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Leerburg’s Most Wanted

Leerburg’s Most Wanted

bad check

These dirt bag thieves have also had their breeding rights suspended by the AKC.
We have been told they now live in Lake Station, Indiana

One of the most frustrating things in business is when a customer knowingly bounces a bad check with the intent of getting merchandize and never paying for it. These people (or thieves as I prefer to call them) never intend to cover their checks when they write them. The people I have listed below are not people who make a checkbook mistake, they are people who are professional thieves. They write checks on closed accounts with no intention of paying their money back. The intent of this part of my web site is to give them all a little free advertising for what they are. A number of them are either in jail or have been in jail. In my opinion they should ALL do jail time.

Many merchants make an effort to collect bad checks and when their efforts are not successful they simply write off the loss and forget it. I take a different view of this matter. When I get a bad check I always contact the individuals 3 times. Anyone can make an honest mistake and bounce a check. But 99% of us will get embarrassed and cover the check as soon as possible. The people that fall into the 1% class are thieves. They never planned on covering the checks from the beginning. They only wanted the merchandize and they don't want to pay for it.

After three contacts if these people refuse, they are added to the 45,000 catalogs that I print every year. The dog business is a small business. There are not millions of people involved in it. In many cases people that are involved in dog training recognize these names. I am hopeful that in some small way I can develop a reputation for these criminals and possibly prevent other dog trainers, venders or sportsman from being ripped off the way that I have been.

Not everyone agrees with how I treat people who scam me out of money.

Leerburg Most Wanted

  1. Gary Fujioka - Con artist & criminal! He has been sued over 115 times for scamming people and being a cheat & a liar.

  2. Anthony Jerone –

    We would like to offer a word of warning about a so called dog school in New York run by Anthony Jerone. Mr. Jerone needs to be at the top of the list of scam artists running so called dog schools. He is an alcoholic and con artist. He is no more qualified to run a dog training school than a janitorial service. Well, wait – maybe he should be cleaning toilets.

    Mr. Jerone did business with our company back in 2007. We discontinued doing business with him in 2008. He repeatedly has copied our older videos and sells them to his students as original products. We are currently researching this issue and collecting copies of videos he has sold to be used in a law suit. If you have (or know someone who has) purchased Leerburg DVDs from Anthony Jerone please put them in contact with us.

    Mr. Jerone's methods of training come right out of the dark ages. If you love your dog or if you want to make a career in dog training don’t consider this man and his school.

  3. Georgio Pasha - Leerburg has a $3,000.00 court judgement against this creep. We have a complete web page on him - if you know this guy send us the information. Pasha is a predator of the dog world.
    Georgio Pasha

  4. Kevin Flavel (AKA Gary Stevens) 323 Beake Road, Coventry, England cv6 2hh tel 02476 680270 - THIS GUY IS A THIEF!!! (Click here to read the details)

  5. Carla Minyard

  6. Anthony Johnson - Advanced Numerical Breakthrough Dog Training for Frustrated Dog Owners 16544 Slip Blvd. Ste 110 LA, CA 90292 - Theft of copyright material

  7. Tim Goodwin $120.00 - owes us money for a COD package.

  8. Joseph Smith $123.00 - owes us money for a package.

  9. Kimberly Randolph (Anderson, SC) $159.26 - owes us money for a COD package. (864)716-0872

  10. Carlos Irizarry

  11. Levander Lawson $88.03 - owes us money for a COD package.

  12. Kris Kotsopoulos

  13. Nilamdeen MOHAMED ZAMIL - Copying and selling DVDs on eBay

  14. Tom Richards - Copying & selling DVDs
    PO Box 121, Eagle Rock, MO 65641
    Phone: (417) 271 - 4698 Cell Phone: (417) 669 - 2024
    email: Web Site:

  15. Kayla Pollock
    234 Pine Beach Dr, Keswick, Ontario L4P 2V5, Canada
    Phone: 905-535-2434
    Cell: 289-338-1126

    She placed an order online using her email address associated with her PayPal account. Paid for the order by PayPal. Shipped order by UPS Worldwide to the address she provided and PayPal confirmed. We have proof of delivery to her at her address; the same addres s that PayPal confirmed and instructed us to send to. She then disputed charges with PayPal that she did not recognize the charge; after she received the items. Total amount she owes to us $94.13 US Dollars.

