May 18, 2017

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Introductory Sale
Leather Ball Strap: 25% Off!

Our Amish leather ball straps are designed to replace nylon ropes that are used when training with a “ball on a string”. Leather straps are soft and easy to grip. They are much easier on trainers hands than a nylon rope. Once you train with our Leerburg strap on your dog's favorite ball you will NEVER go back to a nylon rope.

The leather ball straps can be put on almost every size ball with holes. In the video above, Ed shows to attach the strap to your ball. Our sale lasts until Memorial day. The sale price will show up at check-out.

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5 Tips for Socializing your Dog
by Mark Keating

I think one of the most common questions we hear are often about socialization in one form or another. New puppy owners are anxious to get their puppy out socializing with other dogs and people. Or on the flip side, we get many, many calls about leash aggression in their dog and how they weren’t able to socialize it properly as a puppy.

For us, we like to create a dog or puppy who is socially neutral. Meaning, they are not triggered by external stimulus such as other dogs, or bicycles, or children playing, squirrels, etc… We find that a dog who is socially neutral or indifferent, is the most pleasant type of dog to handle, for obvious reasons, but also a pleasure to share space with, socially. The dog is relaxed, and observant of its environment, without acting on its inherent sense of curiosity.

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