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Sorry, Leerburg no longer offers the Sense-ation Harness.

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Sense-ation Harness

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Sorry, Leerburg no longer offers the Sense-ation Harness.

  • Prevents choking, stress, and injuries
  • Helps solve pulling, lunging, jumping, and other on-leash problems
  • Easy on and off
  • Great for agility and pet assisted therapy
  • Mini and XSmall found at Tiny Sense-ation Harness
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This dog-friendly design keeps your dog comfortable, and prevents stress and injury. The Front-Connection™ helps you communicate clearly with your dog's sense of touch. As you move your leash in certain directions, you dog feels gentle pressure (sensations) behind the front legs and shoulders. This triggers an instinct to brace against the pressure and encourage your dog to move with you, without pulling on the leash!

Sense-ation harnesses are made of custom Softouch polyester webbing, and nickel-plated steel o-rings. The straps are adjusted with Duraflex® (like plastic) hardware. They also come with curved, side-release buckle and strap keepers.

Sense-ation harnesses are great for all kinds of dogs, and especially for shy, nervous, and fearful dogs. These harnesses can help with dog training exercises. Strap lock hardware keeps straps together and prevents slipping. A leash can be clipped to both the chest strap and a collar for extra safety, and these harnesses make it easier to walk two dogs at the same time.

Designed for comfort, with features like:

  • Excludes restrictive devices that cause choking, pinching, constricting, and hobbling
  • Snap buckle positioned away from your dog's shoulder to prevent chafing and irritation
  • Fits low on a dog's chest without restricting front legs
  • Designed to flex as you pull your leash, allowing for full range of motion


Mini and XSmall harnesses are designed to be used with light weight leashes (7/16" or 3/8" wide). Retractable leashes are not recommended. These sizes found at Tiny Sense-ation Harness.

Med/Lg 1", Large 1", and XLarge harnesses are better proportioned for big shouldered, wide-framed dogs. They are also better for high energy, reactive big dogs.

SizeStrap WidthGirth MeasurementDog Weight*
Mini7/16"13" - 16.5"7 lb - 12 lb
XSmall7/16"16.5" - 20.5"12 lb - 20 lb
Small5/8"20" - 24.5"21 lb - 33 lb
Medium3/4"24" - 28"34 lb - 60 lb
Med/Lg 3/4"3/4"26" - 32"40 lb - 73 lb
Med/Lg 1"1"27" - 32.5"45 lb - 73 lb
Large 3/4"3/4"31" - 40"70 lb - 130 lb
Large 1"1"32" - 40"75 lb - 130 lb
XLarge1"39" - 50"130 lb - 200 lb

*Dog weight is only an additional reference. Use the girth measurement for an exact size.

Fitting the Harness

Adjust the four straps in the following order:

  1. Step 1: Adjust the back strap to raise side rings. Place side rings in the middle of your dog's sides (between you dog's back and belly).
  2. Step 2: Adjust the girth strap to a snug fit (like a comfortable belt). Check for comfort room (one finger under strap) when your dog sits.
  3. Step 3: Adjust both sides of chest strap (carefully) to place leash ring over breast bone. Do not over-adjust. It is better to have the C strap loose than too tight. The straps will be horizontal only when your dog sits or when held up by a leash.

After all adjustment have been made, your dog should mainly feel the back the girth straps (belt behind front legs).

Getting Started

At first, use a regular flat collar with the harness. The collar is like training wheels in that it adds safety, control, and helps keep the harness centered. It also prevents dogs from chewing the chest strap. Also clip a 4' - 6' leash to the top of the harness leash-ring and to your dog's regular flat collar. Unclip the leash from the collar for short periods to slowly phase out the collar. Continue use of a flat collar is recommended for high stimulus environments.


  • Long and retractable leashes are not recommended. If used, clip to both the harness and a regular collar.
  • Use the correct size. A dog could slip out of or become tangled if a harness is too large.
  • Make sure the nap buckle is closed.
  • Do not leave on unsupervised puppies or adult dogs that chew.
  • Do not leave on dogs around children without supervision.
  • Always inspect the harness for possible damage.
  • Chewing is typically a sign of a tight chest strap. An over-adjusted chest strap prevents a dog from sitting and lying down comfortably.


Repair service is provided by the manufacturer. Do not alter or repair a harness yourself. Please call Softouch for affordable repair and alteration services: (866) 305-6145.

These harnesses are are not intended for use as a tie-out or car harness. Nor are they designed for on-leash running or jogging, as excessive rubbing or chafing may occur.

This harness is not designed for protection training: agitation, bite work, or any biting dog sports. If you use this harness for any of those purposes, the harness may break, resulting in an accidental dog bite. Leerburg cannot be held responsible for misuse of this harness or any of the products we sell. If you have an interest in training protection work, we recommend you consider our Leather Agitation Harnesses designed for this type of training.

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Great item, thank you.

- on

I usually don't write reviews but this harness really deserves one and a awesome one I tried every collar, harness there is this is the best and IT WORKS! I REALLY RECOMMEND IT!

- on

What I like about the Sense-ation Harness is that it REALLY WORKS. I have tried other brands and all that happened was my dog ended up with sores on each side from the rings and the other harness did not stop her from pulling. She would just lean in and go.... Not with the Sense-ation harness. The material around the rings is softer so it is much more gentle on her body. I can not say why this harness stops the pulling because it looks very much like the other brands but it does what the others did not... I love it and have recommended it to several other people...

- on

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