July 5, 2017

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The Principles of Dog Training
with Michael Ellis

Even the most advanced concepts in dog training require a solid foundation, and the Principles of Dog Training with Michael Ellis is going to give you that foundation. The skills learned throughout this 16-week course are going to carry over into every aspect of your training program and handler relationship. This course is for people who are looking to become dog trainers and want to learn from the best in the world. The course will give you the necessary tools to become a successful dog trainer.

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1 Fundamental Tip for Developing a Solid “Stay” Behavior
by Mark Keating

One of the first exercises we learn in obedience training is the “stay” behavior. In fact, it is not uncommon to see this behavior taught in the first class or lesson. This is because it is a fundamental behavior needed for any obedience routine, let alone its value in daily life with our dogs. From leaving your dog in a sit-stay at the end of the driveway while you get the mail, to leaving your dog in a down-stay while playing frisbee at the park. The stay behavior could possibly be the most valuable behavior next to recall in all of our dog training.

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