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Sorry, but the Training Personal Protection Dogs has been discontinued.

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Training Personal Protection Dogs

Based on 2 reviews

Sorry, the Training Personal Protection Dogs has been discontinued.

  • 1 hour, 36 minutes long
  • Released 2003
  • Instructor: Ed Frawley
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This video assumes a dog has already gone through bite development. This means you and your dog know and understand the material in our bite development videos.

This dvd provides the information needed to convert a Schutzhund dog or a dog with basic bite training into a Personal Protection Dog.

The first portion covers German and English commands used in bite training; followed by discussions on safe equipment and dog handling during bite work; then basic tests for Personal Protection dogs, and "Learning Curves in Bite Training."

This video shows how to target your dog's bite to different parts of the body. This is trained in segments using body bite suits. We begin with Leg Bites, then Leg to Arm Transfers, then Leg to Arm - and Arm to Leg Transfers, then Arm to Arm Transfers, and finally Shoulder and Back Bites.

Although the concepts are similar to those covered in our tape on training Police Service Dogs, most Personal Protection dogs are not as strong as patrol dogs and therefore need more training steps in their program. We show you how to do this.

Muzzle work is the only way to proof a dog that's been trained in body bites. Muzzle training is broken into 6 steps followed by a session on "Helper Hints" for effective muzzle work.

Then we discuss the four methods of putting defense or civil drive into your dog. Civil drive is the ability of a dog to alert on a man with no protective equipment on.

Strong dogs with a lot of civil drive will turn on their handlers if they receive to much pressure during training. Although this type of dog is not common in America, you need to know how to safely handle it when you see it. This video demonstrates 4 methods to safely work strong civil dogs. You learn when one method should be used over another.

Included are training sessions on each of the following subjects:

  • Food refusal from a stranger
  • Bark and bite at the door
  • Protect your Car
  • Random attacks off the training field
  • Alert on a voice command
  • Handling rules for a real life violent encounter
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Dear Mr. Frawley,

Thank you very much for the excellent DVD. I have a small experience in Civil work and I have to admit that this DVD has an excellent material and helped me understand many principles in civil work.

Best Regards
Vasilis Palivos

- on

I am just writing to thank you and your staff for the excellent service having just received my DVD's in England. I am a veterinary surgeon involved with police dogs and was wanting to improve my knowledge of working police dogs. The DVDs are extremely clear and informative and as a non law enforcement person they have given me a good idea of what the work is all about. It has helped me in my understanding of the needs of the canine officer in relation to what I can do to help our dog teams.

Thanks again for supplying me with outstanding products. Keep up the good work. I'm hoping I can get some more DVDs to at a later date to increase my understanding. I was lucky enough to spend a week with Dallas canine unit last October and it was one of the instructors that recommended your site, having done some of his training with the RCMP. I can now see where he was coming from

- on

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