July 27, 2017

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Relationship Games 2 Trailer

Relationship Games 2 is a continuation from our first Relationship Games DVD with Mark Keating. The second installment of this DVD will introduce new games as well as advancing several of the games from the original DVD. The first half of the DVD dives into some more advanced training concepts. The focus is to expand your understanding of marker training, communication, and behavior creation. The second half of the DVD will take you through a series of fun games that will enhance your relationship with your dog as well as your skills as a trainer.

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What to expect in a quality Basic K-9 Handler Course
by Kevin Sheldahl

Often the new handler is chosen in a department by their history as a good officer/deputy not by their prowess as a dog trainer. Yet, dog trainer, handler, tactician, and maybe even a bit of a showman is what they will be asked to do that isn’t usually even addressed in the selection process. The demand on the new handler results in a very steep learning curve!

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