  16. Rossana Rivellini

    Why we will no longer sell products to Rossana Rivellini:

    On December 21, 2011, we shipped an order to Rossana Rivellini. Included in that order was a Tri-Tronics Bark Limiter Collar. In January 2012, Rossana sent the Bark Limiter back to Leerburg with a note that said the collar is not what she needed. Rossana wanted her money back for the returned collar. After our returns department inspected the Bark Limiter it was clear that Rossana had cut the end off the collar therefore voiding the possibility of getting a refund for the collar.

    When Rossana was contacted to let her know she voided her refund by cutting the end off the collar she became very upset and proceeded to call Leerburg staff liars because WE cut the end off the collar she did not. She then went on to say the Bark Limited was defective because it “zapped” her dog while he was eating dry food and that she expected the collar to go off when her dog was jumping against her glass window, which it of course didn’t because it is a “bark collar” NOT a “jump against the window collar.”

    Rossana was then offered to have the Bark Limiter sent to the manufacturer to indeed see if it was defective. She declined. Rossana not only lied to us by saying she never altered the collar she also never mentioned she thought the collar was defective and hurting her dog until she was denied a refund. One would think that if this collar was hurting her dog that would be the first thing she would say when returning the collar for a refund. It is the policy of Tri-Tronics to have any defective products returned to them for inspection/repair. Leerburg would never expect a customer to use a product that would injure a dog in any way shape or form. Nor would we alter a product to avoid giving a customer a refund. We would not have been running a successful business for over 30 years if that were the case.

Leerburg’s NSF Check List

  1. Carolyn Elliott - PO Box 596 Beardman, OR 97818

  2. Deborah M Mitchell - PO Box 217 Corning, CA 96021

  3. Bryan Griffith - 2838 E Black Canyon Hwy Emmett, ID 83617

  4. James Barnes - 308 Stewart Rd Birmingham, AL 35224

  5. Thomas Lovick - 780 Kilkenny Circle Lithonia, GA 30058

  6. Douglas Finney - P.O. Box 357 Shrub Oak, NY 10588

  7. Trisha Bonner - 400 Timber Creek Dr. Number 1013 Richwood, TX 77531

  8. John Juliano - 800 Pleasant Street Lee, MA 01238

  9. Katie Brown - Central SC

  10. Ron Fleming - World K-9 Protection Training, 10 W Michigan Avenue, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

  11. Robert Lee - 1607 Carrington Park Jonesboro, GA 30236 3/12/02 $162.00

  12. Jerry Wayne Kelly Jr. - 802 Shore Acres Blvd, LA Porte, TX 77571 10/2/01 $176.00

  13. Annie Bell Grant - 30183 Adover Ct Inkster, MI 5/2/01 $61.42

  14. Robert Tye - 111 Ardsley Ave Trenton, NJ 08638 6-14-01 $52.00

  15. Christopher Rodriguez - 501 Ruth Ave Baytown, TX 77520 12-5-00 $112.40

  16. Ronnie Scarberry - PO Box 594 Panama, OK 74951 2-1-01 $43.00

  17. Stanley Davis - 545 Hill St Inglewood, CA 90302 12-3-00 $555.00

  18. Bart Epright - 791 Pennslvania Ave Walingford, PA 19086 3-18-99 $56.00

  19. Mike Wilson - 3410 W Main St Louisville, KY 40212 3-2-99 $41.00

  20. Vernon Rutledge - Po Box 37621 Oak Park, MI 48237 9-22-98 $113.50

  21. Peggy Gilkey - 624 Shekby Ridge Hickman, KY 42050 5-28-98 $ 80.50

  22. John Slater - Rt 1 Box 249-A Williford, AR 72482 5-18-98 $121.00

  23. Kevin Johnson - 302 Emmans Rd. Flanders, NJ 07836 (This guy is a cop, a thief and a bum.), 10-20-95 $152.50 - This guy is absolutly a piece of crap. He is a full time cop. He is a liar. He will look you in the eye and lie to you. He hangs with Malinoise clubs and passes himself off as a helper on the East Coast. Contacts with his department have brought no results. They will not even answer letters on one of their cops who does something like this. No wonder people think that cops on the East Coast are dirty. This guy certainly is.

  24. Andrea Alexandrois - PO BOX 516 , Cedar Mountain, NC 28718 -2-10-97 $192.50

  25. Carmen Brunner - PO BOX 516, Cedar Mountain , NC 28718 2-17-97 $172.50

  26. Don Wilson - 3726 Old Hwy 29, Thomsville, NC. 9-1-96 $500.00 This guy says he is a retired military officer. The fact is he is a real bum. Again, a guy who is very lucky that he lives in NC and not WI.

