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Orthopedic Pet Bed
Based on 9 reviews
$19.99 - $61.00

Orthopedic Pet Bed

Based on 9 reviews
$19.99 - $61.00
  • Made of imitation sheep skin
  • Stain resistant
  • Water absorbant
  • Washing Machine and Dryer Safe
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These orthopedic pet beds are made of imitation sheep skin and hospital-grade sherpa. They are soft and practical, they have two sides and are easily machine washed. Pet owners love this product because they resist tearing and and can last for years when taken care of properly.

With that said a dog that chews is going to rip up any dog bed. People who have dogs that chew should never use a dog bed with their dog or if they do they should only use them when they have “EYES ON THEIR DOG.” A dog that chews can destroy a dog bed in 15 minutes and it’s not the fault of the product when that happens.

It is stain resistant and water absorbent. Pets love it because the soft plush pile allows air to circulate underneath so they stay cool in summer, warm in winter. It's machine washable and dryer safe with no shrinking.

We use this pet bed in our home (we have three in the house), in our whelping boxes and in our dog crates with dogs that are not chewers.

We teach the PLACE command in our home by using these beds. We can put it next to us while we watch TV or work in the office. The dogs learn that when we put the bed down and give the PLACE command they are to go lie down and stay there until we release them. The nice thing about these beds is that the dog like to lie on them because they are so soft.

By starting to use them in this manner you can also control any chewing because you will HAVE EYES ON THE DOG. If a dog starts to chew it's a simple matter of correcting the dog so he learns that chewing is unacceptable.

While these beds are extremely durable and chew ‘resistant’ this does not mean they are chew proof. They are not chew toys. A determined dog can tear, chew and shred them in very little time. Know your dog and supervise this item just like you would any new bed or bedding material.

If you have a dog that will chew anything don't leave dog beds in crate, don’t use rugs, don’t use bedding, or sheets. Dogs that chew should only have rubber mats that we sell. These rubber mats work great when. Dogs that chew are not going to chew these up. The fact is a chewer should NEVER be out of your sight when loose in your home. I tell people who have dogs that chew to go and read the article I wrote on groundwork. This article will help pet owners live with a chewing dog peacefully.


XSmall18" - 20"
Small24" - 36"
Medium30" - 40"
Large36" - 50"
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Verified Customer Review

These beds are fabulous. Without any stuffing, my GSD pup doesn't try to tear them apart. They wash up well, and I have now bought 5 of them, one for each of my pup's crates/pens.

- on

This is BY FAR the best dog bed I have ever owned. It comes out of the washer and dryer looking like new every time. And in addition to being a great general-purpose bed, it makes a wonderful pad for a hammock-style backseat cover in the car. My dog totally destroys any bed that has a foam pad inside--and then he eats the foam, which makes him sick. Since this bed has no foam interior, he has no interest in chewing on it. He loves it and so do I!

- on

We use our pet beds for three years now. Our two German Shepherds love them and we do too. The beds can easily be washed and dried and are still, after three years, in good shape. Having been a dog owner since thirty years, I am very impressed. I have used an array of blankets, cushions and beds for my dogs but these are the best. We save up for another set of beds in order to have spares as we fear this product will be 'improved'. We made the experience that nowadays everything which is perfect undergoes an improvement.

- on

Verified Customer Review

Lovely, comfy bed, but my Norwegian Bugund puppy has chewed all her beds that have stuffing and she even chewed the edges of this bed. I've put it away until she is older and hopefully outgrows bed-chewing.

- on

I have used these beds since way back when they were the only bed you sold. I used to wonder why a company as large as Leerburg would only offer ONE bed back then. I found out. These Orthopedic Pet Beds are the best beds ever. I have purchased lots of beds in the past, and all of them either tore, or the stuffing came out, got dirty and weren't washable, or the dog didn't like it and bunched it up in a corner. These beds are incredible. I have 2 dobermans and when one of them was young she was a chewer of everything, except these beds. I don't know why she didn't chew them, but she pretty much left them alone. They are easy to keep clean. I wash them often and dry them right in the dryer. I buy them larger than our crate so they curl up the sides and make a nice nest for the dogs to lean into. I now have about 10 of them, because I keep them in the car crates, the kennel beds and the inside house crates for my girls (and one on the couch for my older girl). You can't go wrong with this bed. After about 7 years, I still have the first one I purchased in 2007, it is still in great shape, and in use.

- on

These are outstanding beds that withstand the wear and tear, and provide the comfort the dogs need. Puppies can chew the sides a bit, but these beds DEFINITELY are the toughest and sturdiest that we have found in 20+ years of dog raising. As our dogs are in the house with us, the beds are washed weekly, and AMAZINGLY, are perfectly washable and will dry in the dryer! The large size is a bit tight getting in the washer, but we are able to squeeze the large one in too, and get the job done. I give these beds my highest recommendation. Comfy, washable, and tough!

- on

Until I bought this bed my 90 lb gsd had trouble getting comfortable. I had given him a big fluffy pillow bed and a mat in his crate but neither one did the trick. I heard him getting up during the night and changing positions and surfaces, often laying down with a big thud and a groan. He absolutely loves this bed and I've never ever seen him be so comfortable and get such restful sleep. He works a few hours a day herding sheep so he needs his rest and this bed has made such a difference. I figured that since this is the only bed Leerburg sells it must be a good one and it is. Get one and see the difference!

- on

These are by far the best pet beds I have ever used. They hold up after many washings and my dogs love them and prefer them to any other bed they have in the house. They will always choose the shearling mat. I am so appreciative that Leerburg sells these. Five Stars!!

- on

I purchased the petite size that is suppose to be 18 x 20 but the one I received is 17 x 19. I would not call this a bed, it is more of a mat.

- on

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