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Sorry, but the Hurtta Life Jacket has been discontinued.

Hurtta Life Jacket

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Sorry, the Hurtta Life Jacket has been discontinued.

  • Adjustable belt and front
  • Reflective fabric and 3M reflectors for hi-visibility
  • Tested by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
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The buoyancy of this life jacket has been tested by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. An adjustable belt and front allow the life jacket to fit most breeds of dog. The back of the jacket is fitted with sturdy handle by which the dog can be guided in the water or lifted out. A protective underbelly section distributes the dog’s weight over a larger area and keeps the jacket firmly in place. The reflective fabric and 3M reflectors on the back of the jacket provide effective visibility in the dark. The product is designed for use in swimming, water rescue, rehabilitation, boating and hunting. A tag around the neck has space for the owner’s telephone number.


SizeWeightNecklineChestBreed Suggestion
XSmall0-10 lb / 0-5 kg12"-15" / 31-38 cm14"-19" / 35-47 cmMiniature Pinscher, Chihuhua, Toy Poodle
Small10-20 lb / 5-10 kg14"-19" / 35-48 cm18"-24" / 45-60 cmJack Russel Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Dachshund
Medium20-40 lb / 10-20 kg17"-20" / 44-52 cm21"-28" / 54-70 cmSpanish Water Dog, Nova Scotia Retriever, Beagle
Large40-80 lb / 20-40 kg19"-25" / 48-63 cm26"-35" / 66-90 cmLabrador Retriever, English Springer Spaniel, German Shepherd
XLarge80-160 lb / 40-80 kg22"-32" / 55-80 cm37"-44" / 94-112 cmLeoberger, Bernese Mountain Dog, Grand Danois
Bought this product?

My 33 kg lab is getting old and seems he can't enjoy swimming as before, so we decided to purchase a life vest.
At first he was unsure about getting in the water with the vest on but as soon as he understood it gets him floating better he rejuvenated and now plays fetch as never before.
The Hurrta vest is very well done and keeps the dog's muzzle out of the water, free to hold the ball with comfort while retrieving.

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