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Educator Nylon Collar
Based on 1 reviews

Educator Nylon Collar

Based on 1 review
  • Quick connect and disconnect
  • 3/4" width fits the ET300s, ET400s, Pro 900, EZ-900
  • 1" width fits 800 and 1200 models
  • Made in the USA

A high quality nylon collar with quick connect and disconnect. The length you choose is the max length the collar can fit. Ready to be cut to size for a custom fit. The cut edge needs to be burned with a lighter to melt the nylon to avoid fraying. Made in the USA.

The 3/4" width fits the ET300s, ET400s, Pro 900, and EZ-900. The 1" width fits the 800 and 1200 models.

Bought this product?

I bought this nylon collar is replacement for the original plastic Educator collar. This is a far superior design because of the quick snap buckle and the nylon material. You can easily adjust the size to fit your dog and leave it. Just snap it on and quickly check the fit, then proceed with your training. No more struggling with the buckle, adjusting the fit every time we use the e-collar. I cut the excess collar away for my six month old Belgian Shepherd puppy. The price is so reasonable I don't mind buying a second or even third one as he grows I highly recommend it.

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