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Rubber Feed Pan / Touch Pad
Based on 2 reviews
$10.00 - $12.50

Rubber Feed Pan / Touch Pad

Based on 2 reviews
$10.00 - $12.50
  • Dual purposes: feed pan or touch pad
  • 4 qt. : 10.5" diameter, 4" height
  • 8 qt. : 14.5" diameter, 4.5" height

The first step in teaching any dog touch pads is to provide a raised target for the dog to run to. Our rubber tubs, when turned upside down, are the perfect target to use. They can be left outside in summer or winter.

These rubber tubs can also be used as water bowls for outside dogs in the winter time. They're made from a flexible heavy rubber. When the water freezes in the tubs, they can be dropped on the ground without fear of breaking. While no water bucket or food bowl is indestructible, some dogs can chew up anything. These buckets are as close as possible to being indestructible. We do not guarantee that your dog can't chew these up, but 99% of dogs cannot and will not chew these up.

Molded from the finest corded rubber for maximum strength and durability. This special grade of rubber is crack-proof, freeze-proof, and extremely pliable.


4 Quart

  • 10.5" top diameter
  • 8.75" bottom diameter
  • 4" outside height
  • 3.75" deep inside

8 Quart

  • 14.5" top diameter
  • 11.5" bottom diameter
  • 4.5" outside height
  • 4.25" deep inside
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I bought two of these touch tubs and have used them for everything from "Place" to the Send Away to Jumps. My dog is even retrieving them now! They have been left out in bad weather, and my dog decided it was a tug toy once- but they still look like they are brand new!

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Verified Customer Review

This is fine as a touch pad, but my Norwegian Buhund puppy views it as a chew toy. She easily chewed the edges. So I can't leave it with her unsupervised.

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