February 24, 2021

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Mil Spec Collar with Handle

The Mil Spec Collar with Handle is incredibly strong and designed for all heavy work, including agitation, patrol, and stakeout. The collar is made with all-rated materials and hardware. The webbing is a 1.75" width type 7 Mil Spec webbing. It also features a quick-release cobra buckle with a strength rating of over 2000 lb and a rated v-ring. The web extends under the buckle so hair isn’t caught in the snap when putting it on your dog, and the inside of the collar is lined with Velcro to secure the loose web once adjusted. This is the absolute best quality and strongest agitation/working dog collar you can get.

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Why is My Dog Barking?
by Jim Closson

Dogs do things every day to tell us something. They run to the door when they are ready to go outside. They give us a ball when they want to play. We can usually pick up on what they are trying to tell us by observing their moves. But one thing that is harder to translate is a bark. Dogs bark all the time and all for different reasons. Here are some common barks and how you can interpret them.

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