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18" Nylon Drag Leash - No Handle
Based on 0 reviews

18" Nylon Drag Leash - No Handle

Based on 0 reviews
  • Perfect for agility training
  • Won't get tangled around people and furniture
  • 18" long
  • Colors may vary
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This lightweight nylon drag leash is perfect for those times when a full length leather leash isn’t necessary. We like these for precision heeling work with a prong collar while transitioning to off leash obedience work. It is light enough that the dog doesn’t notice it and it’s strong enough to use for a correction if necessary. The length makes it easy to grab and it’s just “long enough” without having a lot of excess to get in your way.

The nylon drag leash is perfect for agility training; it doesn’t interfere with your dog as he navigates the course but gives you a way to help him if necessary.

The 18” nylon drag line is also good when you need a ‘handle’ on your dog around the house. It’s useful for helping you keep your dog under control at the door and while going up and down stairs, but short enough to not get tangled around furniture and people.

Not recommended to be left on dogs unattended as they can easily chew this leash.

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