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Puppy Nursers
Based on 0 reviews

Puppy Nursers

Based on 0 reviews
  • Modified nursers are made with two parts (an underlying silicone nipple & a bulbous style overlay nipple)
  • The modified nursers come with a premade hole
  • Modified includes 1 silicone o-ring syringe, 1 Vacu-lock ring, and 1 Modified Nipple (with premade hole)

These Puppy Nursers provide the simplicity of bottle feeding with the accuracy of tube feeding.

Choosing a Nurser

Since we should feed according to weight it only makes sense to choose a nurser according to weight as well. It is much easier to hold a small baby with an appropriate size small nurser and a large baby with an appropriate size larger nurser.As a baby grows, so will their size and volume intake of formula. Please adjust your nurser size accordingly as babies grow.

Modified Nursers: Modified Nursers are best suited for babies that CANNOT latch onto a human grade style baby bottle nipple.

These nursers come with a 2 part nipple. The first part is a bulbous overlay nipple that allows babies to attach easily. The second part is a silicone underlay clear-like nipple that provides the perfect premade hole. You DO Not have to make holes in these nipples as they come with a premade hole already in them.

These nursers use a neonatal or human grade type baby bottle nipple and are best suited for medium to larger breeds. All of the Large Nipple Nursers come with a premade hole and DO NOT require the user to make any holes in the nipple. The 10cc Preemie Nurser nipple is about half the size of a regular baby bottle nipple and is great for "Preemie" babies in the medium to large size breeds

Sizing Guide

Toy Breed - Suggested sizes are 3cc/ml, and 5cc/ml

Small Breed - Suggested sizes are: 3cc/ml, 5cc/ml, 10cc/ml

Medium Breed - Suggested sizes are: 5cc/ml, and 10cc/ml

Large Breed - The suggested size is: 10cc/ml

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