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Photo Contest 2018 Voting

Leerburg would like to thank everybody who submitted their images to our Photo Contest 2018! We received lots of great images, so make sure to check them out in the gallery!

Voting has ended and we have determined the winnner(s).

Meet the Finalists

"Are We There Yet?" by Lindsey Kramer

"Beauty in the Street" by Brooke Nunn

"Country Boys" by VBouey

"Forest Fantasy" by Lacie Whitted

"Golden Hour" by Lacie Whitted

"Havoc " by Leanna Maddox

"Life's Good When You're a Husky! " by Lizzy

"Puppy Eyes" by Jen B

"Splash " by Stephanie Nivens

"Stoic Beauty" by Theresa Dow

"Strut Your Fluff!" by Francesca Bologna

"Sunset at the Great Salt Lake with Shmuel " by Lynsey Sacher

"The Bird was Right Here!" by Meaghan Kirkpatrick

"The Recall" by Sarah Gentry

"Tok on the Beach " by Ryan Neile

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