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ROCA Thin Synthetic Wedge
Based on 2 reviews

ROCA Thin Synthetic Wedge

Based on 2 reviews
  • Appropriate for any age dog
  • Colors vary
  • 3 handles
  • 12.75" long, 8.5" height
  • Bite area starts at 1.25" thick and flares out to 3" thick
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These wedges are thinner than the other bite pillows that we carry. We recommend this bite wedge for young dogs that are just getting involved in IPO sports. This wedge will help and encourage the dog to take a full grip, rather than just grabbing the edge of a bigger bite pillow that they can't fit their mouths around yet. Strong enough to handle grown dogs as well!

This Roca Thin Synthetic Wedge measures 12.75" in width and 8.5" in height. The bite area starts at 1.25" thick and flares out to 3". It has 3 handles, and colors may vary. Can be used with any age dog.

It is the handler's job to take his or her dog through the foundation of bite work. This process is accomplished through a series of games that are played with their dog. I compare it to parents that trains his son or daughter to fight. They take them to Karate classes in which he learns the foundation for fighting. We do the same with our dogs and these bite pillows are an important part of that training.

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Great bite wedge, but the only issue I had is that I ordered a Synthetic Wedge and I was sent one that is Jute. When I called customer service they told me that, "it is synthetic, it's just Jute colored." Now I don't know that the customer service people have any idea about the difference in material, but it most certainly was Jute and not synthetic material.

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My dog absolutely loves this wedge. It's a great wedge, I can carry it around on walks, do basic tug work and targeting. I think of it as a low profile protection toy.

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