  27. Derrick Chestnut AKA Vincent Taylor - Carolyn Chestnut, Oakland N.J. 9-19-95 - $121.50 - he is also an importer who has stolen thousands of dollars from people - BEWARE of this thief!!! He has been in jail a number of times for worthless checks and theft by fraud and violation of his parole. He currently has a kennel in Oakland NJ. This guy is a real slug. He needs to go to prison for a long long time. I get several e-mails a year from people that this guy is cheating out of dogs. He advertises locally and goes under different names. He offers to sell dogs to people that he does not own. I heard of one scam where he was trying to sell a Belgium dog that was still in Belgium. He had nothing to do with the dog. Here is a guy who needs to go to prison. You can read newspaper articles about how this guy has scammed people out of thousands of dollar at this link.

  28. Tom Neely - New York $339.00 - Shows German Shepherd Dogs in confirmation, you will also see where he advertises in the German Shepherd Gazette and co-owns dogs with a number of reputable people. He is nothing but a thief. He has lied to me on numerous occasions concerning his NSF checks. He basically thumbs his nose at his bad checks and laughs that he is in N.Y and I am in Wisconsin. This guy is a con artist who is very lucky that he lives as far away from me as he does.

    Mr. Frawley - I thought that name Tom Neely sounded familiar. This guy tried to beat me out of thousands of dollars by offering to train my dog. I agree with you, he is a crook. He used to run a kennel right here in Waterbury, CT. Then he moved to Southbury, CT. I heard he now lives in CA.

  29. Louisa Rays - $45.00

  30. Clara McCann - $60.00

  31. Darlene Goguen - $285.00

  32. Henry Wombel Jr. - Georgia - $330.00 nothing but a thief !!!!!! The last time I heard he was in the Leon County Jail in Tallahassee, FL. The number I had from his checks were to his father’s house in Georgia. The beauty of this is he isn't hiding very well anymore.

  33. Greg Dyer - $125.00

  34. Jaime Desousa - 20 Dudley street, New Bedford, Massachusetts 02744, tel : 1 508 997 8513. Mr. Desousa has been included on this list because he refuses to pay for photos that he ordered from my Dutch friend Bob Neijts. Mr. Desousa claims to be a police officer. He contacted Bob, as a result of my web site, and ordered photos which were sent. He has been contacted twice by myself and more times than you can count by Bob. He refuses to respond. Should Mr. Desousa decide to pay his bills I will make a notice here.

Carolyn M. Elliott

Po Box 596
Beardman, OR 97818

bad check

Deborah Mitchell

PO Box 217
16175 Oakridge Rd
Corning, CA 96021

bad check

Bryan Griffith

2838 E Black Canyon Hwy
Emmett, WI 83617

bad check

James Barnes

308 Stewart Rd
Birmingham, AL 35224

bad check

Robert Lee Jr

1607 Carrington Park
Jonesboro, GA 30236

bad check

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Jerry Wayne Kelly Jr.

802 Shore Acres Blvd
LA Porte, TX 77571

bad check

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Annie Bell Grant

30183 Andover Ct
Inkster, MI 48141

bad check

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Robert Tye

111 Ardsley Ave
Trenton, NJ 08638

bad check

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Ronnie Scarberry

PO BOX 594
Panama, OK 74951

bad check

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Christopher Rodriquez
Cathy Ann Rodriguez

501 Ruth Ave
Baytown, TX 77520

bad check

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Stanley Davis

545 Hill St
Inglewood, CA 90302

bad check

This is a bad check. We have connected the Los Angeles County Prosecuted about this criminal matter.

We have been successful going after people by going though the county prosecutor, we are anticipating success in reaching!

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Bart Epright
Suzy Ann Silva

791 Pennsylvania Ave
Walingford, PA 19086

bad check

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Mike or Nina Wilson

3410 W Main St
Louisville KY 40212

bad check

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Vernon Rutledge

PO Box 37621
Oak Park, MI 48237

bad checkbad check

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Peggy J. Gilkey

624 Shelby Ridge
Hickman, KY 42050

bad check

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John Slater

Rt 1 Box 249-A
Williford, AR 72482

bad check

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Leerburg's Most Wanted
Number 1

"A Real Bum"

Kevin Johnson - Police Officer in East Orange, N.J.

bad check

Kevin Johnson is a real bum. He is a thief, a liar and totally unethical. He bounced a check with me in 1995. What really sets this guy apart from the others is that he is or was a cop. He was a police officer for the East Orange Police Department in East Orange N.J. and the order was sent right to the police station.

