July 13, 2017

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Crackle Head Cuz

This unique Cuz is perfect for a fun game of fetch! Made with high quality and durable rubber, it protects the recycled water bottle on the inside. Your dog will love the crunch!

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Learned Helplessness Vs All-Positive Training – Opposite Ends of the Training Spectrum
by Ed Frawley

When you are around dog training long enough like I have been, you are going to be exposed to a number of different training systems or methods. In my opinion, learned helplessness and all-positive dog training are at opposite ends of the training spectrum, and both are equally bad dog training.

The all-positive dog trainers don’t believe in any form of corrections. These are well intentioned people who lack dog training experience. The people who constantly correct the snot out of their dogs until the dog develops “Learned Helplessness” are not well intentioned people. I have names for people who do this and Cindy doesn’t want me to put those names in writing.

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