February 26, 2021

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Bighorn Medical Kit

The Bighorn Medical Kit is built for trips up to a week long, with a wide array of supplies to treat common hunting and fishing injuries. This kit also has a versatile, detachable field trauma kit fully equipped with QuikClot and other necessary tools to treat serious bleeding injuries. The removable kit is lightweight, waterproof, and resealable.

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Teaching a Go Out
by Tami McLeod

In nearly all competitive training venues, there is a “Go Out” or “Send Away” exercise. I would like to take a moment to share a brief overview of how I prefer to teach this exercise and why.

Many years ago when I was trialing one of my very first IPO dogs, I was inspired to examine the common methodology of training a send out. My dog at the time, a temperamental little Malinois named “Filo”, often times lacked the desire to run down field to a strategically placed toy reward. After a couple of National Championship trials attended, and point losses accrued, I decided to step outside the traditional Schutzhunder’s training tool box and look to other venues to improve my methodology. I would say a series of blunders forced me to take a cold, hard look at the traditional send out method, and break the exercise down into minute increments.

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