He paid for the videos with a personal check. I have written Kevin numerous letters to no avail. On one occasion he told me he would send the money; this never happened.

In the past 2 years I have followed him, he has moved into Ring Sport. He was a member of a Ring Sport Club in Conneticut but they recently kicked him out of the club for unethical behavior. It seems the club members were not familiar with this man’s character until I let them know how he conducts his business.

I just found out that he recently bought a Maliniose from a Long Island Dog Trainer and Equipment Manufacturer, John Brown. I hope Mr. Brown did not take a check from Johnson !!!!! Johnson is also driving a new Mercedes Benz car. My advise is that if you live on the East Coast and this guy shows up at your club to train - tell him your membership is full.

kevin johnson
Kevin Johnson - if you see him at a Ring Sport Competition - tell him I said hello.

Kevin Johnson
37 Orange Ave.
Elmwood Park, NJ. 07407

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Leerburg's Most Wanted
Number 2

Andrea Alexandrois & Carmen Brunner
(Alias) Andrea Longwolf or William Brunner

bad check

These two individuals worked a scam. They wrote 2 bad checks a week apart. I have included copies of their checks. These checks were drawn on an account with no money in it. Notice that the checks were one number apart. When we contacted them, we were told that they were on welfare and would not be able to pay for the NSF checks. They would not return the videos.

Their names will appear in our catalog for 1997. We also contacted the district attorney’s office and welfare office in their area.

These ladies order videos on competition dog training. These are not casual dog trainers. They have videos on Competition Heeling, Forced Retrieve, the Send Away, Jumps Etc. They are either involved in Competition Obedience with the AKC or with the sport of Schutzhund.

When Andrea ordered the second group of videos she ordered with the name Andrea Longwolf and asked that they be shipped to the William Brunner residence. So it would sound like they are basically a small group of thieves.

We have since learned that they have had their breeding rights suspended by the AKC. They are nothing but dirt bag theives. We also found out that they now live in Lake Station Indiana. If you are doing a google search on these two women do not buy any dogs from them. The dogs will not be registered. If you have exact addresses on them please write me.

bad check

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Leerburg's Most Wanted

Don Wilson
3726 Hwy 29
Thomasville, NC 27360

bad check

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Leerburg's Most Wanted

Derrick Chestnut
AKA Vincent Taylor
Oakland, New Jersy

Once a dirt ball, always a dirt ball is a perfect description of this slug. I don't have a lot of use for liars, cheats and thieves. Derrick Chestnut fits all of these descriptions and more. He is as bad as they get in the dog business. Any person who is ever thinking about buying an imported dog should read this entire section on this bum and his wife (Carolyn) and friends (Terry & Kelly). They all fit into the same category.

With a little bit of luck he is now in or on his way to prison where he belongs. Read the article at the bottom of this page and see why I feel so strongly about this piece of dirt. As the years have passed I would get emails from people that he scammed. There was not a lot I could do except continue to give him the kind of publicity on my web site that he deserves.

Derrick Chestnut also goes by the name of Vincent Taylor. He is a dog scam artist in addition to a liar. He currently has/had a dog kennel in Oakland, NJ, he lists himself in Dog World as an importer. Chestnut has spent time in jail a number of times for WRITING BAD CHECKS, THEFT BY DECEPTION and VIOLATION OF HIS PAROLE. His common tactic is to tell someone he has a specific famous dog from Europe when in fact he has nothing to do with this animal. He will sell people a totally different animal. This guy is a real slug and gives every honest dog breeder and importer a black eye, he is so bad he even gives theives a bad name! He needs to take up a permanent residence in prison.

He has taken money from a number of people for dogs he promises to deliver and then never does. He has stolen thousands of dollars from people but because they do not live in his town gets away with it. This guy is a bum and needs to be in prison. With a little co-operative effort from all of them together - the local District Attorney may be able to do something.

Chestnut cheats people all over this country. He is on probation for doing this. I suggest that you visit a web site created specifically to let people know what a crook he is. Derrick Chestnut.

This is not the only person this guy has cheated. I am constantly hearing about him. It amazes me that his probation is not revoked. Maybe because he does it outside his city and no one hears. Well, with web sites like this the word is going to get out.


