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Sorry, but the Ventlock Tailgate Lock has been discontinued.

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First Aid & Travel Travel Accessories Ventlock Tailgate Lock

Ventlock Tailgate Lock

Based on 10 reviews

Sorry, the Ventlock Tailgate Lock has been discontinued.

  • Imported from the UK
  • Fits 99% with a rear door
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The Ventlock Tailgate Lock allows more ventilation into your car than just leaving windows open. It works by fixing the rear door or tailgate in a semi-open position and combined with a front window open just an inch or two, it allows free flowing air just where the dogs need it most - on their nose at the back of the vehicle.

Another major advantage is that with the Ventlock secured between car and tailgate all but the most determined thief will be kept out. It takes only a few seconds to fit or remove and the car can be locked in the normal way using either the key or central locking. Best of all it fits 99% of Estate Cars / Hatchbacks / Vans or 4 Wheel Drive vehicles fitted with a rear door. Imported from the United Kingdom.

Why do I need a Ventlock?

Every summer all around the world there are incidents involving dogs which are either stolen or die from heat exhaustion. It is usually as a result of having been left in a car by owners who don't take the proper precautions to see that their Pets are both secure and have good ventilation.

Of course there are times when it is convenient to leave your dog in the car. Going to shows or Competitions are a couple of examples. Even a visit to the supermarket or motorway services for just 20 minutes needs careful thought. During the summer months the inside of a car can get very hot in a short period of time. The temperature can rise from a comfortable 65°F to a killer 95°F in a matter of minutes.

They make grim reading but are absolutely true! On a hot day the temperature inside a stationary car can rapidly increase to double that on the outside, and this can happen within six to ten minutes depending on the weather conditions.

Dogs experiencing heat stroke go through a number of stages:

  1. Initially they will show increased activity with panting accompanied by barking or whining. The dog will be obviously agitated.
  2. The panting becomes excessive and labored with copious drooling of saliva being seen.
  3. The next stage is where the dog is obviously struggling to breath; it may appear glassy eyed and have dark red gums.
  4. Beyond this point the dogs body temperature will have reached the point where cell death in the brain results in seizures, coma, and ultimately death.

Will it fit my car?

The Ventlock will fit your vehicle if it has a catch or post similar to anything shown here:

Examples of vehicle rear-door catches and posts

The Standard Ventlock is suitable for use on models by the following manufacturers:

Audi, Acura, Buick, BMW, Cadillac, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Citroen, Daewoo, Diahatsu, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jeep, Kia, Lada, Lancia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Opel, Peugeot, Plymouth, Pontiac, Proton, Renault*, Rover, Saab, Saturn, Seat, Skoda, Ssangyong, Subaru, Suzuki, Talbot, Toyota, Vauxhual, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Yugo

*Renault - only the Renault Laguna uses the Standard Ventlock.

9" - Proper for uncrated medium to larger dogs that cannot fit through a 9" space. Also provides more ventilation for your dog.

How do I use a ventlock?

It takes the average person around 10 SECONDS to fit or remove a ventlock, no tools required.

Unwind the threaded hook a few turns and place it over the post or through the catch inside the car.

Gently screw on the Ventlock until it is firm but not over tight. Now close the door by pushing the latch mechanism onto the free end of the Ventlock. The vehicle can now be locked in the normal way using the key or central locking.

To remove the Ventlock, unlock the vehicle in the normal way and simply lift the handle or turn the key and gently pull open the door. The Ventlock will automatically be released from the door latch.

It's as simple as that!

Please ensure that fitting a Ventlock does not allow access to any release catches, buttons, or handles from outside the vehicle.

important note

As dog owners ourselves we feel duty bound to say that whatever method of ventilation or protection against sunlight you use, there can be no substitute for checking your pet on a regular basis. We recommend that you do not leave pets unattended for long periods in a stationary vehicle in direct sunlight. The Ventlock is not suitable for use when the vehicle is moving or when the engine is running and can never be a substitute for responsible pet ownership.

Bought this product?

I used a 6" vent lock when I traveled almost 3.000 miles with my dog in June. It was used many times and kept my dog comfortably cool in the car when I had to make a quick trip into a shop, etc. It hangs nicely on the side of the crate, so it is always easy to find.
In the future, I will not travel with my dog without a vent lock and a good quality shade cloth.

