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Sorry, but the Ram Tuff Wooley Bungee has been discontinued.

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Ram Tuff Wooley Bungee

Based on 2 reviews

Sorry, the Ram Tuff Wooley Bungee has been discontinued.

  • Two pieces of shock chord covered by soft-touch nylon
  • Handle is 14" long
  • Bite area is 8" long, 2.25" wide, and 1" thick
  • Bite area made of real sheepskin
  • Machine washable
  • Great for puppies
  • Colors may vary
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The "bungee" portion of this toy is a handle made from soft-touch nylon covering two pieces of shock cord. It is designed to act as a shock absorber between you and the dog so that you'll be more comfortable while tugging and to provide exciting resistance to the dog without you actually having to pull hard on the toy. This keeps tugging fun for the dog, but makes tugging easier on your body! The tension is just right for this purpose; you don't need to worry about the toy flying back at you or the dog.

The bungee handle is 14" long and goes all the way through the sheepskin to the end of the toy for extra strength. The bite area of the toy is an 8" section of real sheepskin which is wrapped around the webbing of the handle and double stitched. There is no stuffing; this toy is all sheepskin. The bite area is approximately 2.25" wide and 1" thick.

Machine washable. Colors may vary.

Tugs are not chew toys

Tugs are not chew toys and should never be left with dogs alone. When tugs are used correctly, they last for a very long time. When they are left unattended with a dog they may only last minutes.

Bought this product?

I bought this for my flyball dog. He loves it and it works well to keep him interested in tugging. However, it doesn't hold up very well. All of the wool fuzz comes off in clumps leaving him nothing really to keep him going. I wish that it was a little sturdier. He is only 25 pounds, so I can't imagine what damage a larger dog could do with it in a shorter time period.

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This tug is not for "hard" mouthed dogs. I used it with my 70# Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog and within a couple of minutes she had torn the sheepskin. I also think the bungee, if it is designed to take the stress off of your body when the dog shakes, are too wimpy. Probably better used for smaller dogs. Don't take this as me bagging on Leerburg as I buy quite a bit of stuff from them and think that they know a lot about dog behavior and training.

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