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Treat Dispensing Chew Ball
Based on 3 reviews

(contiguous USA only)

$8.99 - $14.99

Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

Based on 3 reviews

Free Shipping

Ends Monday, November 18th, 2019 at 11:59 PM CT

$8.99 - $14.99
  • Great interactive toy
  • Medium is 2.75" in diameter
  • Large is 4" in diameter
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You can fill the Treat Dispensing Chew Ball with any of our all-natural treats for interactive fun. The large ball is 4" in diameter and the medium ball is 2.75" in diameter.

Our dogs will even play with an empty ball, but treats make it that much more enticing! You can watch with amazement as your dog or puppy tries to figure out exactly how to get those treats out of the ball. This puts a new spin on using cream cheese or peanut butter in a toy to keep teething puppies entertained. This ball is designed with the same idea in mind, but without all the mess!


No toy is 100% indestructible. It is unrealistic to expect that from any toy. The toys that we sell at Leerburg are the best quality and most durable that we have found. Always supervise your dog when playing with toys. Periodically inspect all toys for damage. Do not allow your dog to continue to play with a damaged or broken toy.

Bought this product?

We bought this for our 2yo mastiff about a year ago to keep her entertained and give her something to do with her unusual amount of nervous energy. I was unsure that it would hold up to any chewing because of the soft, gel like texture, but the thing looks as good as the day we bought it! (If you look through the layers of dried-on drool!) Now we have a year and a half old Doberman girl who gets to pacing around the house when she's bored. We pulled out this treat dispensing chew ball and stuffed a p-nut butter biscuit inside. She rolled it around for a bit and then laid down with it in her bed. She rolled this thing to the back of her jaws and started squeezing and squashing it with her molars. This broke up the cookie inside and allowed the smaller crumbs to fall out. She too LOVES this thing! And when the big dogs are put up for the night - the trolls (a Boston and a Frenchie) come out and roll it around to get at the last little tidbits that are left inside. One thing I really like about it is its pleasant scent. It doesn't have that awful rubber stink that some of the toys have! If my pack ever manages to actually destroy this ball, I will immediately order a new one! It's definitely a keeper!

- on

This wonderful toy has gone through Otto's teething time, and is still one of his favorite toys. Otto is a purebred longhair GSD, and is nearing 95 lbs. He is what would be termed a "powerful chewer," so we thought we were stuck with "Kongs." WRONG! He loves this, and has not destroyed it in almost 2 years. We have come to call it "cheese ball," because we put a small cube of cheddar cheese in it so it just fits inside. Yum!! And it is soft enough to throw in the house without the scuffs and dings of a Kong.

Love this toy. Thanks so much!

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I generally love everything and the best chew was the everlasting fire hydrant that has disappeared at our home so I bought the chew ball and my mini aussie tore out one end on the first day so basically has a hole that the food falls out. Was hoping more indestructible. Maybe if it were smaller.

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