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Sorry, but the TugTastic Bungee Tug Toy has been discontinued.

TugTastic Bungee Tug Toy

Based on 3 reviews

Sorry, the TugTastic Bungee Tug Toy has been discontinued.

  • 32" long
  • Great grippability for dogs
  • Bite area is 8" long, 2.25" wide, 1" thick
  • Shock cord makes tugging easier for your body
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A hit in product testing with both handlers and dogs!

Has a 8" long soft-touch nylon handle that's very comfortable to hold. The bungee portion of the toy is made from thick, furry fleece covering two pieces of shock cord. It is designed to act as a shock absorber between the trainer and the dog, so that the trainer can be more comfortable while tugging. It also provides exciting resistance to the dog without the trainer having to pull hard on the toy. This keeps tugging fun for the dog, but makes tugging easier on your body! The tension is just right for this purpose.

The bungee portion of the toy is 6" long and stretches to 11". The bottom portion of the toy is made from thick, furry fleece braided together with faux fur that looks like a real pelt. It is 18" long.

The total length of the toy is 32". This fantastic tug toy has great "movement" when you wiggle it around, which gets dogs excited and wanting to chase it. It has great gripability for dogs and the soft, fuzzy textures will appeal even to soft-mouthed dogs. It's also a good toy to drag along the ground and entice play from puppies.

Tugs are not chew toys

Tugs are not chew toys and should never be left with dogs alone. When tugs are used correctly, they last for a very long time. When they are left unattended with a dog they may only last minutes.

Bought this product?

Out of all of my dog toys, my English Lab LOVES this tug toy. While he's not a "tugger" (as in trying to yank your arm out of its socket), he goes crazy over how it whips around my legs as we play "keep-away". After a year, this tug toy has come unraveled and I'm buying a replacement. Not too bad for a toy that costs $19.95

- on

I love this tug I have two of these and they really help my back as my dog is a really hard tugger. The best tugs ever -- so easy on my back I can not believe how much it helps. I wish it came in different colors

- on

This is my favorite tug so far! I have had mine for a year and it is just now time for a replacement. It has been well loved. I use it all the time. I like the bungee spring inside it absorbs some of the shock while playing. I have a German Shepherd and he is tough on his tugs but I am very happy and satisfied with this one and how well it has lasted. Definitely worth buying.

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