December 28, 2017

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Leerburg Classics
This Week's Featured Classic
1994 USA Nationals Tape 1

This is a video of the 1994 Schutzhund USA National Championships. The competition included dogs competing in Schutzhund 1 and Schtuzhund 2. Schutzhund USA no longer includes Schutzhund 1 and Schutzhund 2 in their nationals.

Additional Videos Posted to Leerburg Classics This Week

Leerburg will be posting 5 new Classics to our YouTube channel every week. Throughout the week we are also going to be posting new classic videos to our free streaming service.

Featured Blog Post

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Why is My Dog Chewing?
by Jim Closson

When you’ve got a dog that chews on your stuff, it can be very destructive. From the cables of your electronics to your favorite pair of shoes, some dogs just can’t seem to stay away from chewing important things. This habit can not only be annoying to you, but can also be dangerous to your dog and cost you money! While it can be difficult to get your dog to stop chewing, it is easier when you know the cause of their issue. Here are 5 reasons your dog may be getting into your stuff and chewing, and how to make them stop!

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