January 17, 2018

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Utilizing Multiple Reward Markers with Ryan Maciej - Part 1

Teaching our dogs multiple reward cues based on reward placement can help improve our obedience training by allowing the dog to have a clear understanding of where they should be looking for their reward. If your release to reward (aka terminal bridge or conditioned reinforcer) is limited by one word (“Yes” in most cases), your dog has the potential to get confused when you place the reward somewhere they're not expecting it. This week Ryan breaks down three commonly used reward placements and briefly discusses how to cue each. Next week, Ryan will begin to show the dog how distinguish between the different reward placements and how we might be able to incorporate them in our training.

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Thoughts about the current state of biting dog sports & working dogs
by Kevin Sheldahl

I have been involved in club dog sport for a long time. Initially because I was interested in protection dog training. Back at that point in time there was still a lot of people who had the same interest in dog sport, the training and handling of protection dogs. Eventually my interest was in the police service dog where it remains today as a primary reason for my participation in dog sports.

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