October 12, 2017

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Training Environments with Jeff Frawley

You must train your dog in every environment that you expect them to behave in, but you have to start with the basics.

The beginning of our training should always be conducted in a distraction-free environment. You can use your backyard, garage, basement, living room; it doesn't matter, as long as it is a neutral and distraction-free environment where your dog can focus on you and not be distracted by outside influences.

This video was taken from our newest DVD, An Introduction to Dog Training with Jeff Frawley.

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Have An Attitude
by Josh Moran

As a dog trainer who specializes in aggressive, reactive, fearful, and overall “hoods” of dogs, the attitude of which you carry yourself is of the utmost importance. Not just your composure with the dog, which is obviously important, but your overall attitude with their owners will always dictate how successful they will be with their companions. When I work with a client, one thing is always in the forefront of my mind. And that is, “These people are paying me to help their family.” No, I am not so naive to believe that dogs are children, or humans at all. In fact its hard to find something that irritates me as much as people treating their dogs like kids. And the term fur-babies makes me want to slap someone. But, those facts aside, dogs are a part of our families. And when I work with someone I keep this thought present in my attitude and actions.

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