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KODA OmniClean
Based on 1 reviews
$19.95 $12.00

KODA OmniClean

Based on 1 review
$19.95 $12.00
  • 236ml bottle with pump dispenser
  • Heals skin disorders and insect bites
  • Quiets ‘Hot Spots’
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-itch and anti-fungal treatment
  • Reduces MRSA impact and yeast levels
  • Easy foam application and lightning fast rinsing
  • For dogs only
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OmniClean is a natural Castile therapeutic foaming shampoo and soap used for dogs with skin irritations, insect problems, and to heal disorders. We add Neem and Karanja oil to the soap for their ayurvedic medicine healing and insect repellent properties.

OmniClean is based on the famous Keys MetaClean shampoo and soap. Throughout history, soaps and Castile shampoos have been used to deliver healing medicines to broad areas of the body. Soaps, unlike synthetic detergents, retain added oils and deposit them on the skin in a very thin coating. After they deposit the oils, the residual soap/shampoo rinses lightning fast as part of the nature of Castile formulation. MetaClean's history began in helping the search and rescue dog returning from Hurricane Katrina. OmniClean builds on the learning that we experienced listening to customers that use MetaClean in their daily lives for all sorts of skin conditions and malady's.


Pet shampoos cannot be shipped to Japan.

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I really like this! This has worked so well and my dogs haven't had any itching or issues since I bought this for my groomer to use to bathe them. They also smell so good. Highly recommend this!

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