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Mini Bite Pillow
Based on 1 reviews

Mini Bite Pillow

Based on 1 review
  • 10" long x 6" wide
  • Three handles
  • One D-ring
  • Ideal for young dogs
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The mini bite pillow is used with young dogs whose mouths are not large enough to bite the larger bite pillows that we sell.

It's the handlers job to take his or her dog through the foundation of bite work. This process is accomplished through a series of games that are played with their dog. I compare it to parents that trains his son or daughter to fight. They take them to Karate classes in which he learns the foundation for fighting. We do the same with our dogs and these bite pillows are an important part of that training.

Bite bars are not chew toys

Bite bars are not chew toys and should never be left with dogs alone. When bite bars are used correctly, they last for a very long time. When they are left unattended with a dog they may only last minutes.

Close up of a leather tug with a corner bitten off, revealing material used to stuff the tug
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We have found that these mini bite pillows are great for building drive in our pups as well as teaching them to target the center of an object. The mini bite pillows that we purchased seem to be holding up well to the pups' sharp teeth.

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