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Leerburg Pedigrees Rambo vom Peko Haus

Rambo vom Peko Haus

Rambo vom Peko Haus

SchH 3 FH IPO3 KKL2 A Normal

Sv - HD number 98

Rambo vom Peko Haus
Co Lathouwer with Rambo v Peko Haus
Co is the breeder of Peko Haus Kennels in Belgium.

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Rambo has been the main stud dog for Peko Haus Kennels for the past three years. Rambo's pedigree brings with it many of the old working lines from West Germany. Not only is he line bred on Caro Allerswald Sch 3

He also has 1/2 of the same breeding as Askie v. Froschgraben . Askie is Troll vd Bosen Nachbarshafts mother. The fact is that Rambo got the better half of Trolls pedigree. He did not get the half that has the Fero blood. I have written a short article on my web site about why I am not a fan of Ferro.

Rambo reminds me of my old stud dog Natan Busecker Schloss. He has the same temperament. He is very confident and easy going. He has a happy demeanor and nothing phases him. Co Lathouwers sent me a fax this week saying that he felt Rambo was the best dog that he ever owned or bred. I feel very lucky to have this dog as part of my breeding program. I am sure that his females will have a strong influence on my bloodlines for years to come.

                                         Brix von der Jagdgrenze SchH III FH
                               Tommy vom Riernsloberwald SchH III
                                         Zola vom Haus Kruger SchH III
                     Zanto vom Riernsloherwald SchH III
                                         Matsch vom Bungalow SchH III FH IPIII
                               Vera vom Riensloherwald SchH III
                                         Jullie vom Goldwasser SchH III
         Nickel vom Peko Haus VH III
                                         Anderl vom Kleinen Pfahl SchH III FH INT
                               Norbo vom Haus Materstock SchH III
                                         Halla vom Haus Materstock  SchH III FH
                     Ricke vom Kosbelbach IPO I
                                         Caro vom Allerswald  SchH III FH IPO III
                               Umsa vom Bungalow SchH III FH
                                         Pali vom Bungalow SchH III FH
Rambo vom Peko Haus SchHIII, IP III, Korklasse 2 Normal "A" 
                                         Olden vom Asterplatz SchH II
                               Ulrich von der Wienerau SchH III FH
                                         Alice vom Bukisbach SchH III INT FH
                     Nats vom Arolser Holz SchH III FH IP INT
                                         Pang vom Stahlhammer SchH III INT FH
                               Dina vom Stahlhammer SchH II
                                         Banja vom Birkisbach SchH I
         Ilke vom Peko Haus SG IP II
                                         Klodo vom Roten-Kreuz-Weg SchH III
                               Basko vom Flughafearand SchH III FH
                                         Illa vom Klosesfreude SchH III
                     Erle vom Buckower Feld IP III
                                         Caro vom Allerswald SchH III FH IP III
                               Blanka vom Korbelbach SchH III
                                         Friga vom Allerswald SchH III

Rambo vom Peko Haus
Rambo is an excellent tracker. He has a natural deep nose and is a slow methodical tracking dog.

Rambo vom Peko Haus
Rambo and Co had an excellent relationship. The dog loves food and has intense prey drive. He is a dog that will take a correction as long as it is fair and not too hard.

Rambo vom Peko Haus
Rambo is a natural working dog. He is to the GSD breed what many of the old time working dogs were meant to be.

Rambo vom Peko Haus
Rambo can easily be a police service dog or a personal protection dog. He is a tad civil but with excellent nerves. You will not find a better working pedigree in America than the one this dog has.

Rambo Pup
Rambo Pup

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