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K9 MOLLE Patrol Harness
Based on 0 reviews

K9 MOLLE Patrol Harness

Based on 0 reviews
  • Velcro accommodates both accessories and patches
  • Uses load bearing metal alpine cobra buckles

CaliberDog Military style MOLLE Patrol Harness was designed to be a light weight working dog harness that will accommodate many of the MOLLE accessories and the GoPro camera mounts. This harness can be used with either the GoPro Top Back or Front Chest mounts. Each side of the MOLLE patrol harness has two rows of military spec MOLLE webbing to attach many of the MOLLE accessories we offer. The MOLLE accessories will not be rubbing on the dogs ribs because there is a layer of lining under the MOLLE straps. In addition to the MOLLE straps there is Velcro on top, both sides and the chest of this MOLLE Patrol Harness. You can attach any of the Velcro patches or ID panels to this harness. The front chest strap and the girth straps are adjustable so this harness can fit securely on the dog. On top of the harness there is a two inch thick metal welded D-ring. This ring is large enough that you can get two fingers into it or use multiple lines on the harness. We have designed the harness with a large D-ring rather than a V-ring because the rounded shape of the D-ring won’t jab into the dogs back. The handle is located on the top back front area of the harness so that you will be close to the dog’s neck when using the handle. This will give you more control when handling the dog. A nice feature of this handle is that it Velcro’s down flat on the top of the harness when not in use. This eliminates the problem of the handle hanging off the harness and grabbing the dog’s hair when you go to use the handle. The girth strap buckle is a load bearing metal Alpine Cobra buckle. Made in the USA.


Girth strap is adjustable.

  • Medium: 26-31" girth
  • Large: 32-39" girth

What is girth?

Girth is taken from the widest part of the dog's chest behind the forelegs.

A dog with a tape measure around its neck, behind the ears.
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