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Dog Toys Tugs 15" Flex Braided Jute Tug
15" Flex Braided Jute Tug
Based on 2 reviews

15" Flex Braided Jute Tug

Based on 2 reviews
  • 15" long, 5" circumference
  • Great for adult dogs
  • Made in Germany
  • We have a limited number of these braided tugs left. The company that made the material has gone out of business because of the pandemic. When our supply is sold out we will not be able to get a resupply.
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This 15 inch braided jute tug is made exclusively for Leerburg in Germany. This tug was designed to be used on dogs that have an OUT problem. The reason we designed it without handles is because tugs with handles allow dogs with OUT problems to self satisfy into the tug.

This tug is 15 inches long because we wanted enough room for the handler to hold both ends of the tug and still leave room for an adult dog to bite the tug. 12 inch long tugs are not long enough to use for this purpose. When people try and use a 12 inch long to teach their dog to OUT, quite often the handler’s hand gets bit.

This tug is stiffer or less pliable than other tugs. Once again the reason is that a dog with OUT problems has a less of a chance of self satisfying into the tug.

It should be noted that this tug is made from jute. If it is used on an adult German Shepherd Dog or an adult Malinois that has a very strong grip but still has an OUT problem, the tug will have a limited life time of use. We accept that because these kinds of dogs need to have a tug that they can bite into but not break their teeth. The next step up from working a dog on this tug is our 15 inch firehose tug.

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GREAT TUG! This Tug is very well built, my Malinois go crazy at the sight of this tug.

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This tug totally fixed my dog's OUT problem. He's always been able to self satisfy with other tugs no matter how hard I tried to keep it still. I got this tug, followed your advice on how to stabilize the tug and keep it still. My dog now has a fabulous OUT. Thank you so much for this product and the information on how to retrain an OUT.

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