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Sorry, but the Hurtta Ultimate Warmer has been discontinued.

Hurtta Ultimate Warmer

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Sorry, the Hurtta Ultimate Warmer has been discontinued.

  • Waterproof material and ultimate protection
  • Comfortable design
  • 3M reflectors
  • Easy to use and adjustable fit
  • Openings for attaching leads to a collar or harness
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The Ultimate Warmer is our answer to consumers’ increasing demands for protection and comfort in dog apparel. For extreme protection, the Ultimate Warmer provides efficient thermal insulation in extended outdoor activities in cold conditions. It is particularly well suited to training in winter, when long-term exposure to cold and droughts cannot be avoided. The dimensions have been specifically designed for active working dogs.

The material has been laminated with a waterproof and breathable Houndtex® membrane to keep your dog dry and warm even after lengthy training sessions. The high collar, protective front and long rear hem protect your dog’s most important muscle groups, neck and chest. Made from smooth and soundless material, the jacket allows complete freedom of movement.

With adjustable collar, neckline and waist and a protective rear hem, this highly technical outfit is suitable for a range of applications. The back of the product has a leash opening for collar or harness attachment. Efficient 3M reflectors have been positioned on various parts of the jacket.


Check out the image in the photos above that shows where to measure on a dog or check out Hurtta Sizing for more sizing information. Sizes highlighted in blue are special order only, please contact us for more information or to place a special order at (715) 235-6502.

SizeBack LengthNecklineChest
1025 cm / 10"36 cm / 14"35-40 cm / 14-16"
1230 cm / 12"42 cm / 17"45-55 cm / 18-22"
1435 cm / 14"50 cm / 20"50-60 cm / 20-24"
1640 cm / 16"52 cm / 20"55-70 cm / 22-28"
1845 cm / 18"58 cm / 23"70-80 cm / 28-32"
2050 cm / 20"62 cm / 24"70-80 cm / 28-32"
2255 cm / 22"68 cm / 27"70-80 cm / 28-32"
2460 cm / 24"72 cm / 28"75-85 cm / 30-33"
2665 cm / 26"74 cm / 29"80-95 cm / 32-37"
2870 cm / 28"70 cm / 28"80-110 cm / 32-39"
3280 cm / 32"80 cm / 32"85-110 cm / 33-43"
3590 cm / 35"88 cm / 34"90-115 cm / 35-45"
Bought this product?

We love these Ultimate Warmer coats. I have 2 dobermans and we use these coats all the time in freezing weather. They are relatively easy to put on. Only one foot needs to be picked up, to go into a leg hole. I love the higher neckline of the Ultimate Warmer, and the ability to tighten that neck line to keep snow out. It is a really warm coat, which holds in the dogs body heat, so it is for really cold weather. Freezing or below. The back end of the coat covers the back thighs pretty well and keeps those muscles from getting cold and cramping. There is a snap at the very back of the coat under the tail, that lets you close it in really cold windy weather, (but only after your dog has gone potty). There are 2 snaps that let you fold up the back flaps up along the sides, if you don't want to have it wrap around the rear end, which leaves the very back end open for potty breaks when you first go out. This coat has only one drawback and that is in DEEP powdered snow, (if your dog is a deep snow diver) the chest plate can gather snow and the snow becomes packed into little flat snowballs that can lay inside the chest sling area next to the dogs skin. But the dog really has to do some incredible deep snow diving to have this happen. Only one of my girls ever has this happen to her, but she loves to 'swim' and dive into fresh deep powdered snow. You may have to empty the chest plate out, once in a while, if your dog is a snow bunny and continually jumps and dives into new deep powdered snow. Other than that it is the best freezing weather coat I have ever found. MY girls have tried many many coats, and for cold or snowy weather, this is the one we keep using when it is freezing out. Quick to put on and off, and it doesn't seem to hinder any movement the girls want to do. It doesn't bind on legs or neck. GREAT COAT!

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