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2" Ultra Reflective Tracking Harness
Based on 4 reviews

2" Ultra Reflective Tracking Harness

Based on 4 reviews
  • Lightweight, great for tracking
  • Suede chestplate
  • 5 points of adjustment
  • For dogs 60 lbs - 120 lbs
  • Girth: 27"-38"
  • Neck Opening: 18"-28"
  • Made in Canada

This is our most popular lightweight tracking harness. It’s light weight makes it the best choice for a tracking harness in law enforcement, S&R, and sport dog tracking. We offer it in black or orange, with reflective stripping throughout the neck and girth. The harness has a comfortable suede chest plate and five points of adjustment which allows it to fit almost any dog's body type.

Made in Canada.

For dogs that weigh between 60 and 120 lbs, with girth ranging from 27" to 38". Neck opening is 18" to 28".

What is girth?

Girth is taken from the widest part of the dog's chest behind the forelegs.

A dog with a tape measure around its neck, behind the ears.
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I've been using this tracking harness for about 6 months and it's excellent. My GSD can wear it all day without discomfort. It's durable, very well made, comfortable and very functional with a large handle on top and easy heavy duty clips to secure it.

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I've used this harness for SAR for three years on my GSD it's great . She's long and lean and the multi point adjustment made it nice to get a proper fit . Most other vests and harnesses slide around her. You must have a dog that will sit nice as you dress them as this takes a few seconds longer to get on than a one clip .

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My Belgian Malinois has worn one of these harnesses for the last 7 months during runs. When running on roads, I use a leash that goes around my waist because he pulls hard for the first few miles. This harness stood up well, did not rub him, was quick to dry and easy to take on and off. The handle works well for loading into a vehicle or boat, and is convenient to attach a light to for early morning runs. Unfortunately last week while he was on leash, we spooked a critter in the dark and he lunged for it, breaking one of the buckles. I just ordered a new one to replace it. This harness would probably last forever on a normal dog.

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I have over 15 years of tracking experience and have used many types of of tracking harnesses. I do love a quality leather harness but these are hard to maintain in harsh weather conditions. I saw the Ultra Tracking Harness and its design, fastening and adjustments caught my eye. Reflective also makes it suitable for night tracking. When it arrived I tried it on several of my dogs ranging from Border Collies, GSP and Australian Shepherds and it adjusted to fit the range. Sat well without any restriction on airways, easy to fit and to put on the dog. Just wish they made one for smaller breeds.

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