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Sorry, but the Aluminum Hurdle Jump has been discontinued.

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Aluminum Hurdle Jump

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Sorry, the Aluminum Hurdle Jump has been discontinued.

  • 55" wide
  • Easily adjustable from 10" to 39" tall
  • All-aluminum frame that will not rust
  • Top rail padded for safety
  • Comes with storage bag
  • This is a Special Order item, normally sent out in no more than 4-5 business days.
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Hurdle jump made with aluminum, which does not attract heat and will not rust. The frame is light-weight, yet sturdy. It is 55" wide and can be adjusted from 10" tall to 39" tall.

The hurdle jump’s design also gives you the option of any height adjustment you need. This is a nice feature for training new dogs or starting a young dog. You can easily adjust the height by simply loosening the rubber "easy grip" turn knobs and then sliding the top rail to the desired height. No bolts, screws or tools are necessary for assembly or use of this hurdle jump. The jump meets the Schutzhund regulation size.

The body of the hurdle is made from outdoor, marine grade fabric which is double stitched. The hurdle jump has padding on the top rail. This is a safety feature so your dogs will not hurt themselves on their underbelly or legs while passing over the hurdle.

Our hurdle comes with a carry and storage bag which is 11” x 64”. The storage bag has a top loop so you can hang the hurdle up in the club house or on the garage wall when it is not in use.

Bought this product?

I love this jump. It is easy to take anywhere in the tough bag that comes with it. It is strong, has clean welds, and is easy to set up. I like the slightly padded top edge, in case the dogs bounce off it. You can make it as short or tall as you want, just tighten the finger knobs in the place you like. Low for beginners or pups and higher for adult dogs. I would recommend it to anyone for either your own backyard jump or for taking to club to set up. I take it everywhere because our club members meet in different locations all the time to keep the dogs on their toes. Having a jump that fits easily in the car, sets up quickly, and packs back up quickly is perfect for everyone.

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