Thought you might find this interesting: Seems Derrick Chestnut has been trialing at some recent USA local club trials in the East, according to the trial results listed in USA's magazine. While the creep never ripped me off, I dealt with some of the fallout from his dishonest dealings when I was fostering rescues in New Jersey several years ago, and can only hope that he eventually reaps the misery he sows. In my opinion, he shouldn't even be allowed to enter a sanctioned trial, or be granted a membership in USA.

I'm glad you've kept his history on your web page. I've referred more people than I can recall to that info whenever his name, or a shady-sounding deal that speaks of his modus operandi is mentioned. Thanks for the help in warning folks about this cretin.

The following is an article from a New Jersy newspaper concerning Chestnuts arrest on theft charges.

Paterson dog breeder charged in thefts

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Staff Writer

A Paterson dog breeder and trainer, already on probation for theft, was indicted Tuesday for allegedly billing customers nationwide out of more than $91,000 -- promising purebred and highly trained dogs, but instead delivering commonplace canines with health problems.

Derrick V. Chestnut, 34, sometimes took his customers' money -- up to $8,500 per animal -- but never delivered the dogs, said Eileen Kane, the Passaic County senior assistant prosecutor handling the case.

Those allegedly scammed include an Illinois woman who gave Chestnut $3,250 for a dog that was never sent, and a California woman who paid $13,500 for two dogs -- one had severe physical disabilities when delivered, and the other never arrived.

"Most of the people were dog lovers so they kept the dogs anyway," Kane said. "As one victim said, 'I just bought myself one very expensive house pet.' The point was that they were buying them for a special purpose; they weren't buying them for house pets."

Neither Chestnut nor his attorney could be reached for comment.

Chestnut Dog Command, his former Haledon business, no longer is listed in Passaic County.

Chestnut, on probation for a 1997 theft, has two other arrests on theft charges. In both cases, in 1989 and 1995, he was sentenced to probation, according to court records. He also has been repeatedly named a defendant in civil lawsuits filed in Passaic County and was fined $500 in Totowa Municipal Court in 1994 for neglecting one of his dogs. Details on those civil and criminal cases could not be obtained Tuesday.

Kane said that from April 1994 to July 1999 Chestnut victimized people in Totowa, Wayne, and Paterson, but also scammed people in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and California. All told, nine people lost $91,400, according to the 20-count indictment handed up Tuesday by a grand jury in Passaic County.

Kane said Chestnut often found people through advertisements in Dog World magazine. He allegedly claimed his dogs were purebred and trained in the Schutzhund method -- a German regimen that teaches dogs obedience, protection, and tracking. And people were willing to pay, Kane said.

In August 1996, a Paterson couple, Darryl and Gathlyn Smoot, paid Chestnut $4,000 for one of the specially trained dogs for home protection. Soon after, they received a German shepherd, but it wasn't what they expected.

"They said that a contractor came over to their home one day and was working on the gutters and the dog was just lying in the kennel," Kane said. "Eventually, the guy just came up and gave the dog a sandwich."

Kane said the investigation into Chestnut started early in 1998 after some victims contacted her office. Other alleged victims came forward after word spread through the dog breeding community, and still more heard about Chestnut through the Internet after alleged victims posted Web sites.

An Internet search revealed anonymous Web pages that mention Chestnut. One asks other alleged victims to respond by e-mail, saying: "With your help, we can rid the dog world of this criminal." Another says: "This guy is a real slug and gives every honest dog breeder and importer a black eye."

Kane said another of Chestnut's victims was a former Passaic County sheriff's officer, who in April and May 1994 paid almost $5,000 for part ownership of two female dogs in order to get a share of the profits that would come from their puppies. In the next two years, Sheriff's Officer Herbert Dekorte of Wayne also purchased three dogs. But Dekorte never saw profits from the puppies and he also never got his dogs -- losing $18,650.

In Dekorte's case, as in others, Chestnut gave his customers checks to repay their money, but when they tried to cash them, they were told that the account had been closed, Kane said.

Other people were promised German shepherds that were free from hip problems -- a common disability with the breed. Kane said that in several cases, Chestnut forged pedigree papers to cover up the dogs' health problems.

In addition to the dog cases, Chestnut allegedly scammed a 19-year-old clerk he met at a Totowa office supply store out of $18,000 the teenager won in a personal injury lawsuit. Kane said that in January 1998, Chestnut told the teen he could double his money in a week if he lent him $10,000.

