June 22, 2017

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Mutt Strut and Tabby Trot

Last month, Leerburg attended the Mutt Strut and Tabby Trot fundraiser for the Dunn County Humane Society! We had lots of fun meeting new people and their dogs, giving demos, and telling others what Leerburg is all about!

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4 Photography Tips for Improving Your Dog Portraits
by Ryan Maciej

Today, more pictures are taken every 2 minutes than all of the pictures taken throughout the 19th century. Most of us carry a camera on us everywhere we go in the form of a cellphone. While some of these tips are geared more towards those shooting with DSLR camera, those who simply have a smartphone will be able to benefit as well. While gear is certainly important, you’re understanding of how to use it is what matters most. Here are a few tips for you to better use your camera and capture your dogs best moments.

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