- on

I've had a 6-inch Ventlock for several years, and would never travel without it. It's sturdy and easy to use, and gives great ventilation in the rear of a vehicle. I also bought the smallest size, but gave it to a friend because I like the 6-inch size. Combine it with a reflective shade tarp and you've got a cool, comfortable car! Before I purchased the Ventlocks I measured various openings of the back hatch of my Dodge Caravan. The 6-inch was the only size that didn't allow much "reaching in" if someone wanted to steal things from the back of my van (I have a riser in the back - crates are on top of the riser, training equipment below). Once I had the Ventlocks I also tried them on the side doors. They work, but there is NO size that keeps someone from reaching in and using the manual unlock feature of the van - so, IF SECURITY IS AN ISSUE, MAKE SURE YOU CAN'T REACH THE MANUAL UNLOCK BUTTON IN YOUR VEHICLE! If you only need to have ventilation, and keeping thieves out isn't an issue, then this isn't a concern. Love the product!

- on

Customer submitted image

I purchased the 6" ventlock two years ago and use it all the time. It's a sturdy product, easy to use, and works on every door on my 2000 Chevy Tahoe. I have several dogs ranging from 130 pounds to only 10 pounds and they are usually loose in the back when I have to leave them in the truck. The 5" ventlock allows plenty of airflow while not allowing my 10 pound terrier room to slip out or anyone room to slip their arm in where they could be bitten by my 100+ pound Central Asian Shepherd Dogs.

- on

I learned about Ventlocks about 10 years ago when I was visiting a dog-training friend in Victoria, BC. Her husband is a canine police officer there, and at the time dogs were being stolen for ransom. I figured that if she was comfortable leaving her dog (and mine) in her car with an appropriate-sized Ventlock while we ate lunch, it was a good product.

- on

I use my Ventlocks all the time with my minivan. They work really well and it's so nice to be able to leave my van locked and still allow significant air flow. I have the longest Ventlock and also the 6" length so that I have a choice depending on the situation. Of course, all necessary precautions must still be used, i.e. parking only in the shade and only leaving dogs unattended in a car on cool days, etc. I highly recommend these for people who travel with dogs.

- on

This is really an amazing product that has been intelligently thought out. It gives you the ability to crack your window while retaining the lock. It is basically a lock extender thing. Really for dog or camping or just a little extra fresh air while driving.

My only gripe is it tends to rattle a little. I fixed this by placing a rubber/steel seal washer on the base of the stem and then some surgical tubing on the hook. Works great, looks clean, and no more rattle.

- on

I don't trust leaving my windows wide open so this is a Godsend. It allows you to leave your hatch partially open so that your K-9 buddy can get some fresh air while allowing you to engage the locks with your keyless remote. It's a really simple concept and it works extremely well. The product is made of very sturdy metal and should last you a very long time.

- on

I have dogs... lots of dogs... and a Honda element. I was always worried about ventilation with them if I left them in the parked car. I open the moon roof, crack the side windows and leave the front windows down 4 inches. I put a sun shield in the front window and the Ventlock in the rear clamshell door and the dogs stay cooler than if they were out in the sun. just like if they were under a shady tree. AWESOME!!! I don't recommend you leave your dogs in a sunny spot EVER or EVER leave them in the car without supervision but this makes the season that you can take your dogs with you a little bit longer. it really works GREAT!

- on

I love these! I bought a 4-inch many months ago because I wanted to try it after bought a Dodge Grand Caravan.When parked my dog is uncrated. I've been using this Ventlock for the back hatch but wanted more airflow so ordered 2 more for the side doors. Easy to install in seconds. I just have to remember to shut off the interior lights but once I've gotten into the habit it's easy enough. Very secure way to provide nice airflow for my mob. I highly recommend these though I've only used the smallest size.

- on

Hi Ed, great to see the info-video about the Ventlock product in your newsletter.

Just a note to say that I'm a convert to this product as of a few months ago -- I have a Jeep Patriot and there is little air circulation in the rear compartment of the vehicle because the rear side windows do not open. I saw the Ventlock product on the Leerburg website and decided to try it. It's every bit as quick and easy to use as the manufacturer purports -- great product! People who have seen it in action are impressed too. The only problem I've had is sometimes forgetting to remove the Ventlock when I open the hatch to put some items in, and then slamming the door with the Ventlock still attached.... but I won't blame the product for my own stupidity. I would also point out that depending on the vehicle, the interior lights may stay on with the Ventlock in place, so a person might want to switch their interior lights off manually when using the Ventlock. And thanks for your suggestion in the video of using the Ventlock on a side door -- never thought of that. Maybe I'll buy a second one.

Best regards,

- on

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