The clerk, Robert Kirby, agreed and gave Chestnut the money, which he had been keeping in cash in a safe-deposit box. But after a week, when the profits didn't show up, Chestnut told Kirby that he needed the rest of the cash -- $8,000 -- which Kirby agreed to hand over.

Kane said Chestnut eventually gave Kirby a check to repay him, but the account was closed.

Chestnut's wife, Carolyn, was charged in the indictment with two counts of theft by deception. Another Paterson man, Terry Kelly, was charged as an accomplice with counts of theft by deception and attempted theft by deception because, on several occasions, money was sent to his account, Kane said.

In total, Chestnut was charged with 14 counts of theft by deception, two counts of attempted theft by deception, two counts relating to bad checks, and two counts of forgery. One of the counts, which represents the total dollar amount, carries a maximum 10-year prison term.

Chestnut also was charged in a separate indictment, also handed up Tuesday, with another theft. In June 1999, he allegedly agreed to sell a car to a Totowa man and took $3,200, but never delivered the vehicle.

Copyright © 2000 Bergen Record Corp.

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Thomas Lovick

780 Kilkenny Cir
Lithonia, GA 30058

bad check

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Douglas Finney

P.O. Box 357
Shrub Oak, NY 10588

bad check

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Trisha Bonner

400 Timber Creek Dr. Number 1013
Richwood, TX 77531

bad check

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John Juliano

800 Pleasant Street
Lee, MA 01238

bad check

John Juliano
257 State Road
Great Barrington, MA  01230
Cell number: 413-854-3911

Girlfriend Cell: 413-854-1985
Girlfriends parents address:
800 Pleasant Street
Lee, MA  01238

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Katie Brown

Central, SC

I was looking for a SchH puppy prospect when I saw her litter announcement on the internet in a Yahoo SchH discussion group. She and her husband the two GSD's, the sire, a working PSD, and the dam, claiming she's a drug dog. This sounded to me like an ideal breeding so after asking many questions I agreed to fly to South Carolina at my expense to buy one of her pups. She required a $400 deposit before I arrived so I mailed her the money with the stipulation that if for whatever reason I didn't find a pup that suited my needs I'd get the money back. This seemed highly unlikely though because she had been feeding me daily emails about how good her pups were, and how positive the selection tests turned out.

However, when I arrived at her house, the pups were nothing like she described. Instead of the little prey monsters I had expected, the pups had little to no prey drive, nor any other noteworthy characteristic that would make them working dogs. The pups were tested by an experienced K9 dog trainer who had imported the male using standard selection test techniques, like the ones in your puppy bite training video. Even though he was a personal friend of the family, once he had drawn me aside he told me in confidence that he wouldn't take a single pup out of that litter for lack of any working drive. Pet quality, all of them.

I asked Katie Brown to return my deposit and she wrote me a personal check from her own account, since apparently she had already cashed my check. I thought nothing of it at the time and returned home empty-handed, but satisfied, because I wouldn't have been able to train any of her pups in SchH anyway. The trip cost me $500 in airfare, car rental, hotel, etc. but I do not expect a refund for that since she did not give a written guarantee on the temperment of her litter, just empty claims. So I have to eat that loss. I took the trip at my own risk.

However, as to returned deposit, her check bounced. I called her back to tell her and her husband assured me that she would take care of it. Nothing. I emailed her and she demanded the original check be returned to her before she cut me another check. Well I'm no idiot. If I return the original check then I have no proof in court that she defrauded me. I scanned the check in the computer and emailed her a copy as proof. I've tried to call her every week, and emailed her several times, but there's never an answer.

Considering that her check bounced in November and it's now January I'm assuming that she has no intention of paying back her debt. Dishonest people like this really piss me off. I'm sure that you can relate because you've had bums write you bad checks for your merchandise. I want to get the word out that this lady is a deadbeat and a bum. I want to warn other uninformed SchH enthusiasts not to get tangled up with this woman.


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Ron Flemming

World K-9 Protection Training
10 W Michigan Avenue
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Ron still owes us $105.00 for an outstanding order. We called his number and it has been temporarily disconnected.

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From: James Loflin []
Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 10:07 AM
Subject: Order Needed

Hello my name is James and I am sending this email in regards to(Dog Muzzle) I will like to know the types,sizes you have and the prices and let me know if you do accept credit card and it will be pick up at your location. Looking forward to read back from you.



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