December 14, 2017

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Leerburg Classics
This Week's Featured Classic
SV Movement & Structure

While this video was produced in German, the visual content of the SV Movement & Structure film is unparalleled when it comes to analyzing the German Shepherd Dog. It takes an in-depth look at the gait, form, and structure of various GSDs. It also takes a look into the traditional German Shepherd temperament tests including Schutzhund and Herding.

Additional Videos Posted to Leerburg Classics This Week

Leerburg will be posting 5 new Classics to our YouTube channel every week. Throughout the week we are also going to be posting new classic videos to our free streaming service.

Featured Blog Post

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Emotions in K9 Training
by Kevin Sheldahl

I attended a sport seminar this past weekend. Mia Skogster was the presenter. Now I preface all this with it is seldom I rethink what I have done/learned and when I do it is often because some small bit of information has made me evaluate what I do in a big way.

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