May 25, 2017

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Custom Canines Short

Custom Canine is a nonprofit organization of volunteer professionals and individuals who embrace the endeavor of creating and supporting lasting partnerships between highly skilled service dogs and the community of mankind with diverse disabilities and impairments, thus greatly enhancing their quality of life.
Dogtra ARC E-Collar Features

Dogtra never stops evolving to develop the most advanced e-collar gear for modern day dog owners and trainers. Developed using the best of Dogtra engineering know-how, the Dogtra ARC e-collar remote training tool comes with an ultra slim receiver for seamless appearance and improved comfort for dogs 15 pounds and up.

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When Do I Stop Using Food Rewards
by Ed Frawley

When we train with food rewards, we will meet people who tell us how foolish we are for training with FOOD TREATS. We will be told that it is only a matter of time before we ask our dog to do something and we don’t have food with us to reward the dog with and then what will you do?

That is just one of the reasons why it is important that you understand exactly how we reduce the using food rewards in your training program.

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