December 27, 2018

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Two Person Recall Drills

The two person recall involves asking a friend or family member to engage with our dog and have that person jackpot normal lower-value pieces of kibble while we have small high-value pieces of steak or cheese. We will set up exercises to call the dog away from our friend and reward with the steak when the dog comes to us.

The key to this exercise is the second person can be engages with the dog by offering treats, and when you call the dog, that person immediately stops all engagement and eye contact with the dog and just stands there while they now ignore the dog. This produces a very clear picture for the dog. It goes from engagement to being totally ignored. That makes the decision to leave the helper and come back to the handler for fun, food, and games.

The most important part to this training is that the handler must have complete control of the item that the dog wants. In other words, the handler needs to be able to 100% shut down access to the items the second person is offering the dog. So the helper must know that the instant the trainer calls the dog, they stop everything and ignore the dog.

This video is taken directly out of our online course and DVD, Intermediate Dog Obedience.

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