pen, but I really want a house dog and the only way to teach her how to behave in the house is to have her in the house. This morning we went for our usual walk and when we got back home she milled around the living room and then ASKED to be put in her crate for a nap. Wow!! Thanks!!

I have several dog obedience tapes and they are okay, but not particularly useful. I ordered your tape mostly out of gratitude because you actually responded to my email and because there is more information on your web site than in many books that I have bought. Laika (She got up to look at the TV a couple times while the tape was on.) and I watched the tape and I was very pleased. It reflected a businesslike, but gentle manner with an emphasis on what is really good for the dog. I am planning to do competition obedience with Laika (Competition will force ME to practice the things I don't like to do, "stay", for example.), but meanwhile, Laika needs to learn to be a ChHP, Champion House Pet. One of the areas addressed by your tape was the difference between heeling and going for our Sunday morning walks. Laika is my first dog, and I've been confused about this. It is obvious that no dog, especially a puppy, can maintain the concentration required for heeling for more than a few minutes, so what do we do on our walks? Besides that, walks are supposed to be fun. Your tape finally put that question to rest. I especially like the part about the "slow" command. That was VERY useful.

I also found the section of the tape on recall very, very helpful. A year ago, we lived in Los Alamos, NM, during a forest fire that forced the evacuation of the entire town. About 20,000 of us were required to evacuate our homes in a few hours. As we were leaving town, I saw a woman, leash in hand, running up and down the street chasing her dog. The four lane street was clogged with evacuees, the air was filled with smoke, and flames were visible on the hills behind town. The dog and woman were both in total panic. Even before Laika came to live with us, I knew that recall would be the most important command I could teach. Your tape explained that a speedy recall is not done just to look cool, but is very important to reduce distractions. Laika's recall is pretty good when we are playing the recall game. I hide and then call her, and so forth. Her recall sucks when she is doing her own thing and distracted by interesting smells or sights. This morning, on our walk, on Flexi lead, when Laika sniffed around and got interested in something, I called and then ran backwards, as directed by your tape, as she came to me. The first few times, she came slowly, but soon, she began to boogie when I called her. We have a long way to go before instant recall is a habit and she turns in mid-air, but your tape has given me a tool to address the problem.

I even enjoyed the commercials at the end of the tape. Laika will not be protection trained. I've found that strangers are intimidated a lot by her size and dark, bicolor coat pattern. When she sits or downs on command, everyone wonders what else she can do (Not much, at this point) and backs away. Nevertheless, the tapes looked interesting and I'd wish you had made the commercials longer. I will order the herding tape and the competition obedience tape very soon.

You ought to make a tape on manners: jumping, greeting other dogs and humans, car chasing, etc.

Thanks so much for the tapes and the website

August 3, 2001

I bought the puppy 8 weeks to 8 moths and basic obedience videos and I must say, they are a Godsend. Everything you do in them works out just like that in real life with my Doberman. Even developing the prey drive for the tennis ball and getting him used to dropping upon return without even thinking about it. It was just like in the video. I am soooo glad I bought those videos, as they have proven invaluable. I like the reminders not to try to do too much too fast. (I need them). They are such a good tool. I have watched both three times already and expect to see them even more as things progress.

Austin, TX

July 24, 2001

I just got the video that I had ordered from your company (108 bite training puppies), all I can say about it is"Awesome." I got over 20 years of practical experience in a two hour tape. I really look forward to growing with my pup and your videos. Good job!!!


May 1, 2001


I was reading some of the articles on training recently on your website. Frankly, I need to say I am glad that you tell it like it is. Being a professional dog trainer I sometimes have to be brutally honest to a client about their dog being to aggressive and very dangerous. I know that by utilizing the 3 phases to training 98% of all dogs can be trained. But when I see a dog that is just beyond control, I explain the down falls of a dog like this being in our society and the potential hazard a dog like this poses to people. I then refer them to your website to review the cases of the Rottweilers attacking the 11 yr old child. As well as the numerous Q&A's on aggressive dogs that you have written. This does the trick, so far in every case the people have chosen to eliminate the problem by either putting the dog to sleep or in one case donating the dog to our local State Maximum Security Prison as a fence sentry dog. In this case it was a dominate Rottweiler and a very soft owner. I have watched as your website has grown from just a few pages to the most resourceful information on dogs and training on the web. I completely respect you as a business man and trainer. Thanks for not being afraid to stick your neck out there and tell like it is.

I think you are more than just a video producer, you are a educator, teacher, dog trainer and success coach when it comes to dogs. 3 years ago I was asked to join one of the Pacific Northwest's Premiere veterinary hospitals as not only a dog trainer but as their behavioral specialist. With out a doubt I know that the reason they chose me over the other, more well known dog trainers was do to the fact that I have spent so much time reading your articles on training and purchasing your training videos. During the initial interview I blew them away with the knowledge I learned from your articles and videos. I really owe my success to you. Your articles and videos have helped me title my female doberman to SchH 3 (not an easy task.) as well as prepare me for dealing with aggressive dogs and uneducated owners on a daily basis. I now do seminars for veterinarians, veterinary tech's, police and public utility workers on the subject of aggression and interacting with aggressive dogs. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, DON'T STOP KICKING OUT THOSE WONDERFUL ARTICLES.

Best Regards
ABC's School of Dog Training
Boise, Idaho

Mr. Frawley,

April 27, 2001

Just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to let you know how much I enjoyed your "Training the Send Away" video. It was very informative and well done. It makes me want to get out and train with my dogs and have fun with them doing it. So that helps with half the battle. You have beautiful dogs and great ways of helping us more "novice" GSD people learn about how to train correctly and not be overwhelmed with the ideas of training our own dogs to a schutzhund level of competition.

Thanks again and best regards,


March 20, 2001

Dear Sir,

I have today received my 2 videos ordered (bite training puppies & the first steps of bite training) I would like to say these videos far exceeded my expectations, the bite training puppies video I was half expecting puppies biting rags padded out with footage, NOT what I did receive, 2 hours of more or less solid information with some excellent footage to demonstrate the point and not at all padded out. I am now thanking my lucky stars that I purchased these videos before I purchased a puppy.


December 13, 2000

I've now bought over a dozen of your tapes and I have yet to be disappointed. The tapes are excellent quality and the information contained on each is no nonsense and well explained. I wish I had known about Leerburg before I spent three months at the West Virginia Canine College. I would have bought a number of your videos and saved myself $10,000.00.


January 26, 2001
Dear Ed,

Just want you to know that I have received video 302 Basic Dog Obedience and the catalog in good condition. I am in fact about to watch it for the third time! There's always something new each time I play it or maybe it's just that I don't grasp everything said the first time out. Whatever it is I'm sure I'm gonna be watching this over and over.

Thanks for the video and your time.

I have just completed viewing of my first three videos I've ever purchased from Leerburg. The first thing I have to say is, IF ONLY! If only I had ordered these YEARS ago! The most comprehensive videos I've viewed bar none. I know exactly what I'll be asking for come my birthday & any other holiday! Thank You!

January 21, 2002

I just received the Flinks video Building Drive, Focus & Grip. Although I read the information about the video in your catalog I was unsure what to expect and really wondered if the video could be worth $65.00.

Having watched only half of the video so far, I was blown away by the information. The tape is more than worth the money in my opinion. Flinks is a genius. It didn't take long for me to realize the value of this training.

After watching the first part of the tape I see the reason for problems some handlers experience with their K-9s. For example, one K-9 handler I work with has a dual purpose dog. The dog is an awesome narcotic detector. Yet, I noticed that it mouths the toy a lot. It also appears to be stressed around its handler. The dog also hates to "out" the toy.

When I got home from work this morning I started the drive first drive building exercise Flinks shows on the tape. Wow! was I impressed with my dog. Using this method got more prey drive from my K-9 than anything I've ever tried. I can't wait to work my K-9 thru these series of exercises. I haven't a doubt that applying the info on the tape will make my K-9 200% better.

Thanks for making this tape and making it available to handlers that are seriously into K-9 handling.

Officer Story
Overton Police Department

June 24, 2002

Dear Mr. Frawley,

I purchased your tracking problem solving video from and loved it!
I wish I had bought your tracking video instead of the AKC one. You see, I am training a Siberian Husky for tracking and wanted to get a TD title on her. I though the AKC video would be best. However, when I saw these "top AKC tracking dogs" handled by one of the "who's-who" of AKC tracking I was horrified! They called THAT tracking!? It looked like a totally untrained dog with a harness dragging some woman across a field. I never even saw the dogs nose go to the ground!

Thank you so much. I think I'll be buying that tracking video on pay day :)

Chandler, OK

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