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Puppy Tube Feeding Kit
Based on 4 reviews

Puppy Tube Feeding Kit

Based on 4 reviews
  • Includes one syringe and one feeding tube
  • Feeding tube is 16" long (41 cm) and approximately 3/32" (2.7 mm) diameter
  • Syringe holds 35cc
  • Feeding tube has a closed rounded tip with two side port eyes
  • Single use only
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Each Puppy Tube Feeding Kit includes one syringe and one feeding tube. The feeding tube is 16" long (41 cm) and approximately 3/32" (2.7 mm) diameter. It is best to store your feeding tube and syringe at normal room temperature. In colder temperatures the feeding tube will become rigid and stiff. At body temperature, the tube becomes softer, resilient, and completely flexible. The syringe holds 35cc and attaches to the integral funnel end of the feeding tube. The opposite end of the feeding tube has a closed rounded tip with two side port eyes.


Both the feeding tube and syringe are individually packed in sterile packaging and are for single use only. It is not recommend to resterilize this equipment.

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Verified Customer Review

excellent for price. the only ones i could find. a little stiff and the rubber piece keeps coming separated. i wish they were made a little bigger since now my puppies are 40 Oz and need 40 not 35, and they continue to grow very fast. i am so glad i got these just in case a life saver

- on

Greetings, thought I would let you know that I have been raising llamas for more than 30 years. The puppy tube has been used by many for tubing a baby llama, for example a preemie who is not able to nurse yet. It is the perfect length for a llamas neck. Just thought I would let you know the tube has another use. Have a great day.

- on

I bought this around 2009. I thought I might use it back then but my female didn't have an issue feeding her puppies and I used the Playtex disposable bottle which seemed to do the trick. Well, I finally had to use this tube feeding kit April 2015. I forgot thaat I had it when I was frantic looking for something better to bring out a fading puppy. My dam had a large litter and more puppies than her teats. So some puppies are not getting the full nourishment from momma and the bigger ones are pushing them out. It was just luck I found this in my dog supplies, and quickly went to use it. It is so far saving my newborn puppy's life. She is coming out of it, and back into the litter group. I will be following Ed Frawley's botte feeding program for them to continue to gain weight. Thank you for this kit. So glad it survived moving and in storage all these years!

- on


After viewing the feeding tube you sell versus what I received from the Vet, they obviously gave me something so small that I literally have to tube feed twice to give him what he needs in one feeding. Needless to say, I'm pretty pissed off with the Vet and am grateful you carry these products. You're Aces in my book.

Thanks Again,

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