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Pet Convincer Plus
Based on 2 reviews

Pet Convincer Plus

Based on 2 reviews
  • Employs a unique mixture of acoustic sound inaudible to humans and air
  • Instantly stop unwanted behavior
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with replacement CO2 cartridge
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The Pet Convincer employs a unique mixture of acoustic sound inaudible to humans and air that immediately stops unwanted behavior. It is an essential tool to use in combination with reward-based training methods.

The Pet Convincer interrupts many unwanted behaviors but is most often used for the following:

  • Barking
  • Jumping up
  • Stealing food
  • Chasing
  • Place avoidance

The Pet Corrector can be used effectively to interrupt cats from stalking and catching birds, and to stop them from using furniture as scratching posts.

Tips & Advice


  • Test the animal’s sensitivity by operating at a distance greater than one meter to start
  • Direct the spray away from your pet’s face
  • Only use the Pet Convincer to interrupt a serious misdemeanor
  • Understand that timing is crucial, that it should only be used while the misbehavior is occurring
  • Ensure that you reward immediately when the misbehavior has ceased, ideally while the dog is performing a positive behavior
  • Make the shortest possible burst because the canister will chill with prolonged use
  • Work on correcting one behavior at a time and, once this has been corrected, than you can move on to the next behavioral problem
  • Dispose of the aerosol responsibly when it is empty: do not incinerate, burn, or puncture the canister

Finally, always make sure that training is fun and short, and always finish on a positive note.


  • Use the Pet Convincer without first reading the instructions
  • Allow children to use
  • Point directly towards your face or that of the pet
  • Continue to use the Pet Convincer if your dog has an excessively fearful reaction or aggressive response
  • Use the Pet Convincer on young puppies unless specifically advised by a qualified behavior specialist
  • Expose to temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius or place in direct sunlight, and ensure you always keep away from flames
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Verified Customer Review

Unbelievable product. I have a 5 month old gsd who was jumping and nipping. I tried a number of ways to get this bad behavior to stop but nothing worked. I literally used the pet convincer 4 times and so far so good. He has stopped the jumping most importantly the nipping and now if he even starts up I just have to get the convincer out and he stops.

It was remarkable I've never seen anything like it. How easy to distract and change his behavior. I take it on walks so I can distract other dogs if they come up.

- on

I carry the Pet Convincer as a deterrent for loose dogs when I'm out walking with my dogs. Until today I have never used it. This morning I had a run in with a very pushy coyote while out hiking with my Malinois and Cattle Dog in the desert around Phoenix. He was trailing us from a considerable distance for a few minutes and as I kept an eye on him and continued my walk he began to close the gap. I yelled and moved towards him with no retreat. I threw a few rocks, threatened him with my walking stick and still nothing. I had just put the Pet Convincer in my backpack last week and I had to hurriedly dig it out. The coyote at this point was only about 8-10 yards from me and my dogs were going crazy. I gave a blast from the Pet Convincer and he tucked tail and ran back about 20 yards. He stopped to look and I advanced on him while blasting the PC a few more times. He ran out of sight. I will never hike without the Pet Convincer again

- on

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