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Sorry, but the Metal Ex Pen with Door has been discontinued.

In The Home Gates & Pens Metal Ex Pen with Door

Metal Ex Pen with Door

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Sorry, the Metal Ex Pen with Door has been discontinued.

  • 8 panels each 24" wide
  • Secure double latch door access
  • Includes ground anchors and corner stabilizers
  • Can be used for all kinds of pets
  • Made of Acri-Lock™ acrylic coated gold zinc
  • Folds flat for convenient storage and portability
  • Easy to set-up (no tools needed)
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Ed and Cindy have two Ex Pens in their home. The Ex Pen functions also as a dog crate.

Their second Ex Pen is located in the family room, where they watch TV. Having an Ex Pen in the family room allows the puppy to be with them when they watch TV and when their other house dogs are loose in the room. The Ex Pen gives the puppy the feeling of being part of the family pack with minimal interaction with the other dogs. When puppies are raised this way they learn to relax and be around family members without getting into trouble. This is an excellent way for the pup to learn to be calm and quiet in the house. It's also a great way to show other dogs in the house that the new puppy is now part of the family pack.

When puppies are raised like this, they will stay in an Ex Pen as an adult dog.

This exercise pen is durable and affordable. Exercise Pens are good playing ground for your Pets whether indoors or outdoors. This exercise pen is made of Acri-Lock™ acrylic coated gold zinc for long lasting protection. It has a secure double latch door access to make your pet secure. Also, this exercise pen is easy to set up and you don't need tools to build this one. It's a versatile exercise pen; you can even have a variety of pets in it.

Midwest Home for Pets brings you this Exercise Pen for your pet's safety and convenience while you're Pets playing. Feel free to explore and learn about this section. You might find the best Golden Zinc Exercise Pen fit for your lovely pets.

Bought this product?

I purchased an Ex-Pen for my Doberman before I brought him home as a puppy and it has been one of the very best investments I have ever made for him, besides the e-collar and the Leerburg training videos. He is very calm and well behaved in the house. Often, if he wants to lie down and chew on a bone, he will return to the Ex-Pen and lie down on his fleece (also from Leerburg). If you are starting a new dog, get one!!!

- on

I wish I had known about these when Kippy was a young puppy. He is also a chewer and went through the rock and acorn phase when outside...

I created a similar effect using a series of baby gates to keep him with me, but this would have been so much easier! And to be able to safely contain him in a puppy-proofed area outside would have been a blessing. Instead, I had to watch him every second and step in when he found a rock, acorn, etc.

I've noticed another benefit of this type of containment. Kippy is an extremely calm dog inside. He does not run around like a maniac. He does not have separation anxiety. He is content to chew his approved chew toys, sleep, or simply to be resting in whatever room I'm in. He has a special spot in the kitchen that is out of the way, but still with me. He has a nice bed in the living room, and his crate is in my bedroom. He's still unreliable about chewing, so he's crated when I'm away from home - but he loves his crate and will occasionally choose to take a nap there if he needs a long nap.

In our puppy and basic obedience classes I met other dog owners who said "I don't believe in caging my puppy." And then later I hear their problems with house training, barking, chewing furniture and other destructive behavior. I can't say enough good things about proper crate training and keeping your puppy safely contained - with this product (much easier) or the baby-gate method I used because I didn't know about this product.

I'm getting one of these for my next puppy!

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