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Sorry, but the M1 K9 Collar has been discontinued.

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M1 K9 Collar

Based on 7 reviews

Sorry, the M1 K9 Collar has been discontinued.

  • Made for big dogs like German Shepherds, Labradors, Rottweilers and Bulldog
  • Made from military grade pistol belt webbing
  • Blackened brass grommets
  • 2.25" inches wide and adjustable either 16"-22" inches (Small) or 18"-26" inches (Large ) long
  • Includes 7mm screw lock carabiner, 5-foot tactical silent leash with 5mm D ring and improved thicker buckle, detachable utility pouch, and standard military issue dog tag
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M1-K9 big dog collars are made for big dogs like German Shepherds, Labradors, Rottweilers and Bulldogs. Each collar is made from military grade pistol belt webbing right down to the blackened brass grommets that round the collar and metal adjustment hardware. These days, there are only a few options available for big dog collars. There are spiked leather big dog collars, plain nylon big dog collars, and big dog collars for training, like choker chains. M1-K9 Collars are some of the only big dog collars so unique they are patented.

M1-K9 Collars are in fact big dog collars. 2.25" inches wide and adjustable either 16"-22" inches or 18"-26" inches long. There is a certain physical stature required to wear such a collar. So if your K9 is a Jack Russell type, this collar may not be for you.

Each M1-K9 Collar is outfitted with it's own steel spring gate carabineer, 5 foot tactical silent leash, detachable utility pouch and standard military issue dog tag which reads the collars specifications. Truly the ultimate military big dog collars!

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The collar arrived today put it on her and nothing but praise for this collar!
The leash I shortened so there always a handle on her and it works perfect.
With other collars she would buck and give me problems but that's a thing of the past now!

- on

First time customer and very please. Unfortunately my German shepard chewed the buckle a couple weeks in. I left a simple text explaining what happened and asked how much to replace the buckle and BOOM the buckle hit my mailbox no charge. Highly recommend these collars for every dog out there. My dog walks head up high wearing your collar and not to mention supports an awesome cause.

- on

I purchased this collar for my young German Shepherd for when I travel to my camp and have to tie her out to keep her safe. At home she has a large fenced in yard to play in and at camp she has to be leashed for her safety. This collar is excellent, very durable and well made. Strong enough to handle a young very strong active Shepherd. The hardware is very heavy duty and can with stand alot of pressure and pulling and protecting my dogs neck from any injury. It also looks very good on my dog in bright pink. This is a very well made high quality collar and would recommend it highly.

- on

First time ordering from and I'll be honest I can't wait to receive this collar I also support everything about this collar I know it will be a quality product because I have had many friend recommend leerburg for quality. That being said my working dog will be wearing this every time we go to work I'll be sure to send pictures if you accept them.

- on

Just ordered your M1-K9 Collar for both of my working dogs. Can't wait. I'll send pictures when I get them on my dogs. Great for deployments. My K9's will look intimidating with them, which is exactly what I want.

- on

I have been a customer of yours for some time now. You can check my order history. I have continually been satisfied...MORE than satisfied by every product I have received from you. I am a "former " marine. And I am buying this product for my neapolitan mastiff/lab cross (wife calls him a "labrapolitan"). This purchase will be made on principal alone, and without reservation. I will send you a pic or two, if you would be so kind as to accept one.

Semper Fi,
Edric R. Carrington

- on

Verified Customer Review

I wanted to fall in love with this collar... I really did, but the first day right out of the box I noticed it was fraying on one of the grommets. A week later almost all grommets have frayed around them. 17 out of 20. I attached an ID tag on the collar. One of those nice tags that are made to be hammered into the collar permanently. I did that last night and she lost it somewhere in the yard today. It somehow went right through the collar. That really sucks because like I said I love the look of these and I would definitely buy another if I could get it without the grommet holes. I just expected more durability out of this product. Hopefully everybody else is having better luck with